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This is just a sample of the many antique tools we have sold.
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Wooden Miter JackEarly Mitre Jack This is a very large miter jack  It shows just minimal wear on the working face.  It is close to 30" long and each angled face is close to 9" tall   It  looks like a previous owner has removed a prior owners name on the ends.    A nice piece.   

Good  . . . . . $75.00   SOLD!!

Early Small Miter JackEarly Small Miter Jack  This is a very small miter jack.  It shows just minimal wear on the working face.  It is a well made tool with steel threaded adjusters.    It is just 12" long overall and each angled face is about 6" tall. .  A nice piece.   

Good +  . . . . . $90.00   SOLD!!

Lot of Brass Blow TorchesLot of 5 Brass Blow Torches  A graphic reminder of how times and methods of work have changed.  There are a couple different interesting ones here.  Sold individually or by the lot.

Good + . . . . . $160.00 / Lot           SOLD!!

Ohio Rosewood Handle Multi Tool"Zenith" Rosewood Handle Multi Tool   Most every outfit made them and marketed them as the do all, all you need drawer tool.  Some were nice and pretty substantial, some were pretty cheaply done.  Most are unmarked.  This one is marked with the Zenith Tool Co. logo on the end of the cap and is one of the nicer ones.  Nice!!

Good + . . . . . $35.00         SOLD!!

Rosewood Handle Multi ToolRosewood Handle Multi Tool w/ 6 Tools  Most every outfit made them and marketed them as the do all, all you need drawer tool.  Some were nice and pretty substantial, some were pretty cheaply done.  This is one of the nicer ones. Nice!!

Good + . . . . . $30.00         SOLD!!

Eddy Patent Tool Holder / ScrewdriverEddy Patent Tool Holder / Screwdriver The patent rare & unusual screwdriver was granted on November 26, 1895.  That date is on the blade.  The # is 550259 but I could not get it to come up.  I saw a copy of the patenr on another site, but that was it.  A cute little tool I have never seen before.

The brass collar twists off so the screwdriver blade can fall back into the cast iron handle for storage.  It is a bit over 3" long when retracted.  It is a wonder the brass collar never got lost or that the thin cast iron handle was never broken. Nice.

Good + . . . . . $125.00   SOLD!!

Boat Builders / Shipwright Caulking Mallet6 Boat Builders / Shipwright Caulking Mallets   Very nice condition. Good faces. Black Mesquite & Oak. Nice!! Buy one, or all. The first few pics are group shots. After that there are two pics of each. I have small numbers on each to ID them.

Good + . . . . . $150.00 Each Pick & Choose

Good + . . . . . $450.00 Lot       SOLD!!

Shipwright / Boat Builders Caulking IronsShipwright / Boat Builders Caulking Irons  20 or so total. Various makers, sizes, and forms. All look to be in good usable condition. Sold individually or as a lot. 1 set of rings included.

Good + . . . . . $350.00 Lot       SOLD!!

Good + . . . . . $25.00 Each Pick & Choose

Billings Multi Blade Screw DriverBillings Multi Blade Screw Driver It has 4 blades.  It has the ability to retract the blades into the sleeve to make it more compact.  There are 2 patent dates.  The blades are OK and as shown. Nice.

Good + . . . . . $20.00      SOLD!!

Stanley # 92 Butt Gage / Marking GaugeStanley # 92 Butt Gage / Marking Gauge   Rosewood Head and Brass Stem.  Good cutters.  Shoe is missing.  This is nice. 

Good   . . . . . $35.00        SOLD!!

Perfect Handle Screw DriverPerfect Handle Screw Driver    Light rust that will clean.  No damage.  Nice!!

Good +  . . . . . .  25.00     SOLD!!

Plane Makers / Gunsmiths FloatsPlane Makers / Gunsmiths Floats  Different trades used this form of woodworking tool.  They were used to clean out and shape plane throats and different areas of gun stocks like for the barrel and action.  The bottom four are a matched set and the top one is a mix-match. 

Good . . . . . .$80.00 / LOT     SOLD!!

Rex Ed Wusthof Soligen Food Masticator"Rex" Food Masticator by Ed Wusthof Soligen   Nice original condition.  They still offer these today for 80 pounds.  Aimed at folks who have a Dentist phobia and few molars left or others that have problems chewing their food.

Good + . . . . . . $25.00      SOLD!!

Millers Falls Hand Vise w/ ToolsMillers Falls Hand Vise w/ Tools This is unmarked, but appears to be by Millers Falls.  Nice condition with minor nickel loss and surface rust.  A number of tools are included.  Nice!! 

