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This is just a sample of the many antique Wrenches & Tools we have sold.
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Bemis & Call 1866 Patent Gas / Pipe WrenchBemis & Call 1866 Patent Gas / Pipe Wrench   The patent was granted August 28 1866 to Amos Call. The number is 57621 The adjusting collar on this example is different / longer and looks to be a better design than what the patent image shows.  Nice noting one bruise on the top jaw.  Good clear stamp.  An early and unusual wrench.

Good +  . . . . .  $45.00      SOLD!!

The Grover Banjo WrenchThe Grover Banjo Wrench  An unusual adjustable Banjo wrench from the 1930s or so with a revolving head. Some tarnish that will clean, otherwise very nice, and very unusual.

Good + . . . . . $55.00        SOLD!!

Erdman & Phillips Patented May 1 1883 Combo ToolErdman & Phillips Patented May 1 1883 Combo Tool, Wrench Hammer, etc.  There are dozens, if not hundreds of variations of different multi tools from before the turn of the last century out there. One use to see them offered for sale all the time. Not so much anymore.

Erdman & Phillips of Philadelphia PA were granted the patent No. 276,793 in 1883 for this unusual version. You can find it online. It has a number of different functions including a leather punch, hammer, tack puller, wire cutter, crimper, pliers, wrench, nut cracker, vise, screwdriver, and probably more. I am not sure who the target user was, leather worker, upholstery, electrical, or anyone that wanted the best all in one tool around.  The vise makes it pretty unusual.

Good + . . . . . . $65.00      SOLD!!

Walworth Manufacturing Co. Boston Quick Adjust Pipe WrenchWalworth Manufacturing Co. Boston Quick Adjust Pipe Wrench   The name Walworth is usually associated with Stillson Patent pipe wrenches or the chain pipe wrench they offered.  I do not recall seeing this quick adjust pipe wrench before, and could find little info on it online.  It is a quick adjust, but just offhand looks like it could be prone to coming unadjusted pretty quick as well. 

Fine  . . . . . .  45.00       SOLD!!

Combo Tool Claw Hammer - Buggy Nut WrenchCombo Tool Claw Hammer - Adjustable Buggy Nut Wrench This is an odd-ball.  It has great form, and good craftsmanship, but seems more like a model or display of a craftsman's abilities than an actual tool even though it clearly shows signs of use. Perhaps it was designee for one specific application or type buggy and there was limited space to store it, hence a claw hammer without any real handle or way to grip it. I can see how one might use the hammer head as the handle when tightening the buggy nut.  There are no maker marks or names / dates.   It looks like mid 19th century or a bit earlier.  I will bet you do not have one in the collection.  Nice & Different!! 

Good +. . . . . .  $275.00        SOLD!!

Indian Motorcycle WrenchIndian Motorcycle Wrench Indian is written in script on both sides of the cast handle. Works OK.  Lower jaw is a bit beat up, but it is still Nice!!

Good  . . . . . .  $60.00    SOLD!!

Anderson Turnmore Adjustable Nut Wrench Patented 19066" Anderson Turnmore Adjustable Nut Wrench Patented 1906  This is the smallest size these came in.  There is no writing that I could see on this one, but that is what it is.  An odd idea.    

Good . . . . . .$50.00       SOLD!

Combination Fencing ToolCombination Fencing Tool w/ Hammer / Hatchet & More  This is nice!!.   

Good . . . . . .$50.00        SOLD!

Quick Adjust Nut WrenchRoyce Union Wrench  This is nice!!.   

Good . . . . . .$30.00       SOLD!

Hillary Kline Miniature Nut WrenchHillary Kline Taft Patent Miniature Nut Wrench   Hillary Kline made a different miniature of a patented American wrench every year in a very limited amounts.  They are highly sought after collectible.    

Good + . . . . . .$250.00        SOLD!!

Athol Machine Co. Rapid Transit Quick Adjust Nut WrenchAthol Machine Co. Rapid Transit Quick Adjust Nut Wrench   This is a great design quick adjust wrench.  The lite rust on the handle will clean.  Cute, quick and efficient.   

Good + . . . . . .$70.00       SOLD!

Planet Junior H4 Cutout Wrench Planet Junior H4 Cutout Wrench   Nice.  No damage, and the 8" version w/ 2 hammer heads is one of the harder to find variations.   

