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Crosscut & Rip Hand Saws
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Past Sales Archive

This is just a sample of the many antique tools & saws we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below:
Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.
Prices seen are relatively recent or pieces that have held their value and reflect what I believe to be current values.
On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.  The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

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J. Flint Rochester NY Two Man / Two Handle SawJ. Flint Rochester NY Two Man / Two Handle Saw   Here is an odd ball 19th century saw.  J. Flint is  well known saw maker who first set up in Rochester NY and later moved his business into Canada.  He is most famous for his near unique patented hand saw handle design that has two handles on the same end to allow the user to better use both hands when rip cutting lumber. 

There are plenty of references to him and his business to be found online, especially concerning that patented 2 handle saw handle. He is also well known for his line of well made backsaws and articles about them have appeared in the Gristmill.  Despite that I could find no info about, or references to, a saw like this. I could also not find a copy of any catalogs although I did see reference to ones.  Disston put out a similar saw which is pictured in their 1876 catalog. (see last pic)

The overall condition is very nice.  The horns on the distinctive handles are good, and the teeth are all good. The blade is not pitted or rusty.  The stamp is clear, and placed right in the middle of the saw blade.    Different!!

 Good +. . . . . . . $375.00     SOLD!!

Atkins #72 Ship Point SawAtkins #72 Ship Point Saw  Clear / strong etch..  26" 9 pt. Straight.  Nice Fruitwood handle. Minor Stains but no rust or pitting.  This one looks to have never been used either.  Nice.  

Fine +. . . . .SOLD!!

Geo. Bishop & Co. # 8   26 Inch 7 pt. SawGeo. Bishop & Co. # 8 26 Inch 7 pt. Saw   A nice looking saw. Readable etch.  The handle is nice noting small horn chip.  Straight.  Will clean to be nicer. 

Good +  . . . . .  $40.00          SOLD!!

S. H. Co. 999 Fast Mail 6Pt. Rip SawSimmons Hardware / S. H. Co. 26" 6 Pt. Saw 999 Fast Mail Handsaw w/ Train Etch An unusual saw by Simmons Hardware of St Louis who are most famous for their line of Keen Kutter tools and hardware. Visible etch of train locomotive with additional info including Cast Steel Warranted & Patent Temper / Patent Ground. It is a 6pt. It is sharp and straight with an ever so slight wave / bump for about 2" long along the length. The handle is OK. An interesting saw.

Good  . . . . . . 50.00           SOLD!!

Atkins 26 #60 8pt Crosscut SawAtkins 26" 8 pt. Crosscut Saw   A nice looking saw.  The blade etch is viewable but very weak.  I think it says 60, but might be 64, or?  Super carved handle.   Straight.

Good + . . . . .  $30.00     SOLD!!

Atkins Improved Universal # 93 26 8pt Crosscut SawAtkins Improved Universal # 93 26" 8 pt Crosscut Saw   A nice looking saw with an odd tooth pattern.  Super carved handle.  Straight.  Similar to a Disston Double Duty, in a way, or not, or so I have read.  The blade etch is viewable. I read about their cutting characteristics, not great, and this lives up to them, or it needs to be sharpened properly. A nice collectible saw!!

Good + . . . . .  $40.00     SOLD!!

Simonds 26 Inch 7 pt. SawSimonds 26 Inch 7 pt. Saw   A nice looking clean saw. Readable etch except for the actual model #.  The handle is nice noting an ever so slight wave near the end.  Straight. 

Good +  . . . . .  $35.00     SOLD!!

Richardson's New Timber SawRichardson's "New Timber Saw"  Clear / strong double etch..  28" 8 pt. Straight with wave. The top of the handle has minor chip.  A rare saw with the heat reducing factory cutout.  

Good +. . . . .SOLD!!

#24 Wheeler, Madden & Clemson Crosscut Saw w/ June 3 1879 Holden Patent Handle#24 Wheeler, Madden & Clemson Crosscut Saw w/ June 3 1879 Holden Patent Handle   Weak etch.  28"  Straight.  Nice handle.   A nice saw. 

Good + . . . . . $65.00     SOLD!!

Geo. H. Bishop & Co #23CS 26 5 1/2 Pt Rip SawGeo. H. Bishop & Co # C23S 26" 5 1/2 Pt Rip Saw  Nice handle. Clear / strong etch..  5 1/2 pt. Straight with a slight wave. This is about as nice as one could ask for.  

Fine +. . . . SOLD!!

Winchester #10 26  5 1/2 pt Crosscut SawWinchester #10 26"  5 1/2 pt Crosscut Saw  Nice handle. Clear etch..  5 1/2 pt. Straight.   This is about as nice as I have ever seen or had. A good looking hard to find saw.   Good as the gun, or so the logo / saying goes.  

Fine. . . . .SOLD!!

