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We can help you sell Antique Wood Shaft Golf Clubs and related Golfing Antiques!! 

Please note, I am not buying golf clubs at this time, but I will list and sell certain clubs for you from this website, on our antique sales site or on eBay if what you have are desirable and you know what you want for them.

You must know what you want for YOUR clubs prior to contacting me so we do not have to do the back and forth guessing game.  If you do not know what you want for your clubs the solution is to simply list them on eBay and see what they are worth using that venue.

 I can & will help you sell your vintage & antique golf clubs on consignment from my antique sales website, or I will list them on eBay for you, but you need to have a real sense of their value in today's market.  I can not provide that for you.    If you contact me and ignoring this I can not help you.

Wood Shaft Clubs : A Primer

Not too many years ago you could buy or sell all the vintage wood shaft golf clubs that you would want at antique shows on the East Coast. The supply was plentiful, and so were the buyers. Prices were usually reasonable. Then for a while wood shaft golf clubs Wood Shaft Golf Clubseemed hard to find and became more expensive.  Demand outweighed supply.  During their hey-day of popularity prices were being driven by a new crowd of buyers. The dreaded, but loved, foreigners.  That situation has now come full circle and wood shaft clubs are again plentiful and cheap as the Japanese buyers who were driving the market have moved on to sneakers and blue jeans or something else.

In the last few years I have had hundreds of offers to sell me clubs, while not one potential buyer has ever asked what I have in stock.  That is an important fact. 

There are now thousands if not millions of vintage clubs coming onto the market. With the coming of the internet, increases in supply and the drop in demand, the supply of these vintage sporting items is abundant, and common wood shaft clubs can now be bought for 1/2 or less than one had to pay 10-15 years ago.  Which is OK as long as everybody is aware of and accepts that. 

Primarily we prefer to deal in harder to find vintage wood shaft clubs similar to those that I have pictured on this page.  These clubs may appear to all look pretty much the same at first sight but each one pictured have subtle antique golf clubsdifferences from common clubs.  Typically, unusual clubs will have an UNUSUAL  patented idea or other feature to try and help improve the Golfer improve his score on the links. 

I will picture and point out some of the features harder to find and more desirable wood shaft clubs will have and also describe some of the features that more common clubs have.

The two wood shaft clubs at the top of the page and are called deep grooves and were used to help create backspin when trying to stop the ball when hitting from a sand trap.  They were seeley patent golf cluboutlawed shortly after they were introduced, but must have been immensely popular as attested to by the volume of them that have survived. These clubs can range in value from as low as $25.00 to over $200.00 + for some rarer versions.  Even rarer are clubs referred to as rakes as they have vertical fingers with open slots.  Much as a rake does.  Another more unusual form is known as the waterfall as opposed to just a straight line deep groove.

The next club pictured is called a Seely Patent after the inventor or patentee's name.  It was made and marketed by Spaulding and dates from the teens into the twenties. It is unusual in that the wooden shaft extends lower than usual and the golf_seeley3.jpg (21194 bytes) head has support pieces coming up the shank as can be seen in the picture to the left. The idea was to add strength to the weak point of wood shaft clubs.  It was an idea that did not really catch on before steel shafts made the issue a moot point.   It is clubs with unusual patented features like this that are desirable, more in demand, and that we seek.  Just above is a picture showing the marking on this clubs backside giving the patent information and other important information.

Many clubs have info on the backsides that is unimportant, and is just there as a marketing tool. Phrases such as accurate, stainless, superior, aim-rite and other common sounding names are usually just that, insignificant and represent a common club.

Other common and plentiful wood shaft clubs that hold little interest to most collectors are later ones that have aluminum caps on the end of the handles.  Clubs that have nickel or chromed heads or claim to be Stainless also are common, late and not worth much.  Most of these were produced during the later years of wood shaft clubs and few have unusual features that make for a rare, desirable or valuable golf club.

That is not to say that they are worthless or not collectible.  In today's market, common clubs can be had at venues like eBay for $10.00-$20.00 and often go begging for a bids because of the added cost of shipping.  There is just not a lot of interest in common clubs these days, and they are difficult to sell other than as decorator items for even $20.00.

On the other hand prices for unusual wood shaft clubs like those pictured on this vintage golf clubspage, while having dropped in value still have a following of sorts, and do OK as long as they are priced for todays market.  On the right is a matched 5 club set that date from right near the turn of the century.  These clubs were made by Willie Dunn, one of the first and best known of all early American golf club makers.  These were made when he was employed at Crawford, Macgregor & Canby Co.  It is unusual to find clubs this nice, and this early that are truly a set.  This is an example of the the vintage and quality that are still desirable and I can help you sell.

 I DO NOT MAKE OFFERS on GOLF CLUBS!  I do not give free valuations for clubs.  Please do not call or write asking me for one!  If you have clubs that you want sold, arrange to send them to me and I will sell them eBay for you.  Or do it yourself and save some money.   

Golf Balls & Golfing Accessories

In addition to antique wood shaft golf clubs, we also deal in early golf balls and other accessories related to golf.  The balls that I am looking for have square or other different shaped Square Dimple Golf Balls dimples rather than the round ones found on more modern balls.  Even earlier and more desirable are those balls called gutties and I would also be interested in buying these types of balls that generally date from a short period of time right near the turn of the century and before.

Other golf accessories of interest would be trophies or prizes like the razor set that was presented to the winner of a tournament in Scotland back near the turn of the last century.  I would also be interested in silver trophies from the same era.  Hole in one trophies are interesting if they are early as well.

On the right is a practice machine that I believe dates from the 20's or so.  On the Antique Golf Practice Machine end of the rod that you see is an early ball that when hit would revolve around and mark off or record the distance that you had supposedly hit the ball.  They are still making things to achieve the same goal today, but most are not as big, heavy or elaborate as this piece.  An example of the way prices have fluctuated over the years, is that I bought this piece nearly 15 years ago for over $500.00 and when I listed it on Ebay a year or so ago it bought under $100.

Please Note:  I do not buy any metal shaft clubs.  There are many other people who specialize in them and do buy them, just go to the local flea market, or the used sports store.  And good luck.

The above are examples of the caliber, condition and quality of antique wood shaft golf club that I am primarily interested in and can help you with.

If you have quality antique golf clubs or golf related antiques similar to those that you see on this page that you want to sell,  please contact us at providing me with as many details as possible.

To see antiques that I currently have for sale, please go to our sister site at and visit the numerous sale pages you will find there.

Thank you!

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