8"   Good . . . . . .$80.00       SOLD!

Small Pocket / Bicycle WrenchSmall Pocket / Bicycle Wrench   The name has worn off of this small bicycle wrench, but it still works as it should. 

Good  . . . . . .$30.00        SOLD!!

Millers Falls #900 Wagon Wrench / BraceMillers Falls #900 Buggy / Wagon Wrench / Brace    This Millers Falls combination buggy wrench / brace is a bit unusual.  It might also be referred to as a Rim Wrench for wagon wheel making. It needs to be cleaned, but is in pretty good condition. 

Good  . . . . . .$80.00        SOLD!

Swivel Head Crescent Style WrenchSwivel Head Crescent Style Wrench  There are a number of variations on the theme of this wrench trying to improve on one of the most popular and common forms of wrenches.  You can pro=bably find a variation on the Auto parts store counter or at Sears even today. 

Good. . . . .$70.00       SOLD!

Small Buggy or Nut WrenchUnmarked Small Buggy or Nut Wrench This wrench is in very good overall condition.  There is a little turned up edge at the straight jaw but it is very minor.  The square nut end is very nice as is the hardwood handle.  Cute, and hard to find.

Excellent. . . . .$150.00      SOLD!

Patent Appl'd Alligator WrenchPatent Appl'd Alligator Wrench  Latch it on and go.  Another one sure to tear up the work, but then that was probably not the main consideration when the fellow put this one on the market.  Increased productivity and speed were the, and watch the knuckles bleed.  It is 10" long and has some minor rust from sitting, but is otherwise pretty nice.

Excellent. . . .$120.00       SOLD!

Adjustable Alligator Style WrenchAdjustable Alligator Style Wrench   This wrench is in nice condition.  An interesting design applied to a horrible form.  That is what makes it a good one. 

Excellent . . . . .$150.00       SOLD!

prince combo wrench / brace)The Prince Combo Brace / Wrench  These unusual wrenches were patented just about 100 years ago.  This one saw little use during that time, and is in near new condition and shows little if any evidence of abuse or even use.  It is one of the nicest condition examples of this hard to find combination tool that I have ever had, or seen.  It is time to upgrade!!

Excellent . . . . .$225.00       SOLD!

The 20th Century Combo Brace / WrenchThe 20th Century Combo Brace / Wrench  Same wrench as above w/ a different name.  I guess the idea was step into the 20th Century w/ a modern tool.  The battery tool of its time i suppose. 

Excellent . . . . .$75.00       SOLD!

Banner Buggy WrenchBanner 2813B Buggy Nut Wrench Nice original condition.  It is marked on the inside patented and 2813B . 

Good + . . . . . . $25.00      SOLD!!

T.F. Vandegrift Patented Sept 7 1897 Cast Iron Nut WrenchT.F. Vandegrift Patented Sept 7 1897 Cast Iron Nut Wrench   Nice original condition. 

Good + . . . . . . $20.00      SOLD!!

Patented Fence Tool / HammerPatented Fence Tool / Hammer    This unusual hammer / fence tool has about 5 different useful features built into it.    The overall condition is very nice. 

Good+ . . . . .$40.00       SOLD!

Antique Farm WrenchQuick Adjust Cast Iron Implement Wrench  It is marked in raised letters J576.  Probably a rare wrench from a John Deere.  Lets see how long it lasts.  Opps less than a week.    

Good . . . . .$75.00       SOLD!

Antique Farm WrenchPollack's Patent Quick Adjust Wrench   Hit the lever, give the wrench a little flip, and the head shoots out, ready to go. 

Good . . . . .$150.00       SOLD!

Bay State Quick Adjust Nut Wrench Patented June 7th 1904Bay State Quick Adjust Nut Wrench Patented June 7th 1904   It says it is the Bay State on the head, with the patent info on the other side.  The best and most collectible wrenches are those that were designed and produced based on a lousy idea or ones that worked poorly.  This one fits the bill nicely as there is no provision included to allow for the final  adjustment that is almost always needed when using a nut wrench to avoid slippage and the resulting rounded nuts, and banged knuckles.  Perhaps pipe wrenches could get away without this provision, but you can bet that this design would have a tendency to round off some of those tight ones, and also be near impossible to adjust in a tight area.   Seldom seen, and in nice operating condition now that it is clean.  That was another problem with this and many of the other quick adjust wrenches that were introduced.  All the superior engineering and machining would come to a sticky grinding halt with just a few grains of dirt in the proper place. I have either the 10" version, or a 12" and both are in similar nice condition.