Diamond Edge / Shapleigh #150 Rip SawDiamond Edge Shapleigh Rip Saw  Nice Strong etch.  5pt. Straight, sharp and ready to go  Saws in this condition are getting hard to come by.  You could not ask for much nicer condition.   Nice

Good + . . . . .$95.00         SOLD!!

Harvey W. Peace Vulcan Saw Works Brooklyn NY 26 8pt Crosscut SawHarvey W. Peace Vulcan Saw Works Brooklyn NY 26" #35 8pt Crosscut Saw  Nice handle with one small chip in horn. Etch there but weak.  8pt. Straight.   This will be a good user with a bit of reconditioning.  

Good . . . . .$60.00         SOLD!!

Atkins #65 Silver Steel Crosscut SawAtkins #65 Silver Steel Crosscut Saw    This handsaw is straight has a good etch and will look great after being cleaned up a bit.   Nice

Good + . . . . .$50.00          SOLD!!

STAR Crosscut SawSTAR Crosscut Saw  This handsaw has a bit of a bend in it, but not bad. The Star etch is clear and bold.  The handle is pretty nice.  It is a rare handsaw.   Nice

Good  . . . . . $50.00            SOLD!!

ANtique Veneer SawEarly Framed Veneer Saw  This unusual saw is nearly 5' across.  It was marked that it was for cutting veneer, but I have never seen one before so I am not sure.  Nice and different.

Good+ . . . . . . .$150.00           SOLD!

Lakeside Tool & Saw Co 24 8pt Crosscut SawLakeside Saw & Tool Co. 24" 8pt Crosscut Saw      A little known maker of a nice saw. A good strong etch.  It is straight.  Nice

Good + . . . . . $65.00         SOLD!

Groves & Sons Sheffield 9pt 26 Inch Crosscut SawGroves & Sons Sheffield 9 pt 26" Crosscut Saw    This handsaw is straight has a strong stamp / etch.  In addition to the Grove name and Sheffield location, it also says it is double refined spring steel.    Very Nice!!

Good +  . . . . .$125.00           SOLD!!

Geo. H. Bishop & Co # 7 18 8 Pt Panel SawGeo. H. Bishop & Co # 7 18" 8 Pt. Panel Saw  Nice handle. Clear etch..  8 pt. Straight. This is nice.  

Good + . . . . .$75.00        SOLD!

Marples 12 Turning / Bow SawMarples 12" Turning / Bow Saw  As above, and just as nice

Good + . . . . . .$65.00         SOLD!    

Gibbs Jointer Saw SetGibbs Jointer  The Gibbs jointer is the tool of choice for jointing 2 man crosscuts properly when sharpening them. This example is straight, damage free, and shows almost no signs of use.

Fine  . . . . $195.00             SOLD!

Gibbs JointerW. E. Gibbs Jointer / Saw Sharpening Tool   Nice overall condition noting the fragile paint that is beginning to peel off.  That remaining paint is a testament to how little use this saw. (get the pun there)  It is an earlier model with just one patent date from 1914 and Patent Pending.  Later models have a second patent from 1917.   I have read that the earlier ones are better made.  A few minor spots of pitting on the swivel arms.  Unusual & Nice!!    Ready to go back to work. 

Good + . . . . . $245.00        SOLD!!

Anderson Saw Sharpening Rakers & MicrometerAnderson Saw Sharpening Rakers & Micrometer  Clean & Nice!!  Two of the rakers are the same, the third one has 2 adjustment screws on top.  Not sure what the micrometer does or refers to.  The swedge is in a box, but it might not be the right one.  The paper work indicates it is one #, the box another.  You decide. All are NOS with just light storage rust that will clean. 

Fine  . . . . . $395.00  / Lot         SOLD!!

Wilson Patent Saw FilerWilson Patent Saw Filer  This unusual saw filing guide was made by  “The Globe Mfg. Co. Painesville Ohio U.S.A”.  The wooden block is marked “WILSON FILER” The patent dates read PATD.NOV.14.93, and  PATD.JAN.12.1897. The angle references are clear on the other end.   The base measures 9-3/4” long, and the sliding arm measures 11” long.  A nice example of a hard to find hand saw sharpening tool.

Good + . . . . . . $45.00       SOLD!!

2 Man Cross Cut Saws3 different 2 Man Cross Cut Saws  The largest one is an 8' saw.  It is NOS.  The others are just under 6'.  I cleaned the light rust that was on these saws.  I used a nylon brush on a power sander.  All three saws came from a closed hardware store and had minor storage rust issues.  I think you can see in the pics that they have not been sharpened or used at all.  You can just make out etches on 2 of them.  The 8' one says Precision Ground.   Also included is the pair of Disston handles which are also new / NOS.

Good + . . . . .$350.00       SOLD!

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This is just a sample of the many antique & collectible tools we have sold.
Click link to see other Sales Archive Pages on this Site.

We Buy Quality Antique Tools
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