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This is just a sample of the many antique toy sewing machines we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below:
Prices this type of TSM / sewing machine have sold for in the past are no longer relevant and have been removed.
Most sell for a fraction of what they did 15 years ago.  A few bring new record prices.  There is no figuring it.
Current Ebay results more closely reflect current market values, and they are all over the board.
In general most common out of the box examples sell for under $50.00.  What are considered rare examples can sell for $500.00 - $2000.00 or more. 
Check eBay to see current values.

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PUPPY Japanese Toy Sewing Machine / TSM in Wooden Box w/ Lid PUPPY Japanese Toy Sewing Machine / TSM in Wooden Box w/ Lid  This TSM is in very nice looking overall condition.  The apology is the hook below the sew plate is missing.  The paint and decorations are fantastic, and this will be a great display piece.   

Very nice!!

Fine . . . . . . . $125.00    SOLD!!

Debutante by Stitch Mistress Genero Toy Sewing MachineDebutante by Stitch Mistress Genero Toy Sewing Machine / TSM in Tall Case  This TSM is in very nice looking overall condition.  It is a machine I have never had or seen before, and given how long I have been at this that does say something.  In addition there is no Google info on it, and it does not appear in either of Glenda Thomas' books on toy sewing machines.  Those facts do say something as to the rarity of this machine.  It is kind of big and clunky, but at the same time cute.  An unusual feature is that it has a shuttle just like a real machine.  The drive is by a rubber O ring, and while it is present, I could not seem to get this to sew.  Everything moves as it should, and I believe it is all there, but the O ring seems to slip.

Very Different!!

Fine . . . . . . . $95.00       SOLD!!

Vintage Russian Toy Sewing MachineCasige TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  Casige used countless colors, themes, or design ideas to decorate their toy sewing machines to appeal to a wide set of likes and tastes.  This example has a Geometric / Deco theme.  It is marked "British Zone" on the sew plate, which would date it as just after WWII.  It's called off as the Model 1025.  The overall condition is very good with some minor losses.

Good . . . . . . SOLD!

Casige Turquoise Blue TSM / Toy Sewing Machine w/ Sunflower DecorationsCasige Turquoise Blue TSM / Toy Sewing Machine w/ Sunflower Decorations  This child size toy sewing machine dates from after the turn of the century.  It is an unusual color and decoration scheme.  Some losses to the paint, but overall nice condition.  Sweet!!

Good + . . . . . . . $45.00    SOLD!!

Vogue TSM / Toy Sewing MachineVogue TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  This is an unusual full bodied TSM that is not seen very often. It has a metal pull-out drawer underneath, and the sewing machine flips back to view the internal parts.  In Glenda Thomas' book on TSM's it is given a value rating of NPA or No Price Available, indicating it is pretty rare.  The overall condition is very nice. Different!!

Fine . . . . . . . $40.00    SOLD!!

Norita TSM / Toy Sewing Machine Norita TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  While most toy sewing machines were made in Germany or Japan, and just a few American makers ventured into the marketplace, even fewer are from South America.  The "Norita" was one of the exceptions that hailed from Argentina.  The overall condition is very nice.  Unusual!!

Fine . . . . . . . $45.00    SOLD!!

	Sew Master Sewing MachineKAYanEE Sew Master Sewing Machine A post WWII product from the American zone of Berlin Germany.  The overall condition is super nice.  Still has the original tag!!

Fine . . . . . . . $45.00     SOLD!

Casige TSM in the BoxUnusual Small Casige TSM in the Box   This little Casige measures just 4 1/4" x 2" x 5" and it comes with its charming and equally pint size original box and clamp.  The machine is in outstanding condition---I don't believe it ever saw more than a few moments of use.  The decoration isn't one of the designs that is typically seen, and the red and gold decals are real good condition-wise.  There are a few scratches and nicks in the black paint that you notice if you really scrutinize the machine, but overall it looks great.  The graphics on the cardboard box are darling. and the box itself is in very displayable condition.  Be sure to click on that thumbnail for a closer look!  This TSM is a sweetheart!

Very Good. . . . . .  SOLD!

