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Past Sales Archive

This is just a sample of the many antique surveying related tools we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below:
Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.
Prices seen span a long time and may not reflect current values.  Some are selling for more, many now sell for less.
On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.  The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

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J. C. Sala SF Long Neck / Wide Shoulder Brass Plumb BobJ. C. Sala SF Long Neck / Wide Shoulder Brass Plumb Bob  This large plumb bob has a great shape and form with its long neck and wider than usual top shoulder.  Be sure to look at the other pics to see this.  It is clearly stamped on the side with the Sala name and San Francisco location.  J. C. Sala was the successor to San Francisco scientific instrument maker John Roach and this plumb bob dates from right around the turn of the century.   The condition is very nice!!

Good + . . . . .$150.00      SOLD!

Servco Reel in Top Plumb BobServco Reel in Top Plumb Bob  Nice enough.

Good  . . . . . $20.00        SOLD!!

Stanley #5 Cast Iron Plumb Bob w/ ReelStanley #5 Cast Iron Plumb Bob w/ Reel   Nice!!

Good +  . . . . . .$125.00          SOLD!!

Gurley Long Stem Plumb Bob2 Gurley Long Stem Plumb Bobs  These are both nice, and both are marked on the stem.   Nice!!

Good +  . . . . . .$40.00 / Each         SOLD!!

Brass Turnip Shape Plumb BobBrass Turnip Shape Plumb Bob  A nice bob.

Good +. . . . . .$95.00       SOLD!!

Brass Plumb BobMassive Long Neck Brass Plumb Bob  This brass plumb bob measures over 7" long and had a great shape or form.  Very Nice!!

Good . . . . . .$125.00       SOLD!

Plumb Barbara Plumb BobPlumb Barbara / Brandi   She is anatomically correct both front and back, and really does hang quite well. I saw another version named Brandy recently, and was told there was a Bob as well.   I know this one is not Bob, but she is not marked w/ her proper name.  A good thing for the bored carpenter, or his gift giving friends with imagination. 

Good + . . . . . .$95.00        SOLD!

Dietzgen Internal Reel Brass Plumb BobDietzgen Internal Reel Brass Plumb Bob   I am not sure who the maker of this ingenious internal reel plumb bob is.  They can be found marked and unmarked. They are hard to find.  I have seen them marked and offered in both Gurley and K& E catalogs as well as some others.  I have never had one marked Dietzgen before.  

Good+ . . . . . . .$125.00      SOLD

Stanley Type 1 Brass Plumb Bob w/ Reel  This is the #1 Brass version of Stanley plumb bob w/ reel.  It is unmarked as to maker as most were but does have the patent date on the neck as can be seen in the pics.  It appears to have seen little use and is in excellent condition.

Good+ . . . . . . .$75.00      SOLD

Brass Surveyor's Plumb BobLarge Brass Surveyor's Plumb Bob  Unusual long stem shape. Almost 7" long.   Nice overall condition.  

Good + . . . . .$100.00      SOLD!!

Brass Gimbaled Mining PlummetGimbaled Brass Mining Plummet  Miner's Plummets are large plumb bobs used in mines that have a means of illumination so they could be sighted on in the dark confines of a mine shaft. This is a carefully and precision made copy of a 19th century plummet used for that application.  Originals are very hard to find.  This style plummet was hung from the roof of the mine with the chain seen and has a gimbaled collar set up so that it would hang plumb.  In use the top would be removed and the wick lit so that the instrument man could sight in on it. There is a fuel reservoir built into the hollow interior.  Looking at all the pics will illustrate the features.

Nearly every surveying instrument maker offered one or more different designs or versions, with some being quite ingenious in design.  Many are unmarked and I believe manufactured by one maker and sold to different instrument makers much as internal reel plumb bobs found of the same design found with different instrument makers names on them.  This one is very similar in design to those offered by K & E.   

Fine . . . . .$350.00      SOLD!!

Keuffel & Esser / K & E  5 Compensated Aneroid Barometer w/ ThermometerKeuffel & Esser / K & E  5" Compensated Aneroid Barometer w/ Thermometer   This 5" Keuffel & Esser / K & E English Pattern Aneroid Compensated Barometer is in super original condition with nearly all of its lacquer finish.   Do not confuse this large instrument with all the other 2 - 3 inch barometers you see offered. These 5" models are much rarer, and much more graphic than those.  It is the largest size K & E offered.

