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This is just a sample of the many antique levels & tools we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below:
Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.
Prices seen span a long time and may not reflect current values.  Some are selling for more, many now sell for less.
On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.  The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

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Stratton Brothers #10 10 Rosewood Brass Bound Plumb & LevelStratton Brothers 10" Rosewood Brass Bound Plumb & Level    Both vials are good. It has the 1870 patent date and name on the top plate.   Nice!! 

Good + . . . . . $150.00      SOLD!!

Disston & Morss No. 17 Inclinometer / Plumb & LevelDisston & Morss No. 17 26" Inclinometer / Plumb & Level   I could find scant info on this unusual inclinometer level online.   Very nice original condition.   

Good + . . . . . . 225.00            SOLD!!

L. L. Davis Mahogany LevelL. L. Davis 20" Mahogany Level  Info on top plate.  March 7 1867 Patent Date.  Early mark. This is about as nice as they come. 

Good + . . . . . . $75.00        SOLD!!

Davis No. 10 28 Inch 1867 Patent Wooden Level28" Davis No. 10  1867 Patent Mahogany Level  Simply marked Davis with the 1867 patent date.  I do not see a model # but I believe No. 10 is right.  This mahogany level & plumb is in nice original condition.  Looks good.  

Good +  . . . . . 45.00       SOLD!!

Davis & Cook Mahogany Level Davis & Cook 24" Wooden Level  Based on Cooks Level Patent from 1886.  Davis & Cook operated out of Watertown NY.   This wooden, cherry or mahogany, plumb & level is in nice original condition.  Looks great.  

Fine  . . . . . 25.00      SOLD!!

Adjustable Plumb & LevelWeaver’s Patent Adjustable Plumb & Level   Patented Oct. 27, 1908 by John D. Weaver of Naples, IL.  It is unmarked and installed in a thin piece of stained wood. Very nice original condition.   

Fine . . . . . . 75.00       SOLD!!

W. H. Hill - A. V. Shorts 1905 Patent Wooden Level W. H. Hill - A. V. Shorts 1905 Patent Wooden Level  This unusual level is 26" long.  It is stamped with both the patent holders name and date, A. V. Shorts, as well as W. H. Hill the makers name.

It has 4 vials housed in a nickel plated housing where the vials can rotate by turning the worm drive thumbscrew under the lift up door on the right.

This seems to be a manufactured version with the cutouts in the wood stock.  They are most often found as a stand alone level and the buyer was supposed to fit it to a piece of wood stock of his choice.  Looks pretty good.. 

Good +  . . . . . 45.00       SOLD!!

Helb Patent American Combined Level & Grade Finder / InclinometerHelb Patent American Combined Level & Grade Finder / Inclinometer  The classic Helb Patent Level / Inclinometer in very nice original condition. Helb packed a lot of features into his unusual patented tool.  It has a sighting tube and compass in addition to the standard level vials and inclinometer feature  Maker info and more on the brass plate.  Charts on the dial face.  All nice!!

Fine  . . . . . 295.00

Goodell Pratt Brass Bound LevelGoodell Pratt Brass Bound 20" Level  Info on the top plate.   This is nice, and will be much nicer w/ a light clean and oil or wax.  They turned out a quality product.  These do not turn up all that often. 

Good + . . . . . . $60.00     SOLD!!

Disston 18 Inch Brass Bound Mahogany LevelDisston 18" Brass Bound Mahogany Level  Very nice!! 

Good + . . . . . $60.00        SOLD!!

Antique Davis & Cook 12 Inch Wooden LevelDavis & Cook 12" Wooden Level  Based on Cooks Level Patent from 1886.   This cherry or mahogany level is in nice original condition and looks great.  At just 12" it is a very unusual size that rarely turns up.  Good vials, and minor finish losses.

Good +  . . . . . 35.00         SOLD!!

