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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectibles we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below:
Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.
Prices seen span a long time and may not reflect current values.  Some are selling for more, many now sell for less.
On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.  The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

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Antique Electric Carbon Arc Lamp4 Antique Electric Lighting Fixtures Arc Lamps & Nernst Glower  I am offering these 4 antique lighting fixtures as a lot.   3 are electric carbon arc lamps and the smallest is a Westinghouse Nernst Glower.  I know little about them and will not be able to answer questions about the fine points concerning, workability, completeness, etc.  We can discuss price, delivery, and shipping, but little else about them.

As can be seen two have globes.  On the right is a Helios, to the left are two General Electric Thomson models, one with globe one without.   The smallest one is marked with only patent dates on the inside and not the Nernst or Westinghouse name. 

Good  . . . . . $2350.00       SOLD!!

Oil Can Collection
Oil Can Collection Small Oiler / Oil Can Collection  Here is an interesting collection of approx 30 oilers.  Almost every one of these has a subtle difference should you think you are seeing repeats.  There are at least 3 different ones made for specific bicycles, a couple  marked Comptometer for use w/ that adding machine, a couple with decals for film projectors, and so forth.   These and other similar small oilers were given with the purchase of an assortment of everyday devices that were sold back when.  You  can find ones marked with fishing reel manufactures names, roller skate makers, (there is one of these here), sewing machines and a host of others.   Other highlights here are the glass Gem at the top in the middle.  The bottom of the glass is marked that it was made by the P. Small Oil Can CollectionD. and Co. the company that made the famous eggbeater that is so hard to find.  The small blue plastic one is also a rarity and it is the only one in this small size that I have ever owned.  It is an eagle and they made these in green, yellow, and other colors as well.  There is also the Sterling Silver Tiffany one in the back that was actually sold as a vermouth dispenser for those drinking Martinis and who longed to actually be looked upon as a blue collar working sort, instead of just lubing up their system with another drink.

Good + . . . . .SOLD!

miniature anvil collectionThe Anvil Collection  This is a small collection of miniature anvils.  Nice examples seem to have pretty much disappeared from the real world marketplace over the last few years. Included here are some very nice and graphic examples of miniature blacksmith anvils not often found.  I can remember being able to find these things almost anywhere you went shopping, but now all you see are the new re-pops of the Deere or other new ones that abound.    salesman sample advertising anvils A few random notes about these.  Top left is from Panama and marked 1912 to commemorate that important event in their history.  Another is marked "Cal Poly".  The second row left one has a lot of writing and looks like it would accept a hammer handle.  Never saw that one before!  The center one is marked "England".  Some are unmarked but have great form.  Front left is iron and marked heavily on both sides, and the other one in front is a Hoosier Stove advertising piece.  All in all a nice representation.

Good + . . . .SOLD! 

Note:  The above anvils were sold on eBay one at a time when I got no offers for the collection.  The prices realized were as expected.  The Hay Budden went for just under $200, a few bought $100 or so, a couple brought $50.00-75.00 and the rest sold for under $20.00 each.

I do still want more and welcome your offers for new, but old, and different examples.

antique corkscrewsThe Corkscrew Collection  Here is a collection / pile of corkscrews that I have acquired over the past few years.  Do not be misled, I put the good ones that I recognize near the top.  There may be a few sleepers in the middle, but I doubt it.   I hate seeing my stuff in boxes where I can not find it or see it.  All in all there are about 40 or so different ones here, and most of the other good ones are at the edges near the front.
Good + . . . .SOLD!

antique canopener collectionThe Can Opener Collection  I have sought these little marvels for a number of years, and should have been looking for antique corkscrews at the same time, but that came later.  I have built up and sold parts of this collection a few times over the years, and basically just concentrate now on the earliest and most elaborate or unusual combination ones.  These usually date from well before1900, and are made of cast iron as opposed to sheet or formed steel. (There is one steel one in here that I have never seen before---the heart shaped one.)  They are fun to find and can still be found, although not with the regularity of a few years ago.  The "100 year rule" is coming into play with this category of collectible and it will not be much longer before the supply of these earlier mechanical ones is gone completely and you are left mostly with the newer advertising or wooden handle variety that typically are 30 to 50 years newer than most of those pictured here.  The one in the back and the one closest to it on the right ( "The Champion" ) are my favorites, but all are unusual and very hard to find these days.  