Excellent . . . . .$75.00       SOLD!

Patented WrenchNever-Slip Combo-Wrench  This combo wrench shows up from time to time, but rarely in this condition or in its original box.

Good + . . . . .$95.00       SOLD!

coes36.jpg (11597 bytes)Coe's 36"  Key Lock Adjustable Nut Wrench This unusual style nut wrench is a favorite with those who like them big.  They came in a range of sizes between 24" and 72" long with just a handful of those larger ones known.  This example is in very nice condition and shows little evidence of hard use.  It was a neat idea to be able to quickly adjust to the right size and then slam the wedge into place before you did the final adjust.  Holding one of these up while you tried adjusting it an inch or so with just the screw would have been a tiring experience I imagine.  A hard to find and very graphic wrench!!

Good + . . . . .$250.00       SOLD!

Patented 1888 Wrench / Combination ToolPatented 1888 Wrench / Combination Tool     It looks like this one was made for the leather industry, perhaps aimed at saddle makers or upholstery workers.  It has a number of different functions including a leather punch, hammer, tack puller, pliers, wrench, screwdriver, vice, and?.  I think that about covers it.  The patent info is readable and overall it is pretty nice noting that the screw for the vice feature has a stripped area where it slips.  .   

Good . . . . .$60.00       SOLD!

"Samson" Calef"s March 6th 1883 Patent Quick Adjust Nut Wrench"Samson" Calef"s March 6th 1883 Patent Quick Adjust Nut Wrench   This 12" quick adjust wrench is a very nice example of a hard to find wrench.  The name and patent info are clear and readable. I apologize for the pic quality.   The wood handle is very nice.  No cracks or other damage, and it operates nicely.  This wrench is #323 in Schulz's book on wrenches. 

Good +. . . . . .$150.00       SOLD!

Patented Quick Adjust Nut Wrench and Thread BuggerPatented Quick Adjust Nut Wrench and Thread Bugger   On the left end is an adjustable wrench that changes sizes as you move the cast ring along the body.  On the right is a patented idea to bugger up the treads so that the nut will never come off in case you could not tighten it enough.  Before the days of Loc-tite I suppose.  A neat looking wrench I have not had before.    

Good + . . . . . .$150.00        SOLD!

Jones Universal Ratchet WrenchJones Universal Ratchet Wrench      I have never seen this wrench before and I could not find it in Schultz's book on wrenches.  I could not find the patent either.  A mystery to me.  Similar to, but different from, the Wizard wrench above.  Different!!

Good  . . . . . .$195.00        SOLD!

Indian Motorcycle Chain BreakIndian Motorcycle Chain Break   It is original and nice.   Much harder to find than the ones marked Harley Davidson that you use to see and find quite often.  

Good + . . . . .$75.00       SOLD!

Winchester Double End Open End WrenchWinchester Double End Open End Wrench     This is a nice example with a strong stamp.  It is not all beat up as most are. 

Good +. . . . . .$25.00       SOLD!

Baxter Patent Double End WrenchBaxter Patent Double End Wrench  If memory serves they were used with, or came with a certain steam engine.  A neat design.

Good  . . . . . .$40.00        SOLD!

Keen Kutter Alligator WrenchKeen Kutter Alligator Wrench   Nice!!

Good  . . . . . .$30.00         SOLD!

Patented Wizard Wrench by RichardsPatented Wizard Wrench by Richards  The condition is super.  The finish is like a case hardened gun.  It was patented in 1907 and you can see ads for it on the internet from old magazines with a search on Google.  An interesting wrench and another wacky idea.

Fine  . . . . . .$125.00         SOLD!

Patented Combination Plier / Hammer / WrenchBarr Patent Fencing Tool / Patented November 13 1883 Combination Plier / Hammer / Cutter    This antique combination tool says patented on the one side and the rest of the info is on the other.  Pittsburg PA is the location given.  There is no date on the wrench just writing that says MFD by R. I ORR & Co LTD.  The patentee's name was Barr and the patent # is 288,397.   This unusual tool / wrench is not in Schultz's book, and I have not seen it before.  Kind of a big clunky / heavy thing that was designed for fencing according to the patent   Early,  interesting and different.  A rare piece. 