Good + . . . . .  $75.00         SOLD!!

Starrett 219 Micrometer on Articulated StandStarrett 219 Micrometer on Articulated Micrometer Stand  An unusual micrometer on an even more unusual design articulated stand. The Starrett version of a micrometer stand is # 206.  This is simply marked on the stand "Made by H. R. Simpson", the Machinist / makers name I assume.  Note that the # 219 Starrett micrometer has a blade like anvil. That number must have been retired as there are no examples using a Google search.  Current day Starrett blade micrometers retail for approx. $600.  I read somewhere that this type of micrometer and stand are used by ammunition reloaders.  The ratchet feature works fine and stops at 0.   Different.   Add it to the collection.

Good + . . . . . $75.00       SOLD!!

Jaques Patent Direct Read MicrometerJaques Patent Direct Read Micrometer   This unusual micrometer was made by the Central Tool Co, of Auburn RI.  Its claim to fame is the window where the hundredths and thousandths numbers come up automatically as you turn the thimble. The numbers do change, but i am not sure that it is calibrated or correct.   Jaques held several patents for machinist tools and micrometers.  See pic for dates.     Different & Nice!!

Good + . . . . . $50.00         SOLD!!

Star Tool Co. 1868 Brodhead Patent Twist Lock Marking GaugeStar Tool Co. 1868 Brodhead Patent Twist Lock Marking Gauge  I am not sure what to make of these.  They are unmarked. Well made new versions, or unused old stock?

Fine . . . . . $25.00 each     SOLD!!

Goodell Pratt Double Stem Marking GageGoodell Pratt Double Stem Marking Gauge Nice overall condition after a good cleaning.  The roller cutters are nice, and all increments are clear.   A good user.   Nice!!

Good . . . . . $40.00     SOLD!!

Patented 1877 Combination Screwdriver & WrenchPatented 1877 Combination Screwdriver & Wrench   A neat little combination tool patented on March 13 1877 by Willis Gold of Philadelphia PA.  I read it was manufactured by Disston.  They use to be part of a sewing machine tool kit.   Nice! 

Good + . . . . .  $27.50       SOLD!!

Hand Vise w/ ToolHand Vise w/ Tools  Unmarked but probably by Goodell Pratt.  Nice Rosewood handle.  Jaws are nice.  Tools in handle as seen in the pics.  Nice!!   

Good + . . . . . $65.00       SOLD!

Bridge City Tool #5 C Hand ViseBridge City Tool #5 C Hand Vise  This vise is in very nice condition.  There is no box with this one.  It is #5 of the Commemorative series and dates from 1997.  It looks to have never been used.   

Fine . . . . . $150.00    SOLD!!

Made in England Miniature Gunsmiths / Silversmiths / Jewelers / Tool Makers ViseMade in England Miniature Gunsmiths / Silversmiths / Jewelers / Tool Makers Vise  Nice original condition.  It is very well made. Marked on the side Made in England.  I read that many versions were made and those marked like this were sold by different distributers.

Note the heavy duty design for such a small vise with dovetailed slides on both sides. The opening screw threads into a larger threaded rod allowing for a wide opening in relation to its size, and making for a very stable vise when open.   Nice.

Good + . . . . . $225.00       SOLD!!

Miniature ANtique ViseMiniature Gunsmiths / Silversmiths / Jewelers / Tool Makers Vise  Nice original condition. It is very well made. It is unmarked as to maker save one number stamped near the rod / handle.  From looking around online I see it is similar to a Boley style and read that many versions were made.

Note the heavy duty design for such a small vise with dovetailed slides on both sides.  The small anvil post unscrews.  The opening screw threads into a larger threaded rod allowing for a wide opening in relation to its size, and making for a very stable vise when open.   Nice.

Good + . . . . . $75.00      SOLD!!

Unusual Butt Gage / Marking GaugeUnusual Butt Gage / Marking Gauge   This is different.  It is unmarked as to date, patent or maker.  More functions than I can count.  I have never seen it before.  Add it to the collection.

Good  . . . . . $45.00      SOLD!!

Eclipse # 235 Composite Vee-ViceEclipse # 235 Composite Vee-Vice - Combo Vise / V Block  In original box w/ instructions.   A quality made Sheffield / England Machinist combination vise / V block complete with block and clamp.  Very nice.

Good + . . . . . $55.00    SOLD!!