This style barometer dates from the late 1800's to just after the turn of the century and was used by surveyors, explorers, and others to determine altitude and barometric pressure out in the field or during surveys or exploration missions. It is English made and in superb condition. There is original paperwork included that is dated from 1929. Keuffel & Esser offered Barometers like this in a number of different sizes and styles. This 5" diameter size was the largest they offered. This barometer is graduated to 6000 ft. and was catalog # 5900 in the K & E catalog from 1909. It has a thermometer that works as well. The leather covered wooden box with red silk interior has kept this near 100 year old instrument in like new condition. The outer box shows some wear and the lock on the box is not working.

Fine .  . . . $350.00     SOLD!!

Gurley Tripod for Pocket CompassGurley Tripod for Pocket Compass  This tripod stands approx. 36" or so inches tall in the collapsed position.  It is the lightest duty Gurley Tripod I have ever seen.  It is marked Gurley on the leg clamp hardware.  It is in like new condition and looks to have seen little or no use.  The top post is threaded and measures  approx. 1" x 32 TPI.  The pocket compass I have does not fit, so I am not sure what it fits or fits it.  It is a rare piece in condition not often seen.

Fine . . . . . $395.00     SOLD!!

Johnson Head Plane Table TripodSmall Johnson Head Plane Table Tripod  This tripod is unmarked as to maker.  The fittings look like Gurley.  I believe it is made of maple.  It is in very nice overall condition.  It was meant for a small size plane table to be used in the field.  It is very light and "dainty" compared to the size and weight one would normally see.  It comes with the mounting plate for a board as well. When the plate is off there is the standard 5/8 male stud that is typical for this type tripod.   The prefect opportunity to make a custom size table and use it in the field. 

Excellent  . . . . . $150.00   

Wooden Tripod for Compass or CircumfertorWooden Tripod for Compass or Circumferentor  This is an early form tripod with a built in knuckle joint fitting.  I imagine that with a bushing it could be adapted to fit most any instrument you might have looking for something like this.  The original green paint finish with smooth wear to the edges and high points looks great.  

Good  . . . . .$295.00      SOLD!!

Surveying / Surveyors TripodSurveying / Surveyors Tripod  This later collapsible leg tripod is pretty nice.  I believe it is for Wild or other similar later instruments they way the mount is set up.

Good  . . . . .$100.00         SOLD!!

Collapsible Leg Tripod for Surveying / Surveyors InstrumentCollapsible Leg Tripod for Surveying / Surveyors Instrument  This unusual collapsible leg tripod has an unusual mount design that is / was protected by a patent.  The head is marked Patented Feb 24th 1891. There was a patent granted to the instrument maker Soltmann on that date, and this style tripod is part of the description.  Basically it is a quick mount design where an instrument with a leveling head would attach as a unit by merely dropping it into place.    It looks to be hardly used.  Very Nice!!

Good +  . . . . .$225.00     SOLD

Mining Instrument TripodShort Tripod For Use In Mines  This fixed leg tripod stands just 41 or so inches tall.  It is factory, or original.  Tripods this size were meant for use in mines or other locals with low overhead.  The head measures just over 4" and is threaded both on the outer edge, and has a threaded inner hole.  It looks to be 18 TPI which I believe would make it a Gurley.  It is a rare piece and has not been cut down.  It has a nice form.

Good + . . . . . SOLD!!

Fixed Leg Surveying / Surveyors Tripod for Compass / Early TransitFixed Leg Tripod / Surveying / Surveyors Tripod for Compass / Early Transit  This early fixed leg tripod is very nice.  The dia. of the top post is approx 5/8 " tapering to 3/4" or so. The knuckle joint works OK.   It would ft a compass and it fits the early Gurley compass / transit I have listed elsewhere and is shown there with that instrument on it.  The solid tapered legs are ok and have their feet.  It stands just 53" tall.  The top has brass fittings and swiveling knuckle joint head.  Nice!!

Good +  . . . . .$195.00      SOLD!!

Gurley Extendable Leg Wooden TripodGurley Extendable Leg Wooden Tripod  The cap and head of this fine condition tripod are clearly marked  W. L. & E. Gurley / Troy New York.  This vintage Gurley tripod with extendable legs  measures just over 3 1/2" across the head.  According to the chart published by Robert Parrish of  this tripod would be 3.625 x 18 TPI.   It is in fine condition. 

