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Collections of antiques and collectibles have a special meaning and presence in the world of antiques. Seemingly Collection of Antique Desk & Hotel Bellsmundane individual items can take on new meaning and significance when placed in the context of a well-focused and thoughtfully assembled collection, whatever the main focus of that collection is. 

Antique collections can be used to demonstrate how a particular idea or object evolved through its different stages of development, or as a powerful and interesting visual design statement, or simply as a means of preserving a portion of our heritage for future generations to enjoy, view, and learn from.

Over the years we have bought and sold numerous collections of antiques from all over the country ranging antique lamp fillers from tool collections, collections of irons and laundry-related antiques, collections of antique pencil sharpeners, a collection of antique hotel / call bells, several collections of antique sewing machines, bootjack collections, collections of patent models, salesman sample stove collections and more.

We have also helped sell portions several large antique collections and other collections in their entirety for collectors downsizing or refocusing their collections after years of enjoying their collections.  We have also provided our services to the heirs if the collector waited too long as happens all too often.

We are experienced and well positioned to take on the task and the considerable work involved in properly dealing with this sort of endeavor.

The Situation Today

At every imaginable venue, antique shows, antique shops, auctions, etc. where quality antiques use to be offered there Antique Solar Transitis now nameless insignificant stuff that's not even as old as I am, and junk that is simply ordered new from catalogs being offered up as antiques and collectibles. Or the newest rage, things, or assemblages of nameless unimportant stuff offered as antiques, or "repurposed nothing" they call antiques. 

General line auctions around the country, where great antiques and stuff use to routinely show up, are now full of Dico Corkscrewthis nameless insignificant fill and fluff.

We have heard this refrain from dealers and collectors alike ever since we have been involved with the antiques business.  That it was all gone, and there was nothing left.  That is going on 30 some plus years now.  We use to chuckle as old-timers complained about how it was all gone while we were still buying and selling some great stuff back in the 80's and early 90's. You just had to work a bit harder.

Sadly, we now we feel that it has finally come to be true for most antiques, and is certainly true for those types of antiques that are of primary interest to us.  The supply of true antiques, as they use to be gathered, or acquired, has about dried up. 

We have come to the conclusion, and now reluctantly admit, and truly believe, that the vast majority of quality antiques we are interested in are already in collections around the country.

The days of quality antiques, and "good stuff" coming out of the attic or being dug out of the basement or garage are pretty vintage wire clothes hangersmuch over. Over the years we have consistently bought the majority of our best and favorite antiques out of vintage wire clothes hangerscollections and from private collectors, individuals, and fellow dealers around the country who recognized the significance of the piece a long time ago. The common thread is that the vast majority of the great pieces that come to market today always seem to come from older collections or accumulations purposefully assembled over the years.

We are actively seeking to help you sell large or small collections of antiques specifically related to those categories that are of interest to us.  We are helping several consignors sell good condition, quality antiques and collections of antiques on our sales pages at  www.Patented-Antiques.com .  It Works, and it is a Win / Win for all involved. 

Our Role

Collections of antiques oftentimes need to be dispersed in a different way from that in which they were Antique Ice Cream Scoopsoriginally assembled, and it takes a special knowledge and acumen to properly catalog, identify, appreciate, and properly redistribute some of these larger collections of antiques.

For example, a broad tool collection, or a collection of diverse office antiques could well hold more significance and interest when broken down and re-focused or re-assembled upon specific segments or themes. For example, say just the woodworking planes within a large antique tool collection, or the mechanical pencil sharpeners or typewriters from a collection that was focused generally on office antiques.  The same end retail buyer is almost certainly not going to be interested in buying both the collection of antique electric fans, and pencil sharpeners that one collector of office related antiques assembled. Certainly not at anything approaching retail prices.  A dealer might show interest, but it would be at pennies on the dollar of the actual retail value, and in many instances that general line "antique" dealer would have no idea as1865 Patent Model Washing Machine to the actual value of the individual better pieces in the collection.

Another consideration is that in any collection there is always a small percentage of the whole that is much more desirable or valuable than the bulk---this can't be avoided given the nature of collecting and rarity or value of the given pieces in a collection.  A general rule of thumb, for valuing most collections of antiques is the 80-20 rule where 80% of the value is amassed in just 20% of the volume.  This is an important concept to understand when you call somebody in to buy a collection and they show interest in just a few things.  In the trade it is referred to as getting creamed, or creaming the collection, and you do not want it to happen to you unless you know you are getting top dollar for that small portion of the collection you are being asked to sell. 

We are willing to take and sell the good, the bad, (or the more common) and everything in between in order to acquire the antique oil canskey pieces of the collection as part of a package deal. This arrangement works to the benefit of the owner / seller who is not faced with the dreaded task of what to do with the "fluff" or lesser items that are always left over after the top pieces from a collection are sold.  We take on the task of how to categorize and then disperse the different aspects of a collection when it encompasses different categories as well.  Another important consideration.

Take for example the iron and laundry collection that we handled which included over 3,000 antique pressing or sad irons and laundry related antiques.  There were also over 60 full size washing machines, 200 or more washboards, and 1000 or so trivets included in this collection.  This collection was so large and diverse it had to be carefully sorted and inventoried and then strategically broken down and re-distributed into a number of smaller collections before it could be resold.  The sheer size of this collection made it unmanageable to the typical buyer, collector, dealer or even auctioneer to deal with as a whole. 

We carefully inventoried, sorted, identified, cleaned, and categorized the different segments of this massive collection, andPatent Model Combination Washing Machine / Wringer then carefully and methodically distributed most of it back into other more focused and smaller collections.  By analyzing which items should be sold at which venues we were able to resell this collection for full maximum benefit.  Some pieces sold for as little as a $1 or less and other antique irons sold individually for thousands of dollars.  The theory was to enhance the value of the upper end items by not "diluting" their value by selling them in the same venue and at the same time as the lower end more common items.  It was quite an undertaking, but worked out well.

The entire endeavor including an auction 2,000 miles away and the entire collection's dispersal was accomplished in a little over 6 months. Selling other collections has taken longer, and should, and each collection should be handled according what is the best way, not just what is fastest in order to realize full value.  This concept is all about the downsides of dispersing a collection like this at auction in one, two or even three days.  It might be quick, and works out well for the auctioneer, who will put in a lot of work, but guaranteed, a lot of money that could have ended up in your pocket will be left behind. 

We are interested helping you sell  or buying antiques and antique collections, be they large or small,  diverse or tightly focused.  Entire collections, as well as partial segments of antique collections or even special individual pieces from collections.

Antique L. Lehman & Co. Stoneware CrockOf course you could call the local auctioneer to do this, but it has been at some of those auctions that we have acquired some of our best pieces at very reasonable prices due to a lack of proper marketing or recognition of the importance of select parts of a collection.

If you have any interesting antiques or a collection similar to what I have pictured on this or other pages you want to sell please contact me by email at LCM@AntiqBuyer.com.  If you are not able to send emails call me at 530-748-7297.

To see examples of the caliber, condition and quality antiques that we have sold in the past, and want to help you sell please visit the past sales archives through the links at the right.

To see related antiques that I have for sale now please go to our sister site at www.Patented-Antiques.com. and visit the numerous sale pages you will find there.

Thank you!!
Larry & Carole

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