2 Panel Gauges / Gages2 Panel Gauges / Gages  I believe the rear one is a Stanley 85 1/2.  The stem is a very light colored, but a heavy and dense hard wood, I think it is Rosewood, but it is so light colored I am not sure.  The head is marked with Trauts patent for the "gib", the brass stem protector between the head and stem.  Note also that it has a rotating wheel marker and not a point which could be re-installed.  Nice, and different.

The second gauge is nothing special.

Good . . . . . $60.00   SOLD!!

Good . . . . . $10.00     SOLD!!

Brown & Sharpe - 0 to 6 Inch Micrometer Set in BoxBrown & Sharpe - 0 to 6 Inch Micrometer Set in Box   This 6 piece outside micrometer set is complete and pretty nice. 0 to 6 Inch Range, 0.0001 Inch Graduation.  They have a friction thimble and carbide tipped face.  The enamel finish is near perfect on each.  4 smaller sizes have a spindle lock.   Includes 1 to 5 inch standards and original wood case that has some finish loss.  Like new!!

Fine .  . . . $395.00    SOLD!!

Brown & Sharpe Calibration Gage / Gauge Block Set in BoxBrown & Sharpe Calibration Gage / Gauge Block Set in Box   This set is complete and very nice. .050 to 4 Inch Range w/ certificate.    Like new!!

Fine .  . . . $295.00    SOLD!!

Randall & Stickney Indicator / MicrometerRandall & Stickney Indicator / Micrometer   This R & S Watchmakers Bench Top Dial Micrometer was patented Aug. 21, 1883 and made by Randal and Stickney of Waltham, Mass.  It is in excellent condition. It  The dial reads in thousandths of an inch. These types of micrometers were mostly used by factory workers as inspection tools for mass produced parts. The table can be adjusted up or down so items could be checked by setting the dial on zero with a control piece and allowing the variance to be read on the test pieces. It is made of cast iron with nickel plated parts. It has the original paint with gold pin striping and label. Part of the label decal is missing.  It measures about 7-3/4 inches tall and has a 4-1/4 inch base. It weighs about 4 lbs. It has serial number 10,851 stamped on the bottom..  Nice!!

Fine  . . . . $75.00        SOLD!!

Lufkin # 901 Planer GageLufkin # 901 Planer Gage    Little used.  Nice overall condition noting the owner put his name below the maker mark.  

Fine . . . . . $50.00        SOLD!!

Yankee North Brothers Screwdriver DisplayYankee Screwdriver / Drill  Countertop Display  If condition were to win prizes, this piece would get the Gold Medal.  It is so pristine and bright that it is breathtaking.  Pieces of this caliber and quality appear rarely and disappear just as quickly.  This opportunity will not repeat itself anytime soon so.

Good . . . . . .$1250.00          SOLD

Millers Falls #217 Machinist Vise in Original BoxMillers Falls #217 Machinist Vise in Original Box  There is nothing about this one that you will not like. 

Good  . . . . . .$55.00         SOLD

Greeley Speed IndicatorGreeley Speed Indicator Not all speed indicators were created equal.  This is a rare and unusual model that is seldom found.  Do not confuse this with the typical Starrett or other common models you see all the time.  Those in the know know, and those who do not overprice their common ones.   

Good  . . . . . .$395.00         SOLD

Litner Litner and Sporborg Pistol Grip Speed Indicator This is one of the rarest and most desirable speed indicators that was produced during the later part of the 19th century, and the condition of this one is superb.  No collection of these interesting and graphic devices can be considered complete without the full set of these in the middle. This example has a serial #of 866 stamped into the bottom of the grip, and the Gutta-Percha grips are flawless as is the patent info and inventors name that is engraved into them.  The 4 Patent dates range from 1889 thru 1894.  On the other side is the inventors name Harvey Hubbell.  The nickel plating is 98% + and there will be no disappointments with any aspect of the condition of this piece, truly a top shelf piece.   Display it proudly!!

Good . . . . .$450.00        SOLD

Brown & Barry Patented Marking / Mortise GaugeBrown & Barry Patented Marking / Mortise Gauge The Brown & Berry 5 stem marking gauge is one of the rarest and most unique of all patented mortise& marking gauges.  The inventors must have had a lot going on in their minds or business to have come up with an idea for a marking gauge with 5 moveable stems.  I imagine many potential users could not handle the concept.

Overall the condition is very nice.  It had a light coat of protective finish applied 20 some years ago, but that will come off.  Super rare, and few known!!!

Good + . . . . .$895.00          

Patented Marking and Mortise GaugePatented Marking and Mortise Gauge  This is a rare twist lock patent marking gauge.  The white residue comes of easily with any solvent.   The head has an oval shape hole that locks to the round bar with a twist.  A neat idea. 

