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This is just a sample of the many antique tools & planes we have sold.
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Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America by Roger SmithPatented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America by Roger Smith  This is Vol. 1 of the authoritative and definitive reference on patented American Planes by Roger Smith.  It is an invaluable resource if you are in any way interested in this subject.  It goes into great detail and explains the nuances involved to understand what is what and who is who in the world of patented planes. 1st Printing  Like New. Very Nice.

Fine. . . . . .$75.00            SOLD!!      

Lie Nielsen #1 Size Smooth PlaneLie Nielsen #1 Size Smooth Plane    Vintage "early" Lie Nielsen.  Nice as one could ask for!!

Fine . . . . . $225.00      SOLD!!

Fales Patent Combination PlaneFales Patent Combination Plane   Amos Fales of Denver, Colorado was granted two patents for his combination plane design beginning in 1882.  He had it made by Otis Smith of Rockfall Connecticut who was a gun maker.  He is not the Smith of Smith & Wesson fame.  Production or more accurately, sales ended in 1917 or so.

This has to be one of the wackiest ideas for a patented plane ever produced.  It probably looked good and sounded good on paper, but the finished product was destined for failure.  Mr. Fales had obviously never heard of the KISS concept of Keep it Simple Stupid before coming up with this idea.  The plane has 2 bottoms and a cutter for almost every possible profile. I read that can equal upwards of 240 or so separate pieces. It is usually found with just the body and one cutter w/ 2 bottoms. This example has at least 200 if not more pieces included. That includes some specialty profiles such as the nosing profile,  v profile,  chamfer, and more in their original boxes.  There is also a small box with spurs and nickers.  The long rod and post are present.  There are also two original sales brochures listing the parts available as well.  What I did not see were bottoms for large size dados or rabbets, if it even had them. I do not see them called off in the literature and perhaps was designed to be used without. It does have 10 or 12 graduated cutters for that type cut.  All told it weighs 30 lbs. or so.

An interesting note is the individual parts are not marked or matched to each other or the cutters.  Figuring out what three pieces to pick out for a cut is left for the owner / user  to figure out, or devise a plan for prior to each use.  I can just imagine how that went by looking in the drawer I keep sockets in.   A mess!

Nice, &  Different!!!

Fine  . . . . . . . $2295.00       SOLD!!

Standard Rule & Level Co Smooth PlaneStandard Rule & Level Co Smooth Plane  This unusual 9" smooth plane is marked with a patent date on the lateral.  The cutter is marked L I & J White.  I do not think this is proper, and I see no way the lateral will engage to adjust the cutter.  This company was in business just a short time before giving up and selling out to Stanley.  Smith gives a pretty detailed history but does not show the backside of any cutters. The handle has been glued and the top is missing.  It is in otherwise pretty nice condition.

Good  . . . . . $125.00      SOLD!!

Ohio Tool Co. 01 Smooth PlaneOhio Tool Co. 01 Smooth Plane    The Ohio # 01 is a far rarer plane than the popular Stanley # 1 version of these small planes.  These rare planes do not come to market very often.

This Ohio # 01 smooth plane is in fine overall condition.  The World Logo cutter is long and nice.  There is no rust or pitting to speak of.  The original japanning is about 95% with minor losses near the handle.  The solid back lever cap has no pitting or rust and is very nice.  The throat is good.  The dark rosewood handle and knob are nice.  The collector applied a coat of clear lacquer as was his custom, and a practice more generally accepted back when he did it in the 80's.  It will clean off.   A super nice example of a rare plane that will be the highlight of any plane or tool collection.

Fine . . . . .  $2250.00      SOLD!!

Tool Co. Patented Jointer PlaneBirmingham Tool Co. Patented Jointer Plane  This Rare and unusual 21" jointer plane was made by the Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Co of Birmingham Conn.  The idea for this design of plane was patented by a fellow named Mosher in 1884.  This company was in business for only about 5 years from 1885 on.  The Birmingham Plane Co.  made a series of different model or designed planes trying to compete with Stanley, but these all iron planes are their most desirable models and uniquely different from most other designs from this era.  The Birmingham Tool Co. also produced a line of transitional and metal bodied planes similar in design to Stanley.    This example is proper and correct in every aspect and is in fine condition. The throat is nice, and the cutter marked properly.  The adjuster is present and not damaged.