Casige TSM in Fancy Wooden BoxBeautiful Oval Based Casige TSM in Fancy Wooden Box   This beautiful little machine is an oval based Casige model with bright gold and green scrollwork designs on the body and base.  What is particularly special about it is it's original case, a beautiful paper covered divided wooden box elaborately decorated with green, red, purple, orange, and gold designs that have an exotic Oriental or Asian flavor.  Dating from pre-WWII the tiny machine is marked "Made in Germany" and it is in excellent condition, noting a bit of paint and decal loss on the base where the clamp (also included) was affixed.  The rest of the paint and decals are extremely bright and shiny as are the nickel plated metal parts.  The case, which measures 6" x 7" x 2 1/2",  is also in very good condition with just the slightest signs of use.  These machines are generally found showing much more wear (see the example listed at the top of this page)---the child who received this one obviously knew it was special and treated it like the treasure it is!

Good . . . . .   SOLD

Casige Model 0 TSM / Toy Sewing Machine w/ BoxCasige Model 0 TSM / Toy Sewing Machine w/ Box   This Casige TSM is a  nice machine in very nice condition that you simply can not find anymore. 

Fine . . . . . . . SOLD!

Casige Elves & Mushrooms TSM / Toy Sewing MachineCasige Elves & Mushrooms TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  This Casige TSM is a  nice machine in very nice condition with an unusual elves and mushrooms decoration I have not seen before.  Different and Nice!!

Fine . . . . . . . SOLD!

Little Red Mystery Toy Sewing Machine / TSMLittle Red "Mystery" Toy Sewing Machine / TSM    The collector liked the odd and unusual.  She liked ones that were not in the book, and I think had to pay pretty good for them from the dealers that were feeding / building her collection.  This is one I am not familiar with but was told by an advanced Canadian TSM collector / researcher that it is the Wonder Stitcher, made by a company called "Wonder Bilt" located in Toronto.  They were only sold in Canada and the company had just a short-lived history.  Different!

Good . . . . . . .  SOLD!

Tabitha Toy Sewing MachineTabitha Toy Sewing Machine This small rare sheet brass travel / toy sewing machine dates from the late 1800's and was manufactured in America by the Manhattan Brass Co. of New York. It was patented in 1888 by a T. H. Martin. The patent # is 379,175. There are several different variations of this sewing machine that can be found, and examples marked "Pearl" are very similar. There is one pictured in Glenda Thomas' book in its original box, and it mentions and pictures other differently marked versions that can be found. This is a earlier version and is marked Patent Appl'd For in the base. 

The overall condition is excellent and the fragile little pieces including the spring steel tension spring is present and OK.  The spool pin is also present.  Many of the pieces were pressed and the decoration on those pieces is bold and not worn.   It is a pretty rare TSM sewing machine and not one that turns up all that often. Cute!!

Very Good . . . . . . .SOLD!     

Vulcan English Toy Sewing Machine / TSMVulcan English Toy Sewing Machine / TSM   The Vulcan Toy Sewing Machine is an interesting looking and nicely finished sewing machine.  The base appears to be aluminum and the upper portions are steel.  The condition is super, and the ID decal is very good.    It is a well made, and nice looking toy.

Good +. . . . . . .       SOLD!

Ernst Plank TSM / Toy Sewing MachineErnst Plank TSM / Toy Sewing Machine   This is a very hard to find machine.  Plank was the German maker most famous for their "boy" toys including trains engines and boats, and not so much for their line of toys and sewing machines directed at the little girls of the day.  These were offered in Montgomery Wards Catalogs in the late 20's during the beginning of the depression. 

The condition is superb. 

Fine . . . . . . .  SOLD!

Martin Decker Kipic TSM / Toy Sewing MachineMartin Decker Kipic TSM / Toy Sewing Machine   This is an unusual TSM sewing machine.  They are discussed in Thomas's book and she says they are German and were offered for sale by a Pfaff Martin Decker.  This is the first one I have ever seen in person.  The head seems to be made of Aluminum, and the base cast iron.  The condition is very nice, and it is a nice design not like many other toys. 

The condition is very nice. 

Fine. . . . . . .  SOLD!

Casige "Gloria" Toy Sewing MachineCasige "Gloria" Toy Sewing Machine   This personalized toy sewing machine is a hard to find variation.   The paint and other decorations are in good condition, and the decals are very nice as well.   There is info on the sew plate that is different than the one in Glenda Thomas' book.  Different!

