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This is just a sample of the many antique tools & planes we have sold.
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Prices seen span a long time and may not reflect current values.  Some are selling for more, many now sell for less.
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Rodier's Patent Jack Plane Rodier Patent Jack Plane Louis Rodier was issued a couple different patents for the design of his line of patented planes.  The first in 1879, and another in 1885.  This jack plane size incorporates the leaf spring frog adjustment and star wheel adjuster from his earlier patent.  From what I have read he was only in business selling this plane for approximately 5 years or so and was in business with a fellow named Laflin. 

This plane is in good condition and measures 15".  The cutter is marked Buck which is proper.  The handle and knob are very nice. There is no rust or pitting to speak of and it is just a bit dirty  It will clean up to be fine.  The throat is perfect and there are no casting cracks or other damage.  The adjuster is operational as well..

Good + . . . . .$750.00   SOLD

Rodier Patent Smooth PlaneRodier Patent Smooth Plane One size smaller, and one step nicer!

This plane is in very good condition and measures 9".  The cutter is marked Buck which is proper.  The handle and knob are very nice. The throat is perfect and there are no casting cracks or other damage.  The adjuster is operational as well..

Good + . . . . .$1250.00       SOLD

Kinney Patent Slitter Plane This unusual looking plane was patented in Canada in 1880.   Roger Smith had an unmarked one in his first book, and was able to positively identify it in his second book.  An interesting design with a crimper like wheel set in the tail to rip the material to proper width.  Different.

Good + . . . . .$1250.00       SOLD

Millers Falls #209 Smooth PlaneMillers Falls #209 Smooth Plane The designers at MF were way ahead of their time design wise offering novel designs trying to steal some of the market share from Stanley. One idea was their Buck Rogers line of planes and tools and this premium upclass model plane that they finished in Chrome w/ Lucite handles.  They did not make many, and few survived in this condition.   Different.

Good + . . . . .$495.00       SOLD

Morris Patent Plane2 Morris Patent Planes The patent for this unusual plane was issued to Ellis H. Morris in 1870.  They are rare and hard to find planes which were offered in three sizes.  These planes were manufactured by the Sandusky Tool Co during the 1870's.

The shorter plane is 16"  long and marked in front of the cutter in the base of the body with the patent date and other info.  The handle looks proper, but is attached with very new looking screws.  The horn has been repaired on both planes handles.  The wedges on both planes are made of a light colored hardwood, and look proper but may be replacements.  The shorter plane was purchased in the early 80's from Dave Paling, the well known California antique tool dealer who recently passed away.  It has been sitting in a private collection since that time.  Rare and unusual, and very presentable in its present state. 

The longer jointer plane pictured is 21" long and the largest of the 3 sizes made.  It is marked in front of the cutter in the base of the body with the patent date as well.  It has no reportable damage other than the repaired tote and is in very nice original condition.

Left . . . . Good + . . . . .$895.00       SOLD

Right . . . .Good + . . . . .$1250.00      SOLD

Davis Level & Tool Jointer PlaneDavis Level & Tool Co. Jointer Plane The Davis Tool and Level Co. were in the plane making business for a relatively short period of time.  The earlier designs were slightly different from this one and so this is a later model.  They only made bench size planes for a period of about 12 years, and their planes featured a lateral adjustment that Stanley did not introduce on their line for a few more years.   Overall this plane is in nice condition but has seen use.  It is 22 1/2 inches long.  There is about 70% of the original japanning left, and the wood looks good but might not be original. The top of the tote has a repair as well.  The screw holding the cap to the cutter is a replacement and the cutter is pitted such that it is very hard to read the mark, which looks to be D. R. Barton in the circle trademark.      

The sticker on this plane indicates I sold this to the collector in the early 90's along with a pile of new tools. This fellow started his collecting back in the late 60's but did not start concentrating on woodworking tools and planes until a few years later.  He was pretty prolific in his early days, but not real focused until the 80's.  I still fondly remember the first day I met him when he walked by with a plane I had sold earlier that day and he told me it was the best and most expensive plane he had ever bought. I had paid $80.00 and sold it for 125.00.  He paid nearly 800.  I never made that mistake again, and he and I had a great relationship for the next 10-15 years.