Good + . . . . .$450.00         SOLD

Steer's Patent PlaneSteers #405 Patented Jack Plane   The Steers line of patented Metallic planes are very interesting and unusual.  The bottom was milled to accept thin strips of Rosewood for the fellows who remembered the good old days of wood to wood planing.  This is a later model with a frog design similar to what Stanley offered.  Beyond that feature they are remarkably similar to Stanley's line of planes, but far harder to find.  This example is in overall nice condition.  There are some chips and voids in the wooden sole strips as would be expected.  The handle and knob are nice and proper.  The cutter is marked and proper.   It has a coat of lacquer or linseed oil over it as was thought to be proper in the 60's.  It will come off with a simple rinse.

Good + . . . . .$425.00          SOLD

Steers Patent Jointer PlaneSteers #307 Patented Jointer Plane   Same as above but larger and rougher

Good + . . . . .$295.00        

Steer's Patent 30" Long Brass Jointer Plane w/ Rosewood Strip SoleSteer's Patent 30" Long Brass Jointer Plane w/ Rosewood Strip Sole This is a very unusual brass jointer plane at 30" long.  It is so well done that I believe it may be factory and not just something a pattern maker or other crafts person produced in the shop.  The body casting is so nicely finished, and all the corresponding parts so identical to original Steers Patent planes that it may well have come from that shop or factory as a prototype or model.  Note how the knurling on the adjuster is identical to that found on early Steer planes.  The cap and cutter are definitely from the factory as it is marked 307.   The quality of the inlet Rosewood strips is second to none.  The handle and knob match those found on the original planes as well.  A unique and interesting plane that will be a standout in the collection.  None Nicer.

Excellent . . . . .$1295.00        SOLD!

Meriden Patent Smooth PlaneMeriden Patent Smooth Plane   This plane is a pretty hard to find patented plane.  The cutter is marked with numerous dates to protect the design from would be competitors.  It is in overall nice condition noting the replaced front knob.  Interesting.

Good + . . . . .$895.00       SOLD

Patented Tobaggon PlanePatented Toboggan Plane   This plane is discussed in Roger Smiths books on the subject.  They can be found with a decal label to identify them.  Interesting.

Good + . . . . .$175.00        SOLD

Foster Patent Smooth PlaneFoster Patent Smooth Plane   This unusual patented plane is a pretty hard to find.  It is late in the scheme of things, but a very unusual design with its rotating turntable design. They were made by Ohio and sold from Popular Science in the teens.   Interesting.

Good + . . . . .$3000.00        SOLD

Smooth PlaneBuckeye Smooth Plane  This is a tough plane to find these days.  The tag on it indicates I first sold it to the collector back in 87 at a street fair here in CA.  Those were the good old days.  1.50 gas, tools were still falling out of every garage and yard sale. Tool Buyers were abundant, Flea markets were a primary source for antiques instead of Walmart and Chinese castoffs, there was no internet, no eBay, and certainly no internet rip-offs.   And although there might have been low-lifes lurking about they were mostly localized to their home towns / states and not really a threat or worry.  Life was great.

This plane is all original and in nice condition.

Good + . . . . .$150.00          SOLD

Lie Nielsen # 2 (602) Size Smooth PlaneLie Nielsen # 2 (602) Size Smooth Plane This Lie Nielsen #2 smooth plane is in like new never used condition.  It was bought by the collector over 15 years ago as a collectible and has sat in the box on a shelf since then.  Lie Nielsen bench planes are designed like the Stanley Bedrock's with matching surfaces between the frog and sole, and the same frog adjusting system used on the Bedrock line of planes.  A nice plane!!

NOS / EXC. . . . . . . .$295.00       SOLD!!