Good +. . . . . . .$75.00          SOLD!

Patented Apl'd For Marking and Mortise GaugePatented Apl'd For Marking and Mortise Gauge  This is a rare patented marking / mortise gauge with several fences and moving bars.  The condition is super.   

Excellent . . . . . . .$195.00         SOLD!

Stanley # 77 Rosewood Marking Gauges2 Stanley # 77 Rosewood Marking Gauges  Both nice, and both complete.  One is a sweetheart and one is earlier. 

Left  . . . # 77 Stanley Gauge . . . . . .$40.00        SOLD!

 Right  . . . # 77 Stanley Gauge . . . . . .$50.00         SOLD! 

Goodell Pratt #340 Clapboard / Siding GageGoodell Pratt #340 Clapboard / Siding Gage Here is a tool you use to see from time to time.  They are also a tool that everyone use to ask what is that.  I imagine if you handed one to a Vinyl siding guy today he would not have a clue.  For making a perfect cut up next to the window trim or corner boards.  Today they run that piece over the siding. I have never seen either Goodell Pratt's or Stanley's version in the box before.  A rare example.

Fine . . . . .$195.00         SOLD

Millers Falls #88 Jointer FenceMillers Falls #88 Jointer Fence   This is in like new condition.  .  

Fine  . . . . . .$50.00         SOLD!

The Winsted Edge Tool Works / T. H. Witherby Chisels, Gouges, and Drawing Knives Tool CatalogThe Winsted Edge Tool Works / T. H. Witherby Chisels, Gouges, and Drawing Knives Tool Catalog  It is not a reprint. This is an ORIGINAL. It says it is # 4, and in the back are supplements dated 1905. It seems they made Witherby chisels, gouges, and slicks, or marketed them. Info I read on the history or explanation was unclear. It covers a full line of woodworking tools w/ great illustrations. A rare catalog and reference.

Good + . . . . . $125.00       SOLD!!

Primitive Shovel & ForkPrimitive Shovel & Fork    The shovel is carved from 1 piece of wood.  It is American, or at least was bought as such back in the 70's. 

I am not sure of the intended purpose of the fork.  Probably to lift some light material like hay into the wagon.  It is in very nice condition and not a form you find or see very often.   Neat!!   

Shovel . . . Good+ . . . . .$250.00        SOLD!

Fork . . . . . . . Good+ . . . . .$150.00        SOLD!!

19th Century Mitre Jack19th Century Mitre Jack   I bought this woodworking miter jack back in the 80's at an old couples house here in CA who invited us over.   The collector bought it from me, and it was on display in their store for the next 25 years or so.  It is nicely made of glued up stock, and not beat up or damaged.  The screw works well..  They were used to hold work and for cleaning cut angles with a plane.  A nice piece.   

Good + . . . . .$90.00 SOLD!

Cast Iron File Handles 5 Cast Iron File / Tool Handles These are handy little things.  I use them on my workbench.     Nice!.

Good + . . . . .$20.00 / Each           ALL SOLD!!

Furst & Bradley #83 Cast Iron Implement / Tractor SeatFurst & Bradley #83 Cast Iron Implement / Tractor Seat    The reference I have on these lists this as a #10 on the rarity scale.  There is a hairline through the center bolt hole but that ends at the first slots you see.  A rare seat in pretty nice condition.   

Good . . . . .$450.00        SOLD!

Western Electric Tool Kit Western Electric Tool Kit   This is a nice little set that i would imagine dates from the 20's or 30's from the markings on the Stanley screwdriver that is included.  I imagine that this was a repairman's kit for radios, or telephones that Western Electric was selling servicing at this time.  .  It is not all beat up and it looks to all be here. 

Good +. . . . . .$150.00           SOLD!

Rhodes Sales Company Razor Blade Stropper / SharpenerRhodes Sales Company Razor Blade Stropper / Sharpener   This stropper is by the same maker as the very common Kriss Cross that has the same basic action, but is a enclosed table top model.  This is the very rare and unusual hand held version.  It measures just under 9" long, and the disc is about 4" Dia.  Rare!!!

Fine  . . . . . .$450.00        SOLD!!

Genco Razor Blade Stropper / SharpenerGenco Razor Blade Stropper / Sharpener   This one looks like a camera.  Hold the strap on one end, and pull the handle on the other to make the leather strop inside go back and forth.  The blade holder inside swivels back and forth as well.  Now you just need to figure out how to get the blade in and out through the small opening in the side.   Good luck with that too..