Good + . . . . . .$350.00          SOLD!

The Masterpiece  Patented Combination Wrench w/ Pipe Cutter"The Masterpiece"  Patented Combination Wrench w/ Pipe Cutter  This is in as nice condition as one could ask for.  There is info on both sides of the head.  A good One!!  

Fine  . . . . . .$150.00        SOLD!!

Handee Quick adjust Nut WrenchReed Quick Adjust Pipe Wrench  This is nice!!.   

Good . . . . . .$75.00         SOLD!!

Power Grip Wrench Co. Shawnee OklaPower Grip Wrench Co. Shawnee Okla   This is a nice wrench.  Been through there, but never had this one before.  Looks like it would get the job done..

Good + . . . . . .$80.00        SOLD!

Adjustable WrenchAdjustable Nut Wrench  Different &  nice!!.   

Good . . . . . .$125.00         SOLD!

Early Cast Iron Adjustable Nut WrenchEarly Cast Iron Adjustable Nut Wrench  There is no writing that I could see, and it is not in Schultz's book that I saw.  An early and interesting wrench with open cast handle!!  

Good . . . . . . $75.00        SOLD!!

Hewet Patent Adjustable Nut WrenchHewett Patent Adjustable Nut Wrench  This is nice and an early version that is seldom seen!!.   

Good +. . . . . .$195.00       SOLD!!

Peterson Patent Rapid Transit Quick Adjust WrenchPeterson 1908 Patent "Rapid Transit" Quick Adjust Wrench  This unusual lever-lock quick-adjust wrench was patented on November 3, 1908 by Axel W. Peterson of San Francisco, California.   It was manufactured by the Peterson Rapid Wrench Company, San Francisco, California. The patent # is  902830.  Very few were made, or have ever been found.

The condition is exceptional and it shows almost no signs of use or wear.  The maker info and patent info are clearly stamped on both sides of the head.  On the underside of the main bar there is a series of closely spaced cuts and after adjusting the head you would simply tighten the head in place by turning the ball lock with the bar.  A rare & desirable wrench.  Nice!!   

Fine . . . . . . $850.00       SOLD!!

Bemis & Call Patent 1866 Pipe WrenchCall Patent 1866 Pipe Wrench by Bemis & Call   This is a nice example with a strong August 1866 patent date stamp on the bar, and a weaker Bemis & Call stamp across the head.  It is a rare and unusual variation. The August 1866 Patent by Call is for an improvement in the lower jaw that this wrench does not exhibit.  The style does not match the patent drawings and it looks like an earlier design.  The adjusting sleeve does not match the drawing either, and looks like those on Merrick or Briggs patent wrenches.    A mystery that I imagine somebody knows the answer to.

Good + . . . . . .$125.00         SOLD!!

Quick Adjust Nut WrenchSliding Quick Adjust Nut Wrench  Super condition &  nice!!

Good . . . . . .$30.00       SOLD!!

Crampton Brothers Sheffield / England Adjustable Nut WrenchCrampton Brothers Sheffield / England Adjustable Nut Wrench  There is a logo on the side that is readable. The first commercially produced wrenches were made in England and this looks to be one of them  Massive, early, graphic, and a neat wrench to boot.    A good One!!  

Good + . . . . . .$95.00         SOLD!!

20th Century Combo Wrench20th Century Combo Wrench  What's here is nice enough!!   

Good . . . . . . $75.00          SOLD!

Quick Adjust Nut WrenchQuick Adjust Nut Wrench  Marked Germany.  This is nice!!.   

Good . . . . . .$50.00  SOLD!

Quixet Rapid Quick Adjust WrenchQuixet Rapid Quick Adjust Wrench  Super Condition.  This is nice!!.   

Good +. . . . . .$35.00        SOLD!

Quick Adjust Alligator WrenchSelf Adjust Alligator Wrench This is kind of different.  The handle is marked Pat Appld For.  Nice condition, and it looks like it would work well, at rounding off square nuts if not removing them.

Good  +. . . . . .$75.00        SOLD!

Sheffy Mfg. Co. Patented 1896 Quick Adjust Pipe WrenchSheffy Mfg. Co. Patented 1896 Quick Adjust Pipe Wrench  The maker name and patent info are stamped into the handle.  Chicago is given as the location.  Different and  nice condition.