Lie Nielsen # 9 (#9) Size Bronze Low Angle Piano Makers PlaneLie Nielsen (Stanley #9 Size) Low Angle Bronze Piano Makers Plane This Lie Nielsen  low angle bronze / brass miter plane is in like new never used condition.  It was bought by the collector over 15 years ago as a collectible and has sat on a shelf since then. Lie Nielsen planes are designed like the Stanley planes of the same # and this would be like the Stanley # 9 Low Angle Piano Makers Block Plane.  They were only made in bronze for a few years before they switched over to the iron version they still offer.  The plane itself is in near mint condition and shows little or no signs of use.  There are no scratches or wear to the sole.   It has just minor surface rust on the cutter that will wipe off.   The throat is perfect.   A nice plane!!

EXC. . . . . . . .$450.00     SOLD!!

Lie Nielsen # 62 (62) Size Low Angle Jack PlaneLie Nielsen # 62 (62) Size Low Angle Jack Plane This Lie Nielsen #62 low angle jack plane is in like new never used condition.  It was bought by the collector over 15 years ago as a collectible and has sat on a shelf since then. Lie Nielsen  planes are designed like the Stanley planes of the same # and this would be like the Stanley #62 Low Angle Cabinet Makers plane.   It has just minor surface rust on the cutter that will wipe off.  It is near mint and looks to have never been used.  The throat is perfect.   A nice plane!!

EXC. . . . . . . .$295.00       SOLD!!

Rodier Patent Jack PlaneRodier Patent Jack Plane  Louis Rodier was issued a couple different patents for the planes he designed. The first in 1879, and another in 1885. This jack plane size incorporates the leaf spring frog adjustment and star wheel adjuster from his earlier patent. The idea was to adjust both the depth of cut, and the angle all with one turn of the wheel. Sounds like a plan, but the idea never really caught on, and like many other better idea planes this one faded soon after it was introduced.  From what I have read he was only in business selling this plane for approximately 5 years or so. A fellow named Laflin was his partner, and the actual manufacturer.

 The most memorable aspect about these planes is their graphic look. The sides are cast with vertical ribs.  Both for strength, and an appealing look.  The sole is corrugated with waves and has a great look to it.  This plane measures 15" long. The cutter is marked Buck which is proper. There is a small chip on the backside of the throat. The adjuster is operational.  There are no other casting cracks or other damage. The handle and knob are original and very nice. There is no rust or pitting to speak of just a bit of shelf dust.  Most of these planes are found with no finish, or japanned black.  This one as can be seen is red. I believe it is original. The cutter is marked Buck which is proper.  There are remains of the paper label near the tail.  The label was the only place these planes were marked, and it is usually gone.

Good +  . . . . .$1295.00      SOLD!!

Boston Metallic Plow / Fillister PlaneMetallic Plane Co of Auburn NY Fillister Plane  As nice as they come.  Lots of original japanning with no chips, cracks, or other damage.  All parts are present and original.  The oftentimes missing fillister bed is present, undamaged and nice.  The rosewood handle is very nice.  The stamp on the cutter is the only marking, and says Excelsior and the company name and location.  It has a rack type adjuster on the back of it.  This is a well known and documented plane that was patented by a fellow named Storkes.  They made line of well received bench planes that were popular in that region back in the last quarter of the 19th century. There is a complete write-up and more details in Roger Smiths PATAMPIA books.   Very Nice!!

Good +  . . . . .$1795.00  SOLD!!

Edwin Hahn #5 Jack PlaneSiegley / Edwin Hahn #5 Jack Plane  This is the early version without a lateral adjuster.  The cutter has a mark on the top that is hard to make out.  The cap is marked with the size #5.  It is a nice condition plane and the wood is good.   Nice!!

Good +  . . . . .$95.00      SOLD!

Standard Rule & Level Co. Smooth PlaneStandard Rule & Level Co. #3 Size Smooth Plane   The condition of this unusual small smooth plane is exceptional.  The Rosewood hand is perfect has the most wonderful form.  The cutter is proper and clearly marked.  No cracks breaks, chips, rust, pitting or other damage. 

The patent for this plane was granted October 30th 1883.  The company was headquartered in Unionville CT.  They had been in business since the 1870's making just rules, but added a line of both metal and wood bodied planes based on a Solon Rust patent.  The company was not around for long, and later joined with Upson Nut Co which dropped this line or design of planes and offered a product more similar to Stanley's line of planes.  Very Nice!!