Good +. . . . . . . SOLD!

Casige Toy Sewing Machine / TSMCasige Floral Decorated Toy Sewing Machine / TSM    This TSM was made by Casige and is in very nice condition.  The picture decoration shows a decoration scheme I have not seen before, but there is another pictured in Thomas's book.  It has poppies, cornflowers, and sprigs of wheat.  Very unusual!  A nice little machine that is not common and seldom seen in this nice condition. 

Good +. . . . . . .  SOLD!

Betsy Ross Toy Sewing MachineBetsy Ross Electric Toy Sewing Machine / TSM   The Betsy Ross Sewing machine was an American product that dates from the 50's - 60's.  The maker was Gibraltar and they were based in NJ.  The Betsy Ross sewing machines are a well made heavy duty toy that operate very smoothly.  The wood suitcase style box is nice and has a plaid covering.   This electric version is missing its cord.   I did not go inside to check the motor.  What you see is what you get.  It will display nicely.  

Good . . . . . . . SOLD!

Baby Brother Toy Sewing Machine / TSM Pink "Baby Brother" Toy Sewing Machine / TSM w/ Case   Just like Mommy's, or so the logic went.  The Brother Sewing Machine Company produced, or marketed, this cute little electric sewing machine to the next generation of potential Moms who wanted to be just like their mom, sewing machine and all.  Oh, the good old days. 

The condition of this toy is nice and the suitcase carrier shows signs of use.    A very example! 

Good . . . . . . .SOLD!

Stitch Mistress by Genero TSM / Toy Sewing Machine w/ BoxStitch Mistress by Genero TSM / Toy Sewing Machine w/ Box  This TSM / Toy Sewing Machine was produced here in the US just after WWII.  They are made out of cast aluminum, and are a nice design.  The condition is near mint.. 

Good + . . . . . . .  SOLD!

Muller # 5 TSM / Toy Sewing MachineMuller # 5 TSM / Toy Sewing Machine   This Muller #5 TSM Sewing Machine is a pretty commonly found machine, but not in this super nice overall condition.  It has a decoration of flowers, vines, and berries that are in super condition.   A chance to upgrade to a very nice condition early German TSM sewing machine. 

Good + . . . . . . . SOLD!

Red Eldregette TSM Toy Sewing Machine w/ Original BoxRed Eldredgette TSM Toy Sewing Machine w/ Original Box    The collector liked the odd, the unusual, and her TSM's in nice condition.  The Eldredgette was made by the National Sewing Machine Co. of Belvedere Ill.  They also put out the American girl of a similar design, as well as the cast iron machines based on the Stitchwell.  This style of machine is usually found in black and occasionally in cream or red.  I have never seen them in any other color, and the black ones are far more common.  A nice little machine! 

Fine. . . . . . . SOLD!

Casige German TSM / Toy Sewing MachineMuller German TSM / Toy Sewing Machine This is a cute little sewing machine with a "fancy" base, open mechanism and a nicely made geared handwheel.  The nickel plated sew plate needs to be cleaned / buffed and this machine will look much better.

Good . . . . . . .   SOLD!

Mechanical Nature Antiques / TSM / Toy Sewing Machine SalesFairyLite German TSM / Toy Sewing Machine   The condition is exceptional.  The decoration looks like the machine above but is marked differently and the mechanism is also different.  The sew plate is marked "Foreign" which I believe would make it a Casige made for export.  Be sure to look at the pictures of the original box.  Very nice!!

Fine . . . . . .SOLD!

Little Red Riding Hood TSM / Toy Sewing MachineLittle Red Riding Hood TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  This variation in light blue is far rarer than the more commonly seen black model.   It is in overall decent condition and will clean to be even better.  A good one!!

Good . . . . . . . SOLD!

Vintage Russian Toy Sewing MachineCasige TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  Casige used countless colors, themes, or design ideas to decorate their toy sewing machines to appeal to a wide set of likes and tastes.  This example is has red poppies and blue corn flowers, an odd and uncommon combination. The overall condition is very nice and it's quite vivid and graphic.

Good + . . . . . . . SOLD!

Vintage Russian Toy Sewing MachineSchurhoff Type 47 TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  A nice example of a hard to find TSM by a lesser known manufacturer.  Not sure what the name Type 47 refers to, or who it was directed at, but it is a bit different from the norm.

