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If you have scientific and technology related antiques similar to those you see on this page that you want to sell, please contact us at LCM@AntiqBuyer.com with details and we will get back to you ASAP.

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On this page Bausch & Lomb Microscope we will discuss & describe w/  picture some of the quality scientific and technology related antiques that we are always interested in buying and / or can help you sell.  This includes tools and technology related antiques that originate from the home, shop, farm, laboratory or office. 

Examples of scientific or medical related antiques that we seek would include early microscopes by makers such as Queen, Bausch & Lomb, Zentmayer, Powell, Beck, and a host of other lesser known names.  Earlier examples with tripod or crow feet bases as shown above are more desirable and of special interest. 

We are  active dealers in a broad range of technological or scientific related antiques from many different categories in addition to patented antiques of a mechanical nature. A general outline of these additional types of antiques that Antique Medical Battery Quack Devicewe are interested in buying and can help you sell can also be found on this site's Wanted Page.  Other specific scientific and technology related antiques that we typically deal in are covered in more detail on other pages at this site.  Those page titles w/ links are in the left column while past sales price results in different catagories can be found in the right column.

We also deal in and sell quack medical devices, as well  as many other types of early office antiques and technology from near the turn of the century or before.  On the right is a Battery Quack machine that was touted to cure all your ills through the use of electrical shock.  There are many variations on the theme of these devices, and we are interested in many early versions of these devices that are in nice condition.  Many look like Electrical Battery Powered Quack Machinethings found in chiropractors offices today.  From Violet ray or electric wands from the 20's to what modern day chiropractors use on patients now.  The desire to incorporate  the latest technologies into everyday life never ceases and it seems they are always on the cutting edge or fringe anyway. I had a neighbor tell me they now perform their magic without ever even touching you, just using machines emitting powerful curative rays and computers these days. Probably in an attempt to limit liability. Antique Surgical Set

We are also interested in early surgical kits and surgical tools from before the process of sterilization was introduced after the Civil War.  These surgery or amputation sets would have ebony or ivory handles and oftentimes came as sets in fitted wooden boxes. We are also interested in buying and can also help you sell things like early hearing aids, stethoscopes, and other medical related antiques.

Early Electric Motors / Fans / Dynamos & More

Other scientific related antiques that we are interested in and can help you with Patented 19th Century Electric Motorwould include very early electrical devices such as pre 1920 early electric fans.  Early fans of all types have their own page on this site. We are also interested in any pre 1900 electrical devices such as demonstrator or open frame bi-polar motors antique dynamos, and generators, early telegraph keys and other telegraphy related  pieces, early light bulbs, turn of the century or earlier electric appliances, and so forth.  This would also include pre 1900 meters and guages from before the turn of the last century.  Any antique electrical devices by Edison, Western Electric, or that have the name Tesla associated with them would be of special interest as well. 

And More

We are also interested in Globes, Orreries, Vintage GlobeTellurium's, Planetaria and other related planetary devices associated with Astronomy and the universe. 

We are also looking for the missing link related to evolution so we can put that argument to rest. Or definitive proof that the world is indeed flat and that the moon is only 90 miles away so we can continue believing and stop questioning what is so obvious.

Another category of scientific related antiques that we typically buy are Early Balance Scalescales.  We buy scales used to weigh just about anything.  Those for eggs, or for weighing gold,  to more refined and precise scales that assayers weighing gold or persons in laboratories would use.  We are also looking for one that weighs truth as it comes from the mouths of politicians or other speakers. We are about to submit an application for a patent on the one I have devised.  It has a switch that makes the Antique Dental Tooth Keyspeaker spout the truth.   That is all I can tell you for now, the rest is still secret.

If you can not tell, I have run out of things to say and am trying to get to the bottom of the page.  Please bear with me a moment longer.  We are almost there.  Kind of like pulling teeth with something like the dental key shown here was meant to do.  We buy antique tooth keys and other dental related antiques like this as well.

The antiques you see here are examples of the caliber, condition and quality  that we primarily deal in and can help you sell.

If you have quality scientific related antiques similar to those that you see on this page that you want to sell,  please contact us at LCM@AntiqBuyer.com providing me with as many details as possible.

To see examples of many other scientific related antiques I have sold in the past please go to the Past Sales Results Archive links in the right column.

To see examples of similar antiques that we currently have for sale please go to our sister site at www.Patented-Antiques.com and visit the numerous sale pages you will find there. 

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