Fine  . . . . . . .$695.00         SOLD!

Marsh M2 C Corrugated #2 Size Smooth PlaneMarsh M2 C Corrugated #2 Size Smooth Plane  The Marsh #M2 was made by the H. C. Marsh Co. of Rockford ILL.  It is an odd design with a very strange frog.  It is also one of the few #2 size planes that is set up with an external frog adjusting screw.  The pin holding the cap lever looks to be a replacement, and so the lever may be, but it looks right to me.     A nice plane, and a hard one to find.

Good+ . . . . .$395.00  SOLD!!

Steer's Patent #4 Size Smooth PlaneSteer's Patent #4 Size Smooth Plane  These unusual planes came in two different versions with this being the earlier version.  The unusual feature is the Rosewood strips let into the sole.    They were patented and offered for sale by C. E. Jennings.  Roger Smith says that the Brattleboro tool Co,. manufac5tered them for Jennings under contract.

This one looks OK noting replaced screws in the frog, and general wear to the sole strips.  .  The cutter is unmarked which I believe is correct.  The collector also put a coat of his protective lacquer on it.   Different!!

Good  . . . . . .$175.00      SOLD!

Union Tool Co. # X-8 Jointer PlaneUnion Tool Co. # X-8 Jointer Plane  The Union Tool Co. competed with Stanley as best they could until they were bought out by them in the 20's.  They made a line of planes very similar to the standard Stanley line and also produced this line known as the X series with a vertical post adjuster.  This design did away with an adjustable frog, and the blade was adjusted by the lever and brass nuts on the post behind the frog.   The condition is like new and these are a popular collectible and pretty hard to find.   Different and very nice!

Fine . . . . . .$145.00       SOLD!!

Worrall Patent Transitional Jack PlaneWorrall Patent 15 1/2" Transitional Jack Plane   Thomas Worrall was granted his first patent for a plane in 1854.  Worrall formed and operated 2 different tool and plane making concerns, the Lowell Plane & Tool Co. and The Multiform Moulding Plane Co of Boston Mass.  According to Roger Smith he closed up shop sometime in 1858.  He was granted at least 5 other plane related patents in that short period.

This example is marked on the nose of the plane and the cutter is marked as well.  It has a great look to it and is a nice example of one of the earliest American Patented planes that can be found.  Nice!!

Good  . . . . . . . $295.00       SOLD!!

#6 Chaplin Jack Plane#6 Chaplin Jack Plane   Complete and nice!!!  This jack plane is roughly the size of a Stanley 5 1/4 Junior Jack.  It is very unusual size that is not typically seen.  The cutter is unmarked, but looks right.  The rest is nice.

Good + . . . . . . . $150.00     SOLD!!

Chaplin Transitional Smooth PlaneChaplin Transitional Smooth Plane   Sold by Tower & Lyon.  Used but not abused.  It is 8" long and one of the smaller sizes made.  Complete and nice!!

Good  . . . . . . . $50.00     SOLD!!

Unusual #112 Like Scraper Plane    The origin and provenance of this plane are a mystery.  It appears to be unmarked, and I can not find anything on the cutter either.  The body is nicely cast, and the brass adjusting screws have a very fine and nicely done diagonal knurling.  The wooden handle and knob are damage free, nicely done and of an undetermined wood.  The cutter is 2" wide, and the plane body is 2.5 inches wide, by just under 11" long.  Whether it is a patternmakers one of a kind design, or a prototype by an aspiring plane manufacturer we will never know, but it is a very interesting piece, and will be a welcome addition to the advanced collection, if you are not going by numbers.

Good + . . . . . $ 195.00  SOLD

Palmer Storkes Patented Metallic Plane   This unusual patented plane is in nice condition with only some minor wear here and there as evidence that it was used.  It is 15" long.  The sole is corrugated and looks good.  The throat has two small nicks.  The cutter is marked Buck Brothers and is 7" long with 2" to the slot.  The adjuster feature works.   There is light pitting on the sides and sole, but nothing major.  It is a nice example overall.

Good + . . . . . $195.00       SOLD

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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectibles we have sold.
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