Good + . . . . .$595.00       SOLD

X 3 C Smooth PlaneUnion X 3 C Smooth Plane   This is a nice looking plane with good wood and a nice sole.

Good + . . . . .$95.00        SOLD

X #4 3/8 Smooth PlaneUnion X #4 3/8 Smooth Plane    This was the Union Tool Co. contribution to the rare and unusual plane / cutter adjusting idea in an attempt to corner some of the plane sales market Stanley was gathering up.  The patent for this idea was issued in 1903 and consists of a vertical post w/ 2 locking nuts to adjust the cutters depth of cut. These planes were offered in sizes from the #0 (#1) through the #8 size, with the smallest, largest, and odd-ball #'s being the hardest to find. 

This # 4 3/8 is closest in size to a Stanley # 4 1/2, the oversize smooth plane Stanley offered.   This oversize smooth plane is in very nice original condition with 90% of the original paint or more remaining.  There is ever so light pitting on the sides and it was cleaned years ago. The cap iron is marked 4 3/8ths.  There is patent info in the base.  The Rosewood handle had green paint on it which I removed.  I am not sure if it is original to the plane or not.  A very nice, and hard to find plane.

Good + . . . . .$495.00        SOLD

Ohio 04 Smooth PlaneOhio 04 Smooth Plane  Look close at the rear of the frog on this plane.  This plane has a frog adjuster that Ohio tried to introduce to their line just after the turn of the century.  My understanding is that Stanley immediately sued and won even though this style adjuster is a bit different design from Stanley's.   The tabs are actually cast as part of the base, kind of like Sargent Shaw's patent planes.  In any case, it is a pretty rare variation not seen very often.  Note that there is a small chip out of the side rail on the front.  It also has the wrong cutter in it.   Nice.

Good    . . . . . .$95.00        SOLD!!

Marshall Wells / Zenith Z - 2 Smooth PlaneMarsh M-2 Smooth Plane  This is a very nice example.  The cutter is marked H.C. Marsh Rockford ILL.  It is also stamped with the width of the cutter.  It is unclear who made this plane for them as it is set up completely different from the Marshall Wells #2 by Sargent above.  This Marsh 2 is one of just a few planes this size that had an adjustable frog with a screw behind the frog .  For example, Stanley # 2 planes did not have the feature, but Bedrocks did.  Most other planes this size did not as well.  This plane has a very unusual frog design that is unlike most other planes.  Note how high the face of the frog is, and how high the lever cap sits.  Also on every one I have ever seen the frog adjuster loop on the frog has had to be bent in order to properly set the planes frog in the right position.  Minor flaws inherent in the design.  A rare and unusual plane.

Good + . . . . .$295.00       SOLD!

Bronze #112 Type PlaneOversize Bronze #112 Type Scraper Plane   This is a patternmaker made scraper plane fashioned after a Stanley #112 scraper.  It is just about 10" long and much heavier than the Stanley 112 which measures under 8".  It has a thin Disston scraper blade installed, and other than that it is unmarked.  For the collector who wants a one of a kind, or a user who thinks the 112 is too small and too light.  Ready for the shelf or use.  Different.

Good +. . . . . .$195.00      SOLD!!

Chaplin Patent # 3 Size Smooth PlaneChaplin Patent # 3 Size Smooth Plane  The maker of these planes was Iver Johnson, a gun maker looking for something to do after the Civil War.  The seller was Tower & Lyon. The patentee was O. R. Chaplin.  There is a website by Peter McBride that covers all the different models and types.  It is an interesting read.

This small smooth plane is in nice overall condition noting an issue w/ the front knob and the locking feature for the adjustable movable front.   Proper marked good cutter. Nice throat.  The nickeled iron handle is nice.  All adjustments work.   Ready for the collection.

Good  . . . . . $ 195.00         SOLD!!