Good + . . . . . . . SOLD!

Vintage Russian Toy Sewing MachineFrench Ma Cousette Luxe  A nice example of a hard to find French TSM.  The condition could not be any nicer!!

Fine . . . . . . . SOLD!

Blue Little Mother TSM Toy Sewing MachineBlue Little Mother TSM Toy Sewing Machine    Same as above.  A nice machine and hard to find in this condition! 

Fine. . . . . . . SOLD!

Ernst Plank German TSM / Toy Sewing MachineErnst Plank German TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  The condition is very nice.  This German maker was much more well known for his line of boy toys, like steam engines and boats.  The sewing machines are pretty hard to find, and must have been just a sideline.  This is a larger one, and it does have the ID plaque on the base.  Nice!!

Good + . . . . . . . SOLD!

Muller Front Crank TSM / Toy Sewing Machine Muller #1 Front Crank TSM / Toy Sewing Machine The condition of this hard to find front crank Muller TSM is very nice with just minor losses on the base!!

Good . . . . . . . SOLD!

Casige #1 Front Crank TSM / Toy Sewing MachineCasige #1 Front Crank TSM / Toy Sewing Machine At first glance this little toy could be mistaken for the Muller #1, but a close inspection shows subtle difference in design.  Not sure who was copying who.  The condition of this example is very nice, with great color to the decals.

Good + . . . . . . .  SOLD!

Vintage Russian Toy Sewing MachineCasige Art Deco TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  Casige used countless themes or design ideas to decorate their toy sewing machines to appeal to a wide set of likes and tastes.  This interesting example is usually referred to as Deco.  It's marked "British Zone" and "Model 1015".  The overall condition is very nice.

Good + . . . . . . .  SOLD!

Mechanical Nature Antiques / TSM / Toy Sewing Machine SalesElvavit TSM / Toy Sewing Machine w/ Original Box  This TSM is French and in like new seldom played with condition.  I have never had this machine before, and a Google search turns up only references from France.  I do not think many made it here to the States.

The condition is exceptional, and it includes the original box.   A very unusual antique toy sewing machine, and a must have for any advanced sewing machine collection. 

Fine  . . . . . . . SOLD!

Rosella TSM / Toy Sewing MachineRosella TSM / Toy Sewing Machine   A cute little machine that is not pictured in either of Thomas' books on TSM's! I believe it is Italian, and it has the unusual feature of being chain driven.  Cute!!

Fine . . . . . . . SOLD!

Russian John Deere TSM / Toy Sewing MachineRussian "John Deere / Running Deer" TSM / Toy Sewing Machine   This is a cute and well made little machine.  When they first started appearing here in America back in the 90's they were selling for big bucks because nobody knew what they were or where they were from. Times change. Cute!!

Fine . . . . . . .SOLD!

German TSM / Toy Sewing MachineMuller TSM / Toy Sewing Machine  The condition is very nice, and the minimalist decoration is a nice change from some that have decorations all over them.  This toy is smaller than many of the others.  It is not marked with a maker name and the only ID is a number as seen on the sew plate.  I believe it is a Muller Model 0, but it is also similar to an English machine called the Tetra.  Different and nice!!

Good + . . . . . . . SOLD!!

Mechanical Nature Antiques / TSM / Toy Sewing Machine SalesCasige Fairy Tale / TSM / Toy Sewing Machine   This one has a boy archer on one side who I assume is William Tell, and on the other Cinderella or some other golden haired beauty.  I do not think they were in the same fairytale, but who cares.  They go well together here.  It looks to have been hardly played with, and the condition is super!!  The box is missing its top and the clamp is included.

Fine . . . . . . . SOLD!!


Martha Washington Sotoy TSM / Toy Sewing MachineMartha Washington Sotoy TSM / Toy Sewing Machine    This is a cute little toy sewing is in near mint condition and so is its original box.  This machine is rarely found in this condition with a near perfect picture of Martha Washington, and the name ID tag from the maker still intact.  And I have never seen one with an original box.  A super machine in super condition

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Full Body German TSM / Toy Sewing MachineFull Body German TSM / Toy Sewing Machine     The collector who we are selling these toy sewing machines for was very particular about the condition of the machines in her collection.  She only bought the best, and took care that they remained that way.   This style is what we refer to as a full-body steel, as opposed to either a single thick sheet metal, or cast iron models.  This one has great decoration of geometric flowers and vines spreading up and across the body.  The sew plate is marked with the Casige Eagle.    A very nice example. 

