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We are full time antique dealers with an interest in early electrical technology and devices.  We conduct our antique toaster and other antique sales from our sister site  When you are done here please visit that page to see our current offerings of antiques we have for sale and to see how we conduct our consignment sales for these and other antiques. If you want to see past sales results see them at this link Toaster Past Sales Page

Antique Electric Toasters

Below I will give you a short tour of the world of electric toasters. We are interested in  helping you identify and sell jusGE D-12 Toastert the best and rarest of early electric toasters and other appliances that date from around the turn of the century. There are also some very collectible ceramic electric toasters that date from the 1920's and 30's. There are also a lot of very common and low value toasters around, and you might do well to check to see how toasters are selling on eBay to get a sense of values these days.

The first US patent for a toaster was granted in 1906, and the first successfully marketed toaster was General Electric's model D-12 (pictured on the left). This early electric toaster came in several variations over the years.  This toaster was also available with a decorated base and over the years the General Electric D-12 Toaster heating element and design of the rack changed a couple of times as well.  Today it is a very popular collectible and it can sell in the $250.00- 2500.00 range depending on the model and condition. I recently sold one with chipped feet for under $100 to give you an idea of what condition can do to value.  It is the first model that sells for the highest amount, and the rest fall in the 200-700 range depending on condition and a few other factors.  They still turn up, and are not all that rare, but because of their desirability and demand still sell well.  We sold a first model D12 Toaster listed on our sales website in the last year or so. 

We can help you sell porcelain based toasters like the Red or Blue Willow pattern toasters.  These are a very popular toaster and commands a premium over more common toasters even in today's down market.   Other Blue Willow Toastrite Toasterassorted solid color porcelain / ceramic base vintage electric toasters like the Toastrite Pan Electric Man. Co. and Porcelier antique toasters are also very desirable and in demand.  They do not sell for what they once did, but still bring good money.  These toasters camePorcelier Blue Iridescent Porcelain Electric Toaster in at least 5 different colors or decoration schemes. Porcelier Co. ceramic toasters came in several models and in a variety of different decorations and iridescent color schemes as well. 

The antique toaster just below on the left is another example of this basic early style with its simple legs and coil filament wire heater design.  It is marked faintly on the base, but the date is unreadable and most of the other information is as well.  Other early vintage electric toasters have mica reflectors and many of these toasters with exposed or different and unusual heating elements are of interest.  

Toasters went through several periods of design changes during their early development and there are examples from each era that that we are interested in.  Most collectible toasters were introduced or marketed before the 1930's.  After this period the field was narrowed to just a few of the powerhouse makers Vintage Toaster churning out toasters for the modern kitchen in huge numbers.  Most toasters produced after this period are pretty common and other than savvy buyers who are buying them to use have minimal value in the collectible market. We still use a vintage automatic drop Sunbeam. 

During the heyday of production innovative designers / makers were offering different designs, and today these different styles are referred to by nicknames describing the way in which they operated---droppers, floppers, tippers, perchers, pinchers, sliders, swingers, flat beds, pop-ups, etc.  Within each of these designations there are easy to find examples and some very hard to find ones. 

Condition is very important to value and toasters that were stored properly or still in use in Great Grandma's old time kitchen and still look great today are usually pretty nice.  Rusted out, burned up, banged up relics that got thrown in the basement with a dirt floor or out in the garage where they rusted are not going to be desirable or have much value. Vintage Enameled Toaster Pictured here is the porcelain base Simplex Toaster.  As with many of these early toasters, this model also went through several design changes during it production life.  This is an earlier model with wire wrapped ceramic posts or elements.  Later models had an arrangement similar to the D-12 above.  This one is a fancy upgrade to the D-12 with its fold down doors that were made to be removable and the wire pull-out rack at the top to keep a piece of toast warm while waiting for the next ones to come out.  It is a nice looking toaster, but they sell for a fraction of the d-12, and it is considered quite easy to find. 

Vintage Electric Toasters represent American innovation at its best, and there are plenty of examples of great or zany Antique Edison Clamshell Toaster ideas that went into the seemingly simple task of making a piece of toast.  On the right is an Edison, or Edicraft Clam-Shell Toaster.  I have seen this toaster in the past sell for as much as 2500, but in today's market when offered on eBay they do not break 200.  I kept my last one too long and learned that lesson the hard way.

Universal Toaster

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As everyone was scrambling to try and get market position in this world of new electrical technology, the designers were developing some very innovative and interesting visual designs. The Gazelle Toaster different makers were trying to sway the fickle consumer to their product line.  It was during this era of innovation,  that every imaginable idea was tried to impress the housewife or husband who had not yet heard about not buying presents for the wife with plugs on them.  Toasters were introduced that had timers, moving conveyors, automatic pop ups or downs, and a host of other novel features.  We can help you with any toaster from this era that has unusual or interesting design features and /or patented features.  

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