Davis Level & Tool Co. Smooth PlaneDavis Level & Tool Co. Smooth Plane  This unusual bench plane is in overall nice condition. It has one very small chip at the back of the throat. Davis Level & Tool ventured into the plane making business in the mid 1870's and stopped by 1892 according to Roger Smiths book.  This example has a beautiful Rosewood handle w/ full horn.  It has a nice long Gladwin Tool Co. cutter in it.  The chip breaker looks proper w/ its beveled edges.  Examples in Smiths book have either unmarked cutters, or Moulson cutters.    A good looking patented plane.   Different,  Nice & Interesting!!

Good + . . . . .  $600.00     SOLD!!

19th C. Low Angle Iron Smooth Plane19th C. Low Angle Knowles Type Iron Smooth Plane  This unusual 19th c. iron plane is unmarked as to maker or any patent info.   It is an early iron smooth plane in the style of a Knowles patent which are pretty much unheard of.  There are no ID marks on the cutter either.  It is pretty well done with the way the cutter support is formed as part of the casting.  The ribs the designer incorporated into the body to help hold the handle and knob are a nice feature as well.  It is a bit odd he did not use machine screws or bolts to hold those in place but rather made them permanent with peened pins.  The cutter wedge is very crudely done. 

The overall condition is very nice.

Good . . . . . $395.00     SOLD!!

Steer's Patent # 304 Smooth PlaneSteer's Patent # 304 (4 Size) Smooth Plane  Steers planes with their distinctive Rosewood strips let into the soles were meant to appeal to those carpenters and woodworkers who were not quite ready to let go of the idea of wood sole planes.  It is a nice idea and was well received. This example is in nice condition noting a replaced Rosewood tote.  The cutter is marked, and there is little rust or pitting.  One chip of Rosewood missing from the sole.    A nice plane.  Different!!

Good + . . . . . . $195.00      SOLD!!

Standard Rule Co. No. 30 Transitional PlaneStandard Rule Co. No. 30 Transitional Plane   The Standard Rule Co. was in business from the 1870's making rules level squares etc..  In 1883 they added a line of planes.  They used patents issued to Solon Rust.  By 1888 they sold out to or reformed to become the Upson Nut Co, who in turn were bought out by Stanley in the 1890's.   Plane making was a tough business to be in around this time.   The different company histories are pretty well laid out in Roger Smiths PTAMPIA book a must have for any plane / tool collector.

This is a pretty nice looking plane. It has the properly marked nice long cutter, the body is pretty nice, the handle and knob are nice. The stamp on the toe is readable.   These do not turn up very often any more.  

Good +   . . . . . . . $295.00       SOLD!!

Worrall Patent Multiform Molding PlaneWorrall Patent Multiform Molding Plane  This is a slightly later example of one of the different Worrall Patent Multiform MoldingWorrall Patent Multiform Plane Planes that can be found.   It is not marked with the Charlestown location as the one offered just above is. 

What we have here is ONE Rosewood body, and ONE sole, which is a bead.  The bottom portion is locked to the body by means of tightening the 2 thumbscrews seen.  Different, early and nice!!

Good . . . . . . . $175.00      SOLD!!

Worrall Patent Multiform Molding PlaneWorrall Patent Multiform Molding Plane  This is one of the earliest examples of the different style Worrall Patent Multiform Molding Planes that can be found. Tomas Worrall entered the tool & plane making market in the 1850's.  He is said to have been the first maker of transitional planes because of the style of some of his planes.  He was first granted a patent for this basic idea, a plane w/ interchangeable profiles and removable handle on August 29 1854 and these planes are marked with that info on the nose.   His earliest planes are also marked with the factory location of Charlestown Mass as this one is.

What we have here is ONE Rosewood body, and ONE sole, which is a bead.   The bottom bead is made of Beech.  The bottom portion has two machined slots cut into it, and is locked to the body by means of tightening the 2 thumbscrews seen.  The upper rosewood body has some tight age cracks but nothing serious and they are stable. There is one short piece of boxing missing from the tail of the bottom.  Different, early and nice!!

Good + . . . . . . . $195.00      SOLD!!