Stanley # 49 Iron Framed Walnut LevelStanley # 49 Iron Framed 18" Walnut Level  No damage.  Pretty nice.  These iron framed Walnut infill Stanley levels do not turn up very often.    

Good + . . . . . 195.00         SOLD!!

Huber Manufacturing  Co. of Marion Ohio Wooden LevelHuber Manufacturing Co. of Marion Ohio Wooden Level   Huber Manufacturing Co. of Marion Ohio is best known for their lines of Farm Engines and Threshers and the top plate of this small, I assume give-away advertising level, is marked with that info.  Kind of neat and unusual.   It dates from around the turn of the century or a bit later.  Different & Nice!!

Good . . . . . $24.00     SOLD!!

Mystery STANLEY Railroad Track  LevelMystery STANLEY Railroad Track Level   This is a great looking Walnut track level that was obviously a manufactured piece.  By who is the question.  I have seen or had other track levels that used parts obtained from known level makers, but this one is a bit different.  It is very similar to those marked Verona Tool Works.

The adjustable rule at one end makes one think typical track level / grade finder for railroad track.  The other end has several different reference points, for different size or style tracks? Not sure why. The parts are made of nickel plated cast brass.  The top plate is marked Stanley with a faint sweetheart logo.  There is also a patent date of 11 - 11 - 24 on the plate which covers adjustable vial found below the plate.  The patent was granted to a Harris J. Cook who held several other tool related patents which were all assigned to Stanley Works. The patent is illustrated and discussed at the site   The info found there states there are no known examples or that the idea is not known to have been produced.  It looks vaguely familiar to me, but I did not find other examples when looking about.

Good + . . . . . $75.00      SOLD!!

Stanley Sweetheart Era # 98 12 Brass Bound Rosewood LevelStanley Sweetheart Era # 98 12" Brass Bound Rosewood Level  This is a great looking brass bound Rosewood level. It has been cleaned and coated with the collectors trademark coating of clear lacquer.  It did not need it, but he did it anyway. 

Good + . . . . . $195.00      SOLD!!

Stratton Brothers 8 Rosewood Plumb & LevelStratton Brothers #10 8" Rosewood Brass Bound Plumb & Level  The top bubble looks to have been replaced.  It has not been refinished or otherwise fiddled with.  Nice!! 

Good + . . . . . $150.00     SOLD!!

Stratton Brothers #1 Brass Bound 26 Mahogany LevelStratton Brothers #1 Brass Bound 26" Mahogany Level   Nice overall condition. Typical & normal tool box dings. 

Good +  . . . . . . $55.00     SOLD!!

Railroad Inclinometer Level2 Railroad Track Inclinometer Levels  This style level was used to lay and maintain railroad track.  They are approx. 60" long and designed to lay across the track as they were being laid or repaired.

Both levels hail from Shelbyville IL but from different companies.  The lighter color and better condition one in front  has a tag that indicates it was made by Oliver. This is the same Oliver that made tractors and other farm equipment.  The one in the back has a tag that says Tallman Manufacturing Co.  A little Google research turned up the fact that Oliver bought out Tallman so there is a connection.  Both operate on the same principle with an adjustable arm to determine pitch on one end. 

Front /  Oliver Fine . . . . . $125.00     SOLD!!

Back / Tallman  Good . . . . . $75.00     SOLD!!

Akron Spirit Level Co Eclipse LevelAkron Spirit Level Co 12" Eclipse Level   You see larger versions of this make level all the time. It is clearly stamped Baker McMillen Co. Akron, Ohio, Pat. Pend on the top.  This style / make level was granted a patent on 12/20/04.  We can assume it dates from before that.  The body has a stamp that says 06, or 90   I have never had or seen one this small, or this nice.  Unusual & Nice!! 

Fine . . . . . $95.00   SOLD!!

26 Inch Mahogany Adjustable Plumb & Level26" Mahogany Adjustable Plumb & Level  This unusual level is unmarked as to maker.  It has very distinctive vial covers on the adjustable plumb and level ports.  They are an unusual diamond hatch design with beaded edge!  The overall condition is good.