Excellent . . . . . .  SOLD!

La Queen Toy / Travel Sewing Machine"La Queen" Toy / Travel Sewing Machine   This interesting looking miniature sewing machine is marked La Queen Brevete S. G. D. G. on the sew plate.  That inscription basically means it is patented, and  "S.G.D.G." (Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement) is a disclaimer required by the government of France stating that it does not guarantee enforcement of the claimed patent.

The base and body appear to be a combination of stamped, bent and formed steel or brass.  It is a great looking design, but of dubious functionality. 

References I have seen attribute the inventor to be the same S. A. Rosenthal of Berlin who also holds the American patent for the Moldacot sewing machine, a well known and much more commonly seen machine.  It is not known how many of these were produced or made it to the US.  One informational site I read claimed they were very rare.  I could not find any reference to this machine having an American patent.  Very unusual, and a must for any advanced collection. 

Good+. . . . . . .  SOLD!

The Pearl Toy / Travel Sewing Machine"The Pearl" Toy / Travel Sewing Machine   The Pearl is very similar to the Tabitha, and Bob Campbell notes they were probably made by the same company and fell under the same patent.  The pearl is a slightly heavier duty model with cast brass parts instead of all stamped.  It is a rare and hard to find miniature antique sewing machine. 

Good+. . . . . . . . SOLD!

Liliputian TSM Toy Sewing Machine"Liliputian" TSM Toy Sewing Machine     This is one of the smallest toy sewing machines that can be found.  They were advertised as being a machine that could be threaded and used to really sew, unlike those known as "penny toys".  They date from the first quarter of the 20th century.  I have seen, and will be listing one in its original box in the coming weeks.  They are considered rare as few survived. 

Good  . . . . . . .  SOLD!

Enclosed Mechanism Casige Model 50 Toy Sewing Machine   The number of different child's and toy sewing machines produced by Casige is astounding!  This model is one of the more elegant sheet steel ones, standing a lofty 8 1/2" tall and with a graceful full-body design that encloses the drive mechanism.  These full-bodied machines must have been a bit more expensive to produce as you definitely see more of the single sheet exposed mechanism models than you do of this style.  The cam "gizmo" (rather than toothed gearing) of the handwheel makes for an effortless operation.  The decoration on this model is somewhat Art Deco looking with its stylistic flowers in red, gold and green on both sides of the body and on the base.  There is a bit of minor wear to the decoration and some paint loss at the bottom of the four legs of the base, but overall it displays well.

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Tiny Casige Toy Sewing Machine in Fancy Fitted Box This diminutive toy sewing machine is one of the prettiest, with gold and green vines and leaves gracefully decorating both sides.  The paper-covered wooden box is vividly colored as well.  And I guarantee you will love the condition!

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Casige Storybook "Little Red Riding Hood" Toy Sewing Machine   This toy is one of those antiques that is eagerly sought after by collectors of Red Riding Hood memorabilia as well as by toy sewing machine aficionados.  Casige made toys of several body styles with this decal, and this is the version with the enclosed drive mechanism.  The decals are in great condition on both the front and back, and note the additional decals in all four corners of the base.

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Casige Model No. 103 Antique Sewing Machine   This pretty sewing machine is still another variation of the "cast iron body on pedestal" style machines that Casige produced on assorted shaped bases.  Although there were several variations of these machines, few were produced in any great number and all are relatively difficult to find.  The Model 103 features a raised sheet steel base, and the base as well as the cast iron body are decorated with beautiful and elaborate blue flowers with gold foliage.   The Casige logo or trademark is stamped on the stitchplate, and the machine itself is in excellent condition with bright and vivid colors.  These machines are rarely found in the States and I was lucky enough to acquire this example from a dealer who brought it back from the UK.

