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This is just a sample of the many antique boring & drill related tools we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below:
Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.
Prices seen span a long time and may not reflect current values.  Some are selling for more, many now sell for less.
On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.  The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

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Ruger Egg Beater / DrillRuger Archimedean Drill / Driver The overall condition of this Archimedean drill / driver is very good.  They were offered in at least two sizes and spring loaded or not.  This is the larger size and is not spring loaded. 

Good +. . . . .  $275.00     SOLD!!

Ruger Pistol Drill Ruger Pistol Drill The overall condition this pistol drill is very good noting the typical paint loss on the top gear wheel.  This pistol grip drill will clean to be nicer and carefully repainted would look awesome. The blueing on the grip is very good, and the latch door on the bottom operates as it should.   This style drill is the most famous tool Ruger made as well as the most desirable and sought after given the firearm form, but it is also probably the most readily found. 

Good +. . . . .  $395.00       SOLD!!

Ruger Bit Brace / DrillRuger # 1010 Bit Brace / Drill Bill Ruger was issued a patent for his brace on Nov. 9, 1948.  Patent #151,719   The overall condition of this unusual Ruger brace is very good.  The Ruger bit brace is probably the hardest to find of the 4 tools listed.  I have heard Ruger also made a breast drill that is even scarcer and harder to find.  This example is marked # 1010 Ruger Corp Southport Conn.  This design brace can also be found marked Artisan and Seymour Smith, but this one is all Ruger.   The history and an analysis of the design can be found on a site called Georges Basement.  Here is the link

Good +. . . . .  $395.00       SOLD!!

Yankee North Brothers 1530 Ratcheting Hand DrillYankee North Brothers 1530 Ratcheting Hand Drill w/ 5 Position Transmission   Nice.  One of the most versatile hand drills ever produced and a favorite with collectors and users alike.  Everything works as it should, and the handle is tight.  No issues or apologies.

Good +  . . . . . $50.00        SOLD!!

Yankee North Brothers / Bell System  2101A BraceYankee North Brothers / Bell System  2101 A 8" Brace  Pre Stanley.  Top of the line quality.  The overall condition is nice.  Minor nickel loses and dings.   Ratchet works smoothly and properly.  Good jaws. The 2101 brace is considered by many to be the finest brace made. 

Good +. . . . .  $65.00      SOLD!!

Stanley #282 Corner BraceStanley # 982 Corner Brace  The overall condition is nice.   Nice handle.

Good +. . . . .  $40.00

19th Century European Breast Drill19th Century European Breast Drill   As much a work of art as a tool.  Some great decorative features for such a utilitarian tool.  Very Nice! 

Good + . . . . .  $125.00      SOLD!!

Stanley Defiance Breast Drill in BoxStanley Defiance #1247 Breast Drill in Box  The box calls it off as a Defiance #1247 Breast Drill.  A rare Stanley breast drill to find in the box. 

Fine  . . . . . . . $35.00      SOLD!!

Prince Patented 1909 Combination Wrench BracePrince Patented 1909 Combination Wrench Brace  The patent for this unusual gizmo was granted in 1909. The functions listed in the specifications include screwdriver, wire cutter, brace, pipe and nut wrench, and holder for tools such as a hoof parer. Every aspect is operable and OK except for the missing nickel plating. 

Good  . . . . . $75.00    SOLD!!

Keystone Ratcheting Brace by W. A. Ives of Wallingford Conn.Keystone Ratcheting Brace by W. A. Ives of Wallingford Conn. The overall condition is used but OK.  The ratchet feature works as it should.

Good . . . . .  $25.00     SOLD!!

Mathieson Iron Brace w/ Ebony Head & Heart ButtonMathieson Iron Brace w/ Rosewood Head & Heart Button  The overall condition is nice.   Nice Rosewood pad w/ brass button.  Note the heart shaped button to release the bits. It is marked there and on the side of the head with name and Glasgow location.  Very nice!!

Good + . . . . .  $75.00        SOLD!!

John Fray 
	Spofford Wimble BraceJohn Fray Spofford Wimble Brace  The overall condition is nice!!

Good + . . . . .  $45.00     SOLD!!

Mathieson Brass Frame Beech Brace w/ Ebony Head and Ivory ButtonMathieson Brass Frame Beech Brace w/ Ebony Head and Ivory Button  Nice.  The head is clearly marked Mathieson on one side, and has the owners initials in script on the other.  The spring loaded bit button works properly.  The Ebony head is nice w/ one tight crack.  Nice!!

Good + . . . . . $60.00    SOLD!!

Iron Brace w/ Ebony Head & Heart ButtonIron Brace w/ Ebony Head & Heart Button  The overall condition is nice.   Nice Ebony pad w/ brass button.  Note the heart shaped button to release the bits. Very nice!!

Good +. . . . .  $60.00       SOLD!!

Phillips #2 Spring Hammer Patented October 24 1911 Phillips #2 Spring Hammer  This is a hand crank Jack Hammer.  The idea was patented on October 24 1911.  It comes w/ one star bit.  It is operational.  I drilled a hole in mortar with it easily.   Brick was slower.  Busted up dry thinset like it was nothing.  I did not try it on my concrete driveway.  Sounds just like the real thing when you get it going.  The patent was easy enough to find, and several references to it could be found in trade literature from the time, but I could find no reference to other current or known examples.  A rare thing I imagine.   No hammer collection would be complete without it.    Nice!

Good +  . . . . . . $95.00     SOLD!!

Patent Pending Pat. P' D' G Folding Ratchet BracePatent Pending "Pat.  P' D' G" Folding Ratchet Brace   Here is an oddball brace, from its multi-joint folding feature, its unusual barrel type ratchet mechanism, all the way to how the fellow chose to write out his patent pending announcement, "Pat. P' D' G", this folding ratchet brace is strange.  It is not pictured in Pearson's book on braces, and the few other informed dealers / collectors I have shown it to have never seen it before either.   

When set up in standard operating mode it has a 10" sweep.  It has the ability to be set up in a number of other configurations with the simple push of one of the 4 different locking lever at each joint.  (each one works) Each joint has the ability to lock in an intermediate position besides straight or with the 90 degree fold. Thing is it is unworkable in any configuration other than the standard brace form and would be called a wrist breaking wobble brace instead of wimble brace if you tried to use it.  It would make sense if you could turn it into a wimble brace, but that is not an option.  It is over 30" long when folded out straight, but is basically non operable in that configuration as well. 

The ratchet works fine---left, right, and locked with the lever straight up. The chuck is unmarked.  The jaws are OK.  The pad looks to be cocobolo or rosewood. (It is not bent or damaged as the perspective of one pic makes it look)  The handle is set up to revolve on built-in bushings.  It is nice.  The overall condition is nice with no rust or pitting to speak of.   Where you going to find another!! 

Good + . . . . .  $1700.00        SOLD!!

Millers Falls # 4 / 04 Jewelers DrillMillers Falls # 4 / 04 Jewelers Drill  Nice.

Good + . . . . . .  $35.00      SOLD!!

McClellan Corner BraceMcClellan Corner Brace This fellow had a number of different patents for some pretty innovative ideas having to do with braces.  He used Millers Falls chucks as he use to work for them, but they were not offered by them.   Works properly. 

Good . . . . . $50.00         SOLD!!

Millers Falls Hand DrillMillers Falls Hand Drill   I am not sure what # this is, a # 1, or # 5 perhaps.  It is a very nice little drill.  The chuck is very nice and closes down to almost nothing.  Note the adjustment feature on the back side that works against the gear wheel to eliminate any play.  The side handle is probably a replacement.   Different, and Unusual.   

Good +. . . . . . . $30.00     SOLD!!

Derlon 1892 Patent BraceDerlon 1892 Patent Brace  The patent was issued on August 23rd 1892 and is clearly marked on the frame.  The Patentee was French. 

The nickel plating is well over 90% and it will clean up to look even better.  An opportunity to add to or upgrade the collection of rare patented braces.  A  rare and unusual bit brace in outstanding condition.   Nice!  

Fine . . . . . .$295.00       SOLD!!

S F Bowser & Co Spiral ScrewdriverS. F. Bowser & Co Spiral Screwdriver  An early and odd spiral screwdriver from Ft. Wayne Ind.  Used but nice!!  Works properly. 

Good +. . . . . $40.00        SOLD!!

Pump Augers / Pipe AugerPump Augers / Pipe Auger / Pod Augers  These were purchased by the collector from Iron Horse auctions back in the 80's.  The collector was quite proud of them.  There are 8 different versions or sizes of these large, heavy, and rare auger drills.Several have side mounted cutters attached that could be sharpened or replaced. There is no extension handle.

These were mostly used by early settlers to make water pipes before the time of iron pipes. You can read about the process on the internet using a Google search.  I was reading one story where the early California settlers used a set of these to bring down the largest of the virgin Redwoods or Sequoias down by Calaveras back in the early days when they could not think of any other way to bring down a 300+ ft. tall tree that was over 25' in Dia. and a couple few thousand years old.  It took them 20 some days to destroy what had taken 2,000 or more years to grow, just so they could say they did it. Boys with their toys and too much time on their hands. All appear to be usable. Nice and different!!

Good +  . . . . . .$150.00          SOLD!!

English Ebony Fill Metallic Frame Patent BraceEnglish Ebony Fill Metallic Frame Patent Brace   This is a well made ebony brace in very nice condition.  In addition to the phrase "Metallic Frame Patent Brace" it also says Warranted, and has a logo of a Lion and Unicorn on either side of a shield.  Minor chips in the pad, otherwise very nice!! 

Excellent. . . . . .$395.00          SOLD!!

Millers Falls #4 Ratchet Auger HandleMillers Falls #4 Ratchet Auger Handle   This is very nice and shows no signs of use or abuse.  . Everything is OK..  Put it back to work, or hang it in the collection.

Fine . . . . . .$75.00         SOLD!

Primitive Wooden BracePrimitive Wooden Brace   This is a really nice looking brace.  I see no makers name but it is well done and has a pewter connection at one end and the brass receiver at the bit end.  I am not sure if the steel is a repair or part of the design.  Very nice!!

Fine . . . . . .$45.00         SOLD!

English Bit BraceEnglish Bit Brace   A nice Beech brace with brass infill and a button lock feature.  The maker name and location are stamped on the end. You can make out Flather and Sheffield, but another word is near done.  All in all a nice piece.

Good  . . . . .$125.00          SOLD

Henry Brown Sheffield Patented Beech BracHenry Brown / Sheffield Patented Brass Plated Beech Brace   The ID tag is on the top of the Rosewood or other exotic hardwood pad.  It is a nice brace that is marked Henry Brown Patentee. The patent was for the spring loaded bit holder.  It is functional.  Nice!!

Good  . . . . . $ 60.00    SOLD!!

Primitive Bit BracePrimitive Bit Brace   A nice brace with a swivel lock feature.  There is some bug / worm holes in the handle. 

Good  . . . . .$40.00          SOLD!

Millers Falls #4 Ratcheting Auger Bit HandleMillers Falls # 4 Ratcheting Auger Bit Handle  Minty Nice, decal still on the chuck.  Hardly used and ready.

Fine . . . . . .  $75.00    SOLD!!

Yankee #1555 A Breast DrillYankee / North Brothers #1555A Breast Drill   This Yankee / North Brothers #1555A breast drill is NOS and looks to have never been fully assembled.  The main wheel is wrapped in its original wax paper with a newspaper from 1962 over that.  The 1555 has the 5 speed transmission that is the top of the line for all breast drills.  You do not find them like this anymore. 

Excellent + . . . . .$120.00           SOLD

Yankee / North Brothers #2100 Bit Brace3 NOS Yankee / North Brothers #2100 Bit Braces   These #2100 North Brothers bit braces are considered the best braces ever made or offered by North Brothers or later on by Stanley  .  The design and quality of construction is top of the line and includes such things as ball bearings, black hard rubber handles, and the two jaw chuck that is so versatile.  I believe these date  from the 20's and before Stanley bought out North Brothers.  They came to me from a small stash of NOS tools that have been stored away for the last 50 - 75 years in a dry basement.  They are NOS and look to have never been used.  None nicer!!

   8"  . . . . Excellent + . . . . .$150.00          SOLD!
12"  . . . . Excellent + . . . . .$150.00          SOLD!
14"  . . . . Excellent + . . . . .$225.00          SOLD!     

Derlon Patent BraceDerlon Patent Brace The fellow who pulled this patent was from France.  It is in overall nice condition.  I do not see any patent info or other markings on it.

Top Good + . . . . $150.00         SOLD!


Primitive Bronze Breast DrillPrimitive Bronze Breast Drill Drills like this are very hard to find.  They are usually associated with very early American production before mass production was the norm.  Note the handle design. Hang it or use it for that authentic touch to that project.

Good + . . . . .$140.00           SOLD!

Stanley / Bell System #2101 Bit Brace Stanley / Bell System #2101 8" Ratchet Bit Brace   The best brace Stanley ever made, and still a favorite with users today .  Very nice, and the operation is flawless

Good + . . . . .$75.00          SOLD!

patented breast drillRare Combination Breast Drill & Brace  This style breast drill / brace was offered by a few different companies, but this one I believe is a Millers Falls.  Firs time I treid one of these out I almost broke my wrist when the crank cams around.  Guess you are supposed to remove it for that operation, thus explaining why you oftentimes find half of these.

Excellent . . . . .$125.00          SOLD

Breast Drill Valve / Cylinder Facing or Surfacing Combination ToolBreast Drill Valve / Cylinder Facing or Surfacing Combination This unusual example of a quality drill is in very nice condition.  To change operation you move the lever to one of three positions thus changing the operation from a standard drill to a back and forth motion to surface cylinders or reface valves in automotive work.  The patent info and the name are cast into the handle and the 1910 date is clear, but I can not make out the other info given.

Very Good+. . . . .$175.00         SOLD

ANtique Folding Breast Drill S. McClellan Combination Folding Breast Drill  This is a very unusual breast drill that has more features than anyone person could ever need when drilling a hole.  It folds it has a chain, it has different speeds, and it is very rare.  Mr. McClellan was a prolific inventor of drills and used MF parts for many of his basic ideas.  (He worked for them at one time)  This one has been carefully restored(painted) by the previous owner collector, and is ready for the shelf, or if your battery one is run down, for use.

Very Good . . . . .$250.00           SOLD

McClellan Patent Folding Breast Drill w/ Chain Drill AttachmentMcClellan Patent Folding Breast Drill w/ Chain Drill Attachment   This is a very unusual breast drill that has more features than most people drilling a hole would ever need . The most unusual feature is that it folds in the middle to either side.   It also has a provision to be used as a chain drill.   It is also a 2 speed and has a ratcheting feature.

Mr. McClellan was a prolific inventor of drills, both breast and corner, and used MF parts for many of his basic ideas. (He worked for them at one time) This appears to be all original and correct right down to the chain drill.  The crank is marked with his name and the phrase SOUND BEACH on one side and patent date on the other.  Sound Beach was the location of another maker of breast drills, Adams.  Perhaps they worked together for a time.  More research is needed. 

Ready for the shelf or if your battery one runs down, for use.  Can you imagine!

Fine . . . . . .$150.00          SOLD!

McClellan Patent Folding Breast Drill w/ Chain Drill AttachmentMillers Falls #85 Breast Drill   Top of the line.  Like new!!

Fine . . . . . .$125.00       SOLD!

Mathieson BraceMathieson Brace  This is pretty nice.  It has a Rosewood pad, and nicely done steel bulbous handle.  The chuck mechanism works well, and the maker name location are still readable on the head.   Nice.

Fine  . . . . . .$80.00       SOLD!!

Goodell Pratt 5 1/2 B Hand DrillGoodell Pratt 5 1/2 B Hand Drill  Nice overall condition.  2 Speed 3/8" capacity.   Used but tight and will be a good user.

Good + . . . . .  $30.00        SOLD!!

Millers Falls # 2 Hand Drill Millers Falls # 2 Hand Drill  The  Millers Falls #2 eggbeater style hand drill is is the best known and most popular hand drill out there.  They were made over a long span and there have been type studies done on them.  This one is designated a 2 on the crank.  It is one of the earliest versions with the gear guide later ones do not have, and rosewood handle. It has seen little use and includes the bits seen.  The chuck is fine.  Runs smooth and is tight.  All original noting most of the finish on the main crank is gone as it had been over painted and that removed.  Lightly cleaned.  Nice!

Fine  . . . . . . $125.00    SOLD!!

Rare Patented July 2nd 1907 Take-Down Brace  This brace was patented in 1907 by C. J. Haeberli & H. E. O. Schmidt.  It was a great idea and perhaps if they had introduced it 50 years earlier these enterprising fellows might have become rich and famous with this invention of theirs.  As it was, it is a bit late as these things go, and I am sure the guy with thoughts of buying one of them new fangled electric drills didn't give this design a second thought when confronted with the choice. 

In operation you back off the knurled nut at the brace end and the large L shaped arm pulls off.  Then the head str ightens out and you tighten another nut and you have a standard brace for normal work.  Ron Pearsons book on the subject, " The American Patented Brace 1829-1924 " gives this brace the highest rating for scarcity, with fewer than 5 examples known.  The condition is super, and it shows little evidence of use, and certainly no abuse.  Everything is proper and original.  A tough piece to find.  I have never had another.

Excellent . . . . .$450.00       SOLD

Barton Brothers Sheffield Brace This Beech brace is in pretty nice condition noting the small chip in the Rosewood pad.

Good  . . . . .$140.00       SOLD!

Morrison Patent Brace This unusual corner brace is in nice condition.  The thin bar across the top is marked Challenge and the patent date from 1898.  It has a nice even patina. The design is such that the speed is enhanced, but it also serves as a dirt repository, and it is a little gummed up right now and needs a lube to realize its full potential.  A rare brace not often seen.

Top Good + . . . . .$395.00       SOLD!

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