Good +. . . . . .$125.00       SOLD!

Hammond Quick Adjust Pipe WrenchHammond 7" Quick Adjust Pipe Wrench    Nice action, nice over cleaned condition.  The 1900 patent date is on the handle as well as the Boston location.   

Good +. . . . . .$55.00  SOLD!

SpinTites Wood Handle Nut Wrenches w/ RackSpinTites Wood Handle Nut Wrenches w/ Rack  The set on the left with wooden rack has a different location than given on the cast iron rack on the right.  Both are nice.  

Left . . . . Good +. . . . . .  $20.00     SOLD!!

Right . . . . Good +. . . . . .  $30.00     SOLD!!

Starrett # 258 Plier / WrenchStarrett # 258 Plier / Wrench  Starrett was granted a patent for this design in 1911. Advertised as "The Starrett Extension Plier" A nice example of a hard to find machinist tool.

Good + . . . . . .  $70.00    SOLD!!

Diamalloy Handyman DH-16 Duluth Combination Crescent Wrench / PlierDiamalloy / Duluth MN. Handyman DH-16 Combination Crescent Wrench / Plier  A concept lost in time.  Give them two tools and charge them for one.  They have flipped that idea for todays consumer.   Really quite well made.  Different & Nice!

Good +  . . . . . . $55.00     SOLD!!

Atomic / Glaskin Saddle Horn Fencing TooAtomic / Glaskin Saddle Horn Fencing Tool  Even though this design fence tool was actually patented, twice, all known examples say patent pending.  As I remember, these unusual tools were virtually unknown until a drum full turned up in a barn some time back.  There is a staple puller, hammer, slots to catch the wire so it could be stretched, etc.  While people say the large hole is to fit over a saddle horn, I have read that it is for putting a pole through so one could get some leverage when used to pull wire taught.  Nice & Different!!   NOTE:  This fence tool is being reproduced 

Another note.  i use to visit with a fellow who whiled away his evenings in front of the TV "fixing" these so they looked better. He did the same w/ those KK mini waffle irons, just sat there rubbing them with sandpaper and files smoothing out the casting lines before putting them up for sale.

Good +. . . . . .  $25.00     SOLD!!

Alligator WrenchesKeen Kutter & Elgin Alligator Wrenches   On top is a Keen Kutter Alligator / Combo wrench that has patent info.  Below is a near mint adjustable Elgin.  Overall very nice condition.

Good + . . . . . $15.00  Choice     $20.00 / Lot     SOLD!!\

1875 Button Patent Multi Tool - Hammer / Wrench1875 Button Patent Multi Tool - Hammer / Wrench & More   The patent for this unusual hammer / wrench and  combination tool was granted February 9, 1875. It is marked with the patent info at the main joint.  It was issued to Alphonso Button of Saginaw, Michigan (patent #159561).  According to the patent this do-it-all tool includes an open end wrench, a hammer, a claw nail puller, nippers, tack holder, dish lifter, stove lid lifter, tack puller, cylindrical wrench, and a nut cracker! Light rust that will clean.  No damage.

Good +  . . . . . .  125.00     SOLD!!

Jaguar 4" Crescent Style Wrench  I remember when 4" crescents  were 1.00 and nobody cared.  Now folks routinely ask 20.00 and much more for any and all.  They are fun to collect and I have heard that there are over 100 different versions out there for you to hunt after.  This is one of the earlier and harder to find versions that I suppose was given out with your brand new car way back when.

Excellent . . . . . . $125.00  SOLD!

Whitman Quick Adjust Wrench This 5 3/4"  antique quick adjust wrench hails from Denver Co.  It opens to accept a whopping 1/2".  The box says it is case hardened, and appears to have a blued finish to me.  It is in its original box, and looks to have never seen use, just some minor box storage age.  Different  

Excellent . . . . . .$95.00      SOLD!

Double Head Twist Handle Nut / Pipe Wrench  Twist handle wrenches are getting hard to find, but that is the typical ones.  You will see 100 of the standard single head nut wrenches for every one of these.  This is a rare and hard to fin version.  A bit rusty, but after going through the secret process to clean it, it will look great.  

Good . . . . . .$65.00   SOLD!

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