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Muller Model 10 Chain Drive Child's Sewing Machine  Not to be confused with the cast iron Muller 10 model, this sheet steel full-bodied  enclosed mechanism chain-drive sewing machine is one of the harder-to-find in the Muller line of child's sewing machines.  It is marked "Made in Germany" on a decal on the back side and dates from before the Second World War.  This example is in nice condition noting some very minor deterioration of the nickel plating, but the black paint is still very bright and shiny.  The gold decal scrollwork decoration is also in fine condition.  These chain-drive sewing machines run exceptionally smooth, and must have been top-of-the-line in their day. 

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Baby Brother Toy Sewing Machine in Original Case  Here's one more example of a full-size sewing machine producer who, much like the Singer Manufacturing Co., fully understood the important benefits of marketing it's product to young consumers. This high quality "toy" machine must have made a good impression on many a future seamstress.   The introduction in the original instruction booklet that is included with this example says it all:  "Baby Brother, like Poppa and Momma world-famous Brother sewing machines, is a precision engineered quality product.  Consider this a real machine and not a toy.  Battery driven, it has been designed to give the same dependable full-chain stitch sewing service as big electric sewing machines."  The condition of this example is as nice as they come and looks to have never been played with.   Protected over the years in it's own little carrying case, this machine is close to flawless.  The paper labels on the bottom are mint, the decal is mint, and the clamp is still in it's cardboard pack.    You will have no complaints with the condition of this super little machine---it's definitely top-shelf!

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Sunflower Design Casige TSM    This beautiful child's sewing machine is decorated with sunflowers bursting with color!  It is one of Casige's pre-war enclosed mechanism models, and it is in super condition.  As a bonus, this machine comes with the lid from it's original box---although the lid itself is in tattered condition, the wonderful image of four children sewing is intact and will display nicely!

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Blue Casige TSM in the Box This toy sewing machine, marked with the Casige Eagle trademark and Made in Germany British Zone,  is as close to perfect as they get!  It looks as if it was never played with, as both the wonderful blue paint and the nickeled metalwork just shine!  It is complete with all original parts right down to the needle and spool cushion.  The original instruction booklet, in super condition, gives the young seamstress directions in eight different languages.   The cardboard box has two tears in the lid, but overall is sturdy and in good shape.  Guaranteed to be the way you like it!

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Blue Juwel Miniature Sewing Machine   The history of this small sewing machine is an interesting one.  According to the instruction booklet that accompanies this one, the Juwel was designed and produced "to meet the needs of those who are unable to afford a larger model nor obtain one during the present shortage."  Based on information from Georg Reinfelder, one of the premier German toy sewing machine collectors, the Juwel was used by adults in refugee camps after WWII.  The instructions go on to say "Do not be prejudiced by its size.  Curtains, covers, clothing, etc can be made on the Juwel."  This instruction booklet is written in English, so apparently the machine was successful enough that it was produced for export as well.  This example comes in the original box, which is in just so-so condition.  It has done its job of protecting the machine, which is in excellent condition.  The machine is a cast metal and has some interesting features.  It operates with a "belt"-driven mechanism---the belt is actually numerous strands of jute twine that are joined together with flat metal clips.  All of this is exposed when the machine is hinged back on the base.  The thread tensioner is located just prior to the needle position rather than the more typical location just past the spool pin.  The original clamp is included, in fact, it is still in its original unopened packing.  This sewing machine is not an easy one to come up with and in this condition it is a real find!

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Red Liliputian Toy Sewing Machine Advertised as "The Smallest Sewing Machine in the World", this tiny German pre-WWII machine stands just 3" high with a base that measures only 1" x 2 1/2".  This super example, in the seldom seen red color, has been lovingly cared for.  It's sure to be a highlight of any TSM collection! 

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Green Casige "Tulip" Toy Sewing Machine If you sometimes get tired of all those black ones, here is a toy sewing machine that is sure to excite your senses and enliven your collection.  This exposed mechanism pre-WWII Casige is decorated with red tulips and gold geometric floral designs on a wonderful green background.  It's in very nice overall condition---just add a needle and you are ready to go!

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

Casige Model 16 With Bright Flowers This pre-WWII exposed mechanism toy sewing machine is decorated on the base and body with bright yellow, white, orange and green flowers.  This example is in nice overall condition with just a bit of nickel loss on the handwheel.  The handwheel also exhibits a tight factory casting crack across one of the cutouts---I say factory because it is not a break as is evidenced by the nickel plating which coats it, and it is stable.

Excellent . . . . . SOLD!!

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