Good + . . . . SOLD!

antique potliftersThe Pot Lifter / Multi-Tool Collection    Here is an interesting collection of early tools that could be found in the kitchen of yesteryear.  We have been buying such things for many years, and they are genuinely hard to come by after you get the first one or two more common varieties.  These are another example of the 100 year rule of collectibles in action, as we use to see them out and about, and now have not added a new one to this collection in several years.  The last came with a collection of trivets we bought a while back.  I do not expect to ever find one in a shop or at a show anymore.  They just do not come out at the garage sale for those dealers to buy so they can offer them up in their wares.  They are one of the most graphic and yet simple of all the types of tools found in the early kitchen.  I love the way today we are offered devices for the kitchen that will do a host of jobs, i.e. radios with can openers, coffee grinders, knife sharpeners etc all rolled up into one package, and all designed to last no more than a couple of years if actually used.  Well that was not the intent or purpose when these devices were introduced, they were built to last and they have.  It was truly a matter of space and convenience that these were developed and offered to the lady of the house back then.  People simply did not have 500 sq ft kitchens and 60 ft. of upper and lower cabinets to store all their possessions.  There was one cabinet and 1 stack of drawers and a limited amount of space available in that top drawer in most kitchens from that era.  Some of these have so many intended uses that you can lose count trying to figure it out.  Devices such as these made sense, sometimes, and even if they didn't, today they sure make for a great collectible to hang on one of those empty spaces in that oversize kitchen you have.

Good + . . . .   SOLD!


vintage ice shaversIce Shave Collection  Here is an interesting collection of pretty unusual ice shaves that we have gathered over the last few years.  We use to buy these for their being part of Kitchen collecting, and then we met a couple of collectors who specialized in buying them and we fed them to them until we parted ways because we stopped doing shows in the east.  Over the years we have sort of lost contact with the first two, and the third guy from this neck of the woods doesn't like to pay much, so they started to pile up in a box in the basement.  We kind of shied away from the standard versions that we typically saw and just bought those we had not seen before, and here is the result of that effort over the last few years.  For the uninitiated, or for those that care, the two in the front with flip tops are pretty unusual.  The nickel plated enterprise is different from the norm as well.  In the back row is an obscure one from CA, and a Griswold which has more meaning and a following in the cookware / cast iron world, and is pretty unusual.  We have had a few other good lookers and as time passes we will add more if we find them, but for now this is it and the price is for the package.
Good + . . . . . SOLD! 

ice cream scoop collectionThe Ice Cream Scoop / Disher Collection  This collection was begun when we began to expand our horizons and the overwhelming desire / sickness, that leads one to buy had begun to firmly take hold.  Tools and eggbeaters that we had not seen before were becoming harder and harder to find, and so a logical step was to start buying a popular collectible that had a bit of info published about it, and so we began a new quest.  We initially bought and then sold these interesting soda fountain type devices, and have watched the market go up and down over the years, but the interest in these neat and fun-to-find collectible never seems to fade.  We do not seem to be able to find them like we use to, but have been able to add one or two new and different ones to the pile every year or so.   Because of the costs of the remodel we are doing, and the lack of display space even though we are doing the remodel to create more space for display, we are now prepared to let this collection go. The split-apart is not often seen, and nor are the Masonic forms / molds at the outside corners.  So all in all there is a nice start here that will put you at the top of your collecting class, or a few good additions to the collection if you have been at it for a while.  We are selling this collection one by one or at a special price for the package.
Good + . . . .    SOLD! 

Lamp FillersLiquid Fuel Lamp Fillers  This form filler was also used with chafing dishes, but they seem to be worth more when called lamp fillers. Lamp fillers use to be plentiful and reasonably cheap. Then other people began to collect them.  Demand rose and so did prices.  Then after a few years of inflated results on eBay the demand fell off and so did prices.  These were sold on the way down for about what was paid for them,  A lesson learned and that should be acknowledged by all collectors.  Nothing goes up all the time for ever.  A lesson American homeowners, and antique collectors and dealers have learner over and over in the past. 

Good + . . . . .  SOLD!

Collection of Early Light BulbsSmall Collection of Early Light Bulbs   I started this collection about 25 years too late and probably sold them 25 years too soon.  It is almost electrifying when you walk up on one you know is early. 
Good + . . . . .  SOLD!

Collection of Antique Desk & Hotel BellsCollection of Antique Desk & Hotel Bells  
This collection was begun in the 60's to fulfill the need to buy when the collector could not find any irons to ad to the collection.  In the end they were going to Wal-Mart and buying them brand new.  Just a fraction of the over 1000 bells are shown. 
Good + . . . . .  SOLD!

Collection of Antique Lemon SqueezersCollection of Antique Lemon Squeezers  This collection of Lemon Squeezers is just a small sample of the many mechanical and patented lemon squeezers that were produced over the years.   Their values have gone up and down with the market for things like Barware, or Old West collectibles, or General Store etc.  Going up when each of those were "Hot", and going down when demand faded.  Very refreshing. 
Good + . . . . .  SOLD!

Meeker's Antique Sad Iron SalesThe Amozoc Iron Collection   Amozoc irons originate from Mexico and were the work of skilled artists and metal engravers.  The work is reminiscent of engraving found on guns, spurs, belt buckles, chap decoration, and other cowboy / Western items from the same time period.  It is thought that they were made by artists and engravers as a means to keep busy in-between larger commission work, sold or given as gifts, or made as examples of the level of quality of an individual's work.  Some are marked with the artist's name or initials, and others with names of loved ones, children, or wives.  Some are very detailed and well done, some a bit cruder.  Be sure to look at all the individual pictures to see the level of detail on some, