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This is just a sample of the many antique Leather tools we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below:
Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.
Prices seen span a long time and may not reflect current values.  Some are selling for more, many now sell for less.
On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.  The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

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S. Osborne Saddle Makers Head / Round Knife - Leather ToolC. S. Osborne Saddle Makers Head / Round Knife - Leather Tool   Nice!!

Fine . . . . . $65.00    SOLD!!

Antique Gomph Leather Tools3 Leather Tools by Gomph & Snell & Atherton   Good condition. Your paying for the two Rosewood Handle Gomph pieces, the Snell & Atherton heel shave is a give me / toss in.

Good  . . . . . . 55.00         SOLD!!

C. S. Osborne Round / Head Knife / Leather Tool C. S. Osborne 6" Round / Head Knife / Leather Tool   Good condition.

Good + . . . . . . $70.00           SOLD!!

G. Pearson & Sheffield 1916 Round / Head Knife / Leather Tool5" Pearson & Sheffield 1916 Round / Head Knife / Saddle Makers Leather Tool   A nice condition head knife marked Pearson & Sheffield 1916. I assume it is English. Google does not know much about them.  Good + condition.

Good + . . . . . . $50.00         SOLD!!

Osborne  Splitter's Patent Champion Lap Skiver and  Leather Splitting MachineOsborne 6" Splitter's Patent" Champion Lap Skiver and  Leather Splitting Machine   Some replaced screws, but solid with no cracks or damage.  Lots of life in the cutter.  The plier lock handle feature seems to slip, but I am not sure.  Nice!!

Good . . . . . $175.00       SOLD!!

Saddle Maker / Cobbler HammerSaddle Maker / Cobbler Hammer   These are usually by Osborne but I see no name.  There is a layer of rust, but it still looks pretty good. 

Good  . . . . . $25.00     SOLD!!

Leather Pinking Iron Strap End Cutters by OsborneLeather Pinking Iron / Strap End Cutters by Osborne & Others   Good condition.

Good + . . . . . . $150.00 / Lot          SOLD!!

Osborne & Other Saddle Makers Tools12 Osborne & 3 Other Saddle Makers Leather Tools   Everything shown as a lot.  Most are marked Osborne and have Rosewood handles.  The all wood burnisher is marked Osborne.  Just one vainer and the two pricks at the bottom are not.  Nice!!

Good . . . . . $175.00 / Lot       SOLD!!

Swivel Leather Cutter / KnifeSwivel Leather Cutter / Knife This is a well made substantial model and a must have tool for the leatherworker / hobbyist.  The finger rest is a heavy cast brass and the knurled barrel 1/2 dia.  It swivels like one would expect.  I see no maker name or marks.  I see some of these sell for a couple hundred, and others for a $10.00.  Nice!!

Fine . . . . . $35.00     SOLD!!

Osborne Leather Splitter w/ Plier Type Adjuster Leather Splitter w/ Plier Type Adjuster  I believe that this was made by Osborne Tool Co. the famous maker and seller of  leather working tools of Newark, but am not sure.  I have had plenty of the plain models, but this is the first one I have ever had with this unusual adjusting feature on the side.  It appears to be in pretty good condition noting that there is a missing thumb screw at the top left, and that there are 2 different washers under the main hold down screws.  Neither of these minor attributes hinders operation or functionality of the piesed it is supposed to lock in place.  The outer wheel that it rides on is numbered 1 thru 10 and I assume represents 1/8" increments.  the thickness of the cut and when released it is supposed to lock in place.  The outer wheel that it rides on is numbered 1 thru 10 and I assume represents 1/8" increments.  I can find no makers marks or patent information or other info anywhere on it, but it is a quality piece and sure to be a welcome addition to the collection.

Good . . . . .$395.00       SOLD

Osborne Leather SplitterOsborne Leather Splitter   Nice!!

Good +. . . . .$395.00        SOLD

Leather CreaserLeather Creasing Machine   Nice!!

Good +. . . . .$595.00        SOLD

Krebs 1884 Patent Leather SplitterKrebs 1884 Patent Leather Splitter The thickness of the cut is regulated with the ratchet type device on the rear. You would set it to the desired thickness leather splitter. The patent # is 306,760. The thickness of the cut is regulated with the ratchet type device on the rear. You would set it to the desired thickness there, then pull the lever in the front to open it a bit, feed the material in and pull. It clicks into position with great accuracy. There are approx 50 click positions, and the depth bar moves about 1/2 inch overall over that range. The blade is sharp and looks to be full thickness. There is easily 95% or more of the original japanning. There is one tensioning thumbscrew missing on one side to help set the upper roller. Different and very unusual.

  Good+ . . . . . .$495.00          SOLD

Patented Leather Splitters2 Patented Leather Splitters The smaller 9" splitter on the right is marked with the original patentee's name Harmon and location of Weare, NH.  It has 2 patent dates stamped on the edge of the frame.  The larger 10" on left is marked with the location of Newark, NJ and I believe says it is an Osborne, but it is hard to make out.  I believe that Osborne bought out the patent and produced these later under their name.  Mr. Harmon is a listed maker in the Early American Directory of Makers as a maker / inventor of leather splitters.  The original patent is from 1859 and he took out a second one in the Patented Leather Splittersearly 1860's. Both splitters are pretty much identical in design and different from others you typically see in that the blade is fixed and it is the table that moves or flexes to regulate the thickness of the cut. 

I saw one of these a few years ago on a fellow's bench at a flea market where he was using it to make belts and it worked like a charm for him.  The blade is fixed and the table has the capacity to flex downward and the thickness of the cut is regulated by the amount of pressure you apply with the rollers which are adjusted with the geared knobs at the top on either side.  There is a spring release for the rollers as shown in the other pics.

10' on Left  Good+. . . . . $250.00      SOLD

8" on Right   Good+. . . . $250.00        SOLD

Antique Leather SplitterPrimitive Leather Splitter   The blade is sharp and looks to be full thickness.    Different and very unusual.

  Good . . . . . .$125.00       SOLD

Four Rosewood & Brass Draw GaugesFour Rosewood & Brass Draw Gauges   The blade is sharp and looks to be full thickness.    Different and very unusual.

  Good . . . . . .$95.00  / Each    SOLD

Draw Gauges / Leather Tools4 Draw Gauges / Leather Tools   These draw gauges came form the same stash as well.  He bought everything  he saw.  These have been lightly cleaned and with new blades will be ready to go back to work, or make for nice display pieces as is. 

1. Top Draw Gauge w/ Checkered Steel Handle .... Good+ ......$75.00     SOLD!

2. Draw Gauge Wood & Steel ---- Latta Patent .... Good+ ......$85.00    SOLD!

3. Rosewood & Brass w/ applied Trigger ....... Good+ .....$125.00     SOLD!

4. Steel Draw Gauge w/ 6" Bar  Good+ .....$65.00       SOLD!

Osborne Latta Patent Draw Gauge / Leather ToolOsborne Latta Patent Draw Gauge / Leather Tool  Rosewood handle, iron frame.  Patented twist lock bar adjusting feature. Has trigger. Proper keepers.  Note cutter / blade is marked "P. Goesser Grass Valley Cal" an early California cutlery & Bowie knife maker.

Good + . . . . . . $75.00           SOLD!!

latta patent draw gauge) Osborne Latta Patent Draw Gauge This draw gauge is adjusted by swinging the head to loosen the bar and then is locked in place by twisting the head to tighten it.  The bar is 6" and clearly marked Osborne.  The patent info in on the head.

  Good+ . . . . . .$95.00        SOLD

Judy's Leather ViceJudy's Leather Vice This is a great little tool.  It sits on your knee and you operate it by moving your foot to apply pressure.  Never seen another one before.   

  Good+ . . . . . .$125.00        SOLD

Combination Leather Tool Combination Leather Tool This is neat leatherworking combo tool.  I count at least 5 different functions including punch, rivet setter, button hole cutter and more. 

  Good+ . . . . . .$65.00          SOLD

Rosewood & Brass Draw GaugeRosewood & Brass Draw Gauge This draw gauge has a longer than usual bar and that has a hole strategically placed for proper hanging on a nail over the bench so it would not get lost under all the leather on the bench.

  Good+ . . . . .$75.00        SOLD

H. Sauerbier Rosewood / Brass Draw GaugeH. Sauerbier Newark NJ Rosewood & Brass Leather Draw Gauge  Henry Sauerbier was a well known leather tool maker who worked out of Newark NJ in the mid to late 1800s.  Newark was the home base of several other well known leather tool makers like Osborne & Johnson. The name stamp, with a few missing letters, is hard to make out, but that is what it is.

Some of the pics show it with a proper NOS cutter installed. That is included in the price.

Good +  . . . . . . $60.00       SOLD!!

Leather Cutting Tools50+ Circle Leather Cutting Tools   These leather cutters also came form the same stash and were being collected by the same little old lady's husband who basically never used them.   When I got them they were in the same drawer that they had been in for the last 15 years.  The tape you see is the fellows inventory #'s as he actually collected them and any other tool he could buy.  What you see is what you get.   There are approx 50 of them, please look at the close-ups to get a better idea.  They range in size from 2 1/2" down to 1/8" or smaller.  Some are marked, some are not.  I would like to sell them as a group, but will break out specific ones for a premium.     

Excellent . . . . . .$300.00 / Lot        SOLD

Leather Tool / Draw GaugeLeather Tool / Draw Gauge This is typically referred to as a Plough Slitter.  I believe the form is English although I believe there are American versions as well.   

  Good + . . . . . .$125.00        SOLD

Antique Rosewood Handle Leather Tools9 Rosewood Handle Leather Tools   The blade is sharp and looks to be full thickness.    Different and very unusual.

  Good . . . . . .$25.00 / Choice        SOLD

Rosewood Handle Leather Tools8 Rosewood Handle Leather Tools   These edgers are by various makers. Dodd, Gomph, and Osborne mostly. 

  Good . . . . . .$125.00 / Lot       SOLD

Rosewood Handle Leather Tools7 Rosewood Handle Leather Tools   These are by various makers. Dodd, Gomph, and Osborne mostly. 

  Good . . . . . .$150.00 / Lot           SOLD

Italian Head Knife / Round KnifeItalian Leatherworker's Head Knife / Round Knife  I doubt the Italians call these round knives given the pie or arrow shape this has.  It is sharp, pit free for the most part, and something different for the collection or use. 

Good +  . . . . . .$95.00          SOLD!

Leather Working Head / Round KnifeLeather Workers Head Knife / Round Knife  Head knives were made by various makers including such names as Dodd, Gomph, and Osborne.  This is a nice 6" Osborne. 

  Good . . . . . .$60.00         SOLD

Jewelers Bench ViceJewelers Bench Vice   A great little vice.  Look at the work that went into making this.  Super!!!

Good +  . . . . . .$95.00         SOLD!

Antique Leather Working ToolsCobbler / Saddlemaker / Leatherworking Tools w/ Box A wide assortment of burnishers, some cutting tools, and wheeled tools.  Check the pics!!    Nice.

Good . . . . . $295.00 / ALL        SOLD!!

Osborne # 2 Saddle Makers Half Round Leather CutterOsborne # 2 Saddle Makers Half Round Leather Cutter    Nice!!! 

Good . . . . . $25.00

Osborne Leather Workers Hammer / ToolC. S. Osborne Leather Workers Hammer / Tool   Tight split in handle, otherwise Nice!!

Good . . . . . $35.00      SOLD!!

Leather Workers / Upholstery Tack Hammer / ToolLeather Workers / Upholstery Tack Hammer / Tool   Unmarked, but Nice!!

Good . . . . . $25.00     SOLD!

Book Binding ToolsBook Binders / Leather Working Tools   At least one is marked.  These were bought back in the 70's in the bay area and could have originated from there, or been brought to this coast by Dave Paling and sold here.  There are 15 or more different ones.  Most look to still be usable and not worn out.  Tools like this were used to do leather book bindings and decoration on high end books in the 18th & early 19th century.  Look at the pics to see close-ups of smaller groupings.

Good . . . . .$250.00         SOLD!

Leather / Book Binding Tools / Sculptor ToolsLeather / Book Binding Tools / Sculptor Tools / Spinning Tools   I am not really sure what these are for.  I have been told different things ranging from clay to book binding to pewter forming tools. A few are marked with a company name, and another with a location of Boston.  Some are unmarked, but obviously have been together and used as a set.  Nice looking, and nice handles.    Different. 

Good . . . . .$80.00         SOLD!!

Osborne Arch Punches11 Osborne Leather / Paper Arch Punches   Most have never been used.  All an inch or less.  See pics to see sizes.

Fine . . . . . .  $150.00 / Lot     SOLD!!

Landis Leather Cutting ToolLandis Leather Cutting Tool A nice condition leather cutting machine by the well known and well respected Landis Company. I believe it is referred to as a 1 in 1 as opposed to a 3 in 1 or 5 in 1.  Cutter looks good with no chips.  Good + condition.

Good + . . . . . . $225.00          SOLD!!

Bookbinder Leather Book Bidding Type HolderBookbinder Leather Book Binding Type Holder Marked American Type Founders Co.  A bookbinders leather bookbinding type holder, used to hold type for leather bound books. Self centering brass w/ wood handle.

Good + . . . . . $75.00 ea.    $150.00 / Lot of 3         SOLD!!

Cobbler's Cast Iron Revolving Nail CupCobbler's Cast Iron Revolving Nail Cup  Unmarked, but it is nicely done and a vintage piece not one of the new knockoffs.  Unusual & Nice!!

Good + . . . . . $75.00     SOLD!

Revolving Cobblers / Saddle makers Nail CupRevolving Cobblers / Saddle Makers Nail Cup  These held different size tacks that the leatherworker might need to perform his task at hand.  The second pic show the base marked with the name Eclipse.   This is a real one and not to be confused with the new fake India / China ones.    

Good + . . . . . .$125.00       SOLD!

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This is just a sample of the many antique leather tools we have sold.
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