Good . . . . . $165.00     SOLD!!

#10 Stratton Brothers 6" Brass Bound Rosewood Level6" Stratton Brothers #10 Brass Bound Rosewood Level  This is one of the hardest to find of all the levels that Stratton Brothers put out.  The bubbles are good and appear to be original.  With a simple refinishing this level could be made to look like a million dollars, or leave it as is with its   dents and dings, it will still display very nicely!

Good . . . . .$495.00           SOLD

Stratton Brothers #10 12" Brass Bound Rosewood LevelStratton Brothers #10 12" Brass Bound Rosewood Level  This is a super nice 12"  level that Stratton Brothers put out.  The bubbles are good and appear to be original.   

Good . . . . .$195.00         SOLD

Disston 12" Brass Bound Mahogany LevelDisston 12" Brass Bound Mahogany Level This is a very unusual size and configuration level by a company much better known for their saws and other cutting tools than the marketing and manufacture of levels.  It is in overall great condition, and if a fellow knew how to rehab the lacquer finish without calling it refinished this would be a real gem, as that is where the majority of wear is , just in the finish.  The edges and the details in the handy flutes are still crisp and nearly wear free.  It is very nice right now, just the way it is, or if your good at this sort of thing, it could become a real standout for the collection.

Good . . . . .$125.00       SOLD

Chapin Stevens / Tower Lyon Level w/ Wood Patent Pop - Up SightsChapin Stevens / Tower Lyon Level w/ Wood Patent Pop - Up Sights  Some of the info on the top plate is hard to make out.  There is the 1887 Wood's patent for the sights, but there is another patent date above that from 1870.  Used but OK.  These do not turn up all that often. 

Good + . . . . . . $75.00    SOLD!!

Stephens & Co. # 36 Architects Inclinometer Rule w/ BevelStephens & Co. # 36 Architects Inclinometer Rule w/ Bevel This unusual rule predates Stephens involvement with Chapin.  The blade doubles as a square or bevel, and with the level in the top leg one can figure things like grades or roof lines and the like.  The overall condition is nice!!

Good + . . . . . $145.00     SOLD!!

Chapin Stevens #036 Rule Level Bevel Architects Combination Rule / ToolChapin Stevens #036 Rule Level Bevel Architects Combination Rule / Tool This rule was designed to perform a host of functions related to the architectural and building fields.  It is one of the most complex and graphic rules that was ever produced in America.   This example is in super condition while noting that the previous owner has carefully stamped his initials A H into one side between the 10 and 11 mark.  The level bubble is good and the steel bevel arm has just some minor staining.  It is in collector condition,  with tight joints,  very clean and ready to be displayed on your shelf.

Good . . . . . $225.00            SOLD

Levelette by Peerless Level & Tool Co.Levelette by Peerless Level & Tool Co.   An odd little inclinometer level that has a small ball inside the glass tube to tell you if you are on the level.  Nice!! 

Good +  . . . . . $15.00 / Choice       Both SOLD!!

5 Brass Bound Mahogany & Rosewood Levels  4 of these are Stratton Bros.  The second small frame ones is marked 11 1/2 a number I have not seen before.  The other is a #10.  The front short frame is a Disston that was likely made by Stratton.  All of these are pretty nice.  Tow of these have price tags on them indicating the collector paid me 100 each for them close to 20 years ago.  When you think about that and listen to them say there is no inflation you could believe it, but then you think it cost me 3 times the amount in fuel costs these days, and probably that much more for lunch as well, and weren't mechanic's only charging 40 / hour back then and 100 or so now. Tires for the truck were a bit over 100, and today they are close to $250.00 each.   No inflation - - - - -  only if your not playing or eating any more.  A good buy!! and at prices seen 20 years ago.

Good . . . . .$395.00    SOLD

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This is just a sample of the many antique levels & tools we have sold.
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