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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectibles we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Iron Prices: Sad Irons / Pressing Irons Prices are evolving:
After 20 years of steady increases in values, which culminated in a bubble burst, iron prices have now settled back to levels of the past.

Prices seen reflect actual recent sale results from this website or a general price that is more in line w/ today's market.
Irons pictured without prices represent earlier sales whose sale results are outdated and do not accurately reflect current market values. 
Ebay results closely reflect current market values for many sad irons.  Check eBay completed / SOLD results to see current values for many antique irons.

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Meeker's Antique Sad Iron SalesDrop in Back Tear Drop Slug Iron  Complete with slug and its very pretty matching iron trivet.  This 19th century European iron has a great form.  It's a real beauty!!

Very Good . . . . . .  $450.00     SOLD! Sells Antique Pressing Irons N R Streeter "Magic Fluter and Polisher" Box / Slug Iron  The condition is exceptional.  Streeter sold these as shown as just the iron, or you could buy a number of different accessories to make it into different style fluting irons.  A great design in great condition.

Excellent . . . . . .  $225.00     SOLD!

Meeker's Antique Sad Iron SalesLong Point Slug Iron  This is a big heavy early European iron.  Unusual construction  and base design, and complete w/ slug.   A very handsome iron!!

Very Good . . . . . .  $195.00     SALE PRICE . . . . . .$145.00     SOLD! Sells Antique Pressing Irons Scottish Box / Slug Iron  A really fine example, heating slug included.

Very Good . . . . . .  $595.00     SOLD!
 Sells Antique Pressing IronsScottish Box Iron  This is an unusual variation with its keylock design rather than the more typical swinging latch.

Very Good . . . . . .  $495.00     SOLD!

Stirrup Handle Box IronUnusual Stirrup Handle Box Iron   Think about the amount of work involved in making the handle support for this iron.  It is from a time before there were power tools, and a craftsman---or more correctly an artist---had to have spent hours forming, bending, decorating, and finally attaching this to the iron body.  There is one apology that I have shown in a close-up picture---the hinge pin is only attached at the top and the bottom is loose.   

Good  . . . . . .  $1295.00     SOLD!

Miniature English Box IronMiniature English Box Iron   At just 3" this is one of the smallest real box irons we have ever offered.  Note the fine condition and detail, including how the interior was done.  The slug is present.  The gate is stamped but you can not make out the first letter of the top name.  It could be a B, or W, or ?  It reads (?)est / King.  Very fine!!

Fine . . . . . .  $145.00      SOLD!! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron SalesOdd Shaped Drop-in-Back Pressing Iron  Round back angular front.  Special!!

Good + . . . . . .  SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron SalesCarver's Patent "Victor" Revolving Combination Iron   This style revolving slug iron was patented by a fellow named Horace Carver from Racine, Wisconsin.  There are several variations of this iron.  This one is a combination flatiron and polisher.  The inside of the door is marked "Patent Appl'd For", so it is an earlier version.  Later versions had the 1897 patent date, were marked with different names, and had different polishing or fluter profiles as well.  Because of their fragile design these irons are notorious for having condition issues.  The door latch of this one is good, and there is no damage to the hinge.  The pin to let the handle revolve is a bit sticky, but works when fiddled with.   A super piece!   

Good + . . . . . .   SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron SalesRound Back Brass Slug Iron   This iron has a very nice form and it is smaller than most that are found, measuring just over 5 inches long.  Round backs are far less common than square back versions, particularly in brass.  It has a great look.  Special!

Good + . . . . . .  SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron SalesRound Back Decorated Brass Slug Iron   Measuring about 6 1/2 inches long, this lift gate round back iron has a bit of decorative embellishment around the edge.  Nice!

Good + . . . . . .  SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron SalesUnusual Patented Slug Iron   This is an iron we have never had before.  The patent date is on the cast iron heat shield, but I could not find the patent associated with that date.  The year is a bit hard to make out---October 25 '68, '88, or '08.  I tried them all, with no success, as none of those dates are a Tuesday, the day that patents were granted.  It could be Canadian I suppose.  The top is held on by the swiveling bar latch and the top can be put on in either orientation, meaning it is reversible.  The condition is very nice!   A rare and good looking iron!!

Good + . . . . . .SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron SalesJ. H. Hovey Patented American Box Iron   This iron is usually seen with the name Brown and Foster.  That version is hard to find.  This one I have never seen before, and it is not listed in any of Irons' books on the subject.  Rare!!

Good + . . . . . .  SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron SalesDrop in Back Iron w/ Brass Trivet

Good + . . . . . . SOLD!

Meeker's Antique Sad Iron SalesDrop in Back Slug Iron  This is a very classy looking nickel plated iron. It almost looks like a Scottish box iron with the basic form and style except that this is a drop-in-the-back style.  Nice!

Good + . . . . . .  SOLD!


Meeker's Antique Sad Iron SalesNelson Streeter's Laundry Queen Slug Iron   This has to be one of the hardest to find Streeter patent irons, and this example is in superb condition.  None nicer!

Excellent . . . . . .   SOLD! Sells Antique IronsIron Lift-Gate Primitive Box Iron     This is a nice looking primitive box iron, complete with it's slug.  Nice!!

Very Good . . . . . .  SOLD!

Meeker's Antique Sad Iron SalesDecorated Brass Box Iron   The form is nice, and so is the decoration!

Good + . . . . . .   SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron SalesEarly Round Back Lift Gate Box Iron   This is a nice example of a European slab construction round back box iron.  These are far more unusual that straight back ones.  A good choice!! 

Fine. . . . . . SOLD!

Patented Sells Antique IronsEarly Brass Box Iron w/ Figural Sea Creature / Fishhead Handle Support Posts    This is an unusual and attractive European box iron.  It has figural handle supports and a great looking rear gate.  It's complete with the slug.  The tag indicates that it once won first prize at the Twin Falls, Idaho county fair some years back.  A nice addition!

Fine  . . . . .   SOLD!

Patented Sells Antique Irons"Family Laundry Iron" Carver Patent Revolving Combination Iron  Horace Carver was a prolific inventor who hailed from Racine, Wisconsin.  This revolving slug iron was known as the Family Laundry Iron.  Depending on which side was used it functioned as a flatiron or a polisher.  Oftentimes these are found with breaks in the door hinge, latch, or handle release but this example is in super condition and complete with the slug.  A must-have for any iron collection!

Fine  . . . . . SOLD!

Meeker's Antique Sad Iron SalesMagic #1 Box / Slug Iron   This is a really nice example of this Nelson Streeter patent box iron.  Complete with an extra slug and matching trivet.  You'll love the condition!

Good + . . . . . .   SOLD! Sells Antique IronsTear Drop Drop-In-Back Slug Iron     This is just so nice.  It is much heavier than one would expect because the bottom is uncommonly thick.  Beautifully crafted and an elegant shape.  Complete with slug and companion trivet!!

Very Good . . . . . .  SOLD!

Patented Sells Antique IronsMiniature 3" English Box Iron   This example is about as small as they come at just under 3".   It is constructed just like a full size iron and has ribs inside to help with heat distribution.  The door on the back is marked with the name Bates and a crown.  Made as a user, but will display like a gem!!

Very Good  . . . . .  SOLD!

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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectible irons we have sold.
Click link to see other Past Sales Archive Pages on this Site.

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