Excellent  . . . . .$150.00       SOLD!


Tapered Fixed Leg Tripod / Surveying / Surveyors TripodTapered Fixed Leg Tripod / Surveying / Surveyors Tripod  This tripod is very nice.  It has a great look with its red & black paint scheme on the top of the tapered legs.  The head measures approx 2 3/4x 20 TPI.  Nice!!

Good +  . . . . .$150.00       SOLD!!

K & E #12 66' Surveyors Chain This surveying chain, by the leading maker of surveying instruments, supplies and quality slide rules is about as nice as they get.  No bends or kinked links, and the name and other info are clear as day on the end of the handle as can be seen in the pic.

Good+ . . . . . . .$150.00      SOLD

Berger & Sons Auxiliary Eyepiece for Davis Solar Attachment w/ Colored Glass Solar Screen, Prism & PeepholeBerger & Sons Auxiliary Eyepiece for Davis Solar Attachment w/ Colored Glass Solar Screen, Prism & Peephole This little device fits on the end of the transits scope and has 3 different eye openings for different situations.  You just revolve each into position for different applications.   One is a right angle prism, one is a dark lens, and one a peephole.  I found a listing for this in a turn of the century catalog, and it cost a whopping $18.00 back then.  We are just going to move the decimal over one place.

Good + . . . . . .  $150.00     SOLD!!

Chesterman / Rabone #558 100' Link ChainChesterman / Rabone #558 100' Surveyor's Link Chain    Nice!!

Good . . . . . $295.00    SOLD!!

100' Surveying / Surveyor / Survey Chains3 100' Surveying / Surveyor / Survey Chains The two upper ones are "heavy link" say about #12 gauge wire.  One of them is a Keuffel & Esser, and one a Chesterman.  Both are 100' and very nice.   The third one, in front is a much lighter gauge wire and is a marked Chesterman.   It has its tags and looks pretty good.

K & E 100' . . . . .Good +  . . . . . .  $325.00 / Each   SOLD!!

Chesterman 100' - H . . . . . Good +  . . . . . .  $275.00 / Each      SOLD!!

Chesterman 100' - L. . . . Good +  . . . . . .  $295.00 / Each     SOLD!!

4 Surveyors Chains4 Surveyors Chains  In front are two nice Chesterman chains, one 2P and one 4P, or a 33', and a 66". Next is a 33' with trapezoid wire loop handle.  It is also a 33'.  In the back is a heavy link 33' w/ round loop handles.  It too is a 33'

Good+ . . . . .  ALL SOLD!      

SUrveying ChainSurveyor's Chains  From the top.  The first one is a very nice thick link 50' unmarked loop handle with tags.  It has light rust which is to be expected.  This chain is properly marked and is very nice.  This 50' chain is unmarked but has tags.  It is in super condition.

Good+ . . . . . . .  BOTH SOLD

Chesterman Surveyors ChainChesterman 100' Surveyor's Chain    This is nice

Good . . . . .  SOLD

Chesterman Surveyors ChainStackpole Precise Surveyor's Chain w/ Level & Scale    This is nice

Fine . . . . .  SOLD

Antique Surveyoring Chain3 Surveyor's Chains    One is 100' , a 66'. and a 33' 

Good . . . . .  All SOLD

Antique Survey ChainSurveyor's Chain  This is a nice condition 100' chain.  I believe it is English as one of the tags is marked warranted, like one would see on a Chesterman, but it does not have a maker name.  It has 9 tally tags, and looks pretty good.

Good + . . . . . .$250.00       SOLD!!

100' Chesterman Surveying Chain100' Chesterman Surveying Chain The condition is very nice.  Marked handles & tags.   Nice!!

Fine. . . . . $295.00   SOLD!!

100' Chesterman Surveying Chain100' Chesterman Surveying Chain The condition is very nice.  Marked brass handles & tally tags.   A heavy chain with large # 10 gage wire.  No rust or pitting to speak of.  Clean & Nice!!

Fine. . . . . $295.00         SOLD!!


This is just a sample of the many Surveying related antiques we have sold.
Click link to see other Sales Archive Pages on this Site.

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For further info on consigning / selling your antiques with us please see our FAQ page, the Appraisal / Selling Page and the Selling Your Collection Pages.

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