Zenith / Marshall Wells # 8 Size Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane by SargentZenith / Marshall Wells # 8 Size Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane by Sargent   Used but not abused.  Good cutter. The sidewall etches are not visible if they were ever there.   Other than the handle it is in nice lightly cleaned condition.  It will make for a good user. 

Good  . . . . . . $75.00       SOLD!!

Union Tool Co. X-8 Jointer PlaneUnion Tool Co. X-8 C Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane  Union Tool Co was another CT based tool maker who went up against Stanley trying to compete with the king.  They offered a line similar to Stanley's along with a few different ideas in an attempt to get some market share.   They were around for a while but in the end were bought out by Stanley.  Their line of vertical post X planes was one of those attempts.  They are interesting, but not one of the greatest designs compared to say Stanley's Bed Rock line.  Not rare, except for the # 1 size they made, but not common either.

This example is in overall nice condition noting the top of the handle has gone missing. Nice.

Good + . . . . . . $ 95.00        SOLD!!

1854 Worrall Patent Multiform Molding Plane1854 Worrall Patent Multiform Molding Plane  Thomas Worrall emigrated from England to the USA in 1853.  He was first a Pastor in NJ.  He moved to Mass and entered the tool making business in about 1855.  Roger Smiths book on Patented American Planes gives a long and detailed history of his endeavors and discusses the several different patents that were granted to him.  Smith states that the company ceased operations in 1858 meaning that the company was in business for just a few short years. 

Thomas Worrall was granted his first patent on August 29 1854 and that is the patent info found on most of his planes, even if they used his later patented improvements.  Worrall also sold the rights to use his ideas to other plane making companies.  That is what we have here with the large molder body being marked Copeland in addition to Worrall's patent info. The maple handle is removable and fits the large plane body shown nicely.  The tail of it is marked 1 1/4 & 2 1/2.  Wide and complex profile molders are not commonly found.

The two beads are marked 1/2 & 3/4 on the tail with no other info on them. The 3/4 bead is missing a piece of boxing. The two beads are basically being included for free.  The handle does not fit properly or is a very tight fit on them and probably not original to the bead bodies.   The lions share of value is being assigned to the handle and extra wide and nice Copeland body.  Different, early and nice!! 

Good + . . . . . . . $250.00 / Lot           SOLD!!

Taber 1865 Patent Transitional Smooth  Plane w/ Metal Lever Cap / Blade HoldeTaber 1865 Patent Transitional Smooth Plane w/ Cast Iron Lever Cap / Blade Holder   Complete and nice!!!  This unusual and rare patented transitional smooth plane is marked on the nose with the February 28 1865 date.  It was made by the Taber Plane Co of New Bedford Mass.  The cutter is marked Baldwin.  There are brief write-ups about this outfit and the inventor Wing Taber in Roger Smiths books.

The two most interesting features this plane exhibits are the metal lever cap and the cast iron support piece behind the cutter to add support there.  They were not produced for long and the Taber plane Co. was short lived.  Smith points out several deficiencies in the design and mentions competition from Stanley as the reasons.   Different!!

Good + . . . . . . . $295.00      SOLD!!

Worrall Patent Transitional Smooth PlaneWorrall Patent Transitional Smooth Plane   Thomas Worrall was granted his first patent for a plane in 1854.  Worrall formed and operated 2 different tool and plane making concerns, the Lowell Plane & Tool Co. and The Multiform Moulding Plane Co of Boston Mass.  According to Roger Smith he closed up shop sometime in 1858.  He was granted at least 4 other plane patents in that short period.

Smith devotes approx. 8 pages to Worrall in his Vol. I   PTAMPIA book.  While he illustrates numerous examples, and describes this style with a bolt through the body type adjuster, this exact style plane, an unhandled smooth was not shown.  Nor could I find other examples using Google searches.  I am not sure if the way the cast iron top is cast if it could have a handle like many of his other planes are designed to accept.   The toe of this 7" long plane is marked with the patent info, and the cutter is marked Multiform Plane Co.  The sole has a radius from side to side, probably an after market modification.    Different!!

Good  . . . . . . . $250.00     SOLD!

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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectibles we have sold.
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