Fine  . . . . . . $50.00         SOLD!!

Stanley #85 Rosewood Panel Gauge Stanley #85 Rosewood Panel Gauge   Unmarked as most were.

Good +  . . . . . .$80.00          SOLD!!

Antique / Vintage Miniature Oil Can / Oiler / Oil Bottle3 in One Salesman Sample Advertising Oil Can   I have never seen this one before. Check the other pics to see the embossed writing all around the Perimeter.   Nice!

Good +  . . . . .$60.00        SOLD!!

Patented Gem P D & Co.Oil BottlePatented Gem Oil Bottle by P D & Co.   RARE & unusual "GEM" Handy Oiler / Oil Bottle. The bottom is marked with the company name, P D & Co, or Payne Diehl & Co., patent date of 1880, and location Phila Pa. The front of the glass bottle is marked GEM. This is the same outfit that made the rare and collectible P. D. & Co. Egg Beater with the slinky like affair on the bottom. One of the rarest and hard to find of all oilers / oil cans / bottles out there. The condition is fine. The pics tell the story. Different & Nice!!

Good +  . . . . . $100.00      SOLD!!

J. D. Wilkinson 1877 Patent Quick Adjust DividersJ. D. Wilkinson 1887 Patent Quick Adjust Dividers  The condition is very nice.   Lift the spring loaded curved steel bar to allow the leg to quickly rough adjust, then fine adjust with the thumbscrew. A neat design.

The patent info is clearly stamped into the brass body as can be seen in the pics. The patent # is 364561 and the patent and a few other references to this early and unusual tool comes up easily using Google.   A fine addition to the early Machinist tool collection.

Good + . . . . .$150.00       SOLD! 

Starrett Dividers w/ 4 Sets of LegsStarrett No. 85 Extension Dividers w/ 4 Sets of Legs This nice looking set is stamped with the 1885 patent date and the Starrett name.  There are 4 matched pairs of legs, and one extra.  Nice!!

Good +. . . . .  $150.00      SOLD!!

Brass Cranial / Phrenology Calipers w/ Metric Rule by Gilliland - Oakland CaliforniaBrass Cranial / Phrenology Calipers w/ Metric Rule by Gilliland - Oakland California  This medical instrument looks to be late 19th / early 20th century.  It is well made and in fine condition. The increments are metric, and the name / location are stamped on one leg.   I could not make anything relevant come up Goggling the Gilliland name along with medical, caliper, or other words.    A rare thing in very nice condition.

Fine  . . . . . .$275.00    SOLD!!

Hugo Hackenberg Dortmund Miniature Cast Iron Advertising Anvil / Salesman Sample / Paperweight"Hugo Hackenberg Dortmund" Miniature Cast Iron Advertising Anvil / Salesman Sample / Paperweight  This unusual miniature double point nickel plated cast iron anvil is stamped with info on one side.  Running that in Google turned up one example in a European auction.   It is old and legit.  I guarantee it!!  A nice piece!!

Good + . . . . . $150.00     SOLD!

Antique Blacksmiths TravelerAntique "Little Giant" Blacksmiths Traveler  A manufactured example with the name "Little Giant cast into the frame.  Different!!

Good . . . . . $45.00    SOLD!!

Wheelwright's Traveler / Measuring ToolWheelwright / Blacksmith Traveler / Measuring Tool   Nice cast iron version with strong marks, good pointer, and nice patina.  For laying out wheel spoke spacing, length of curved objects and other applications.  

Good + . . . . . $40.00       SOLD!!

Gibbs Hooked Rug Fabric Slitter / CutterGibbs Hooked Rug Fabric Slitter / Cutter  The handle has a repair. Beyond that it looks to be little used and in excellent condition.  Cuts 5 approx. 1/8" strips at a time from rags wool or other fabric.  Note the oiler port under the table.  That is for the ball bearing roller an overkill feature sure to never wear out. 

Good + . . . . . $45.00         SOLD!!

FASO Water Hone - German Wasserabziehstein Whetstone - Razor / Knife Sharpening / Finishing Stone in Original BoxFASO Water Hone - German Wasserabziehstein Whetstone - Razor / Knife Sharpening / Finishing Stone in Original Box   This Faso brand water hone is near mint in its original box. I see no signs of use. It is a dark blue grey color. No chips or cracks. Large stone is 9 3/4 x 2" x 3/4". Tag on end of box says Engert which I believe was the German retailer. Label inside box is original. About as nice as one could ask for.

Fine  . . . . . $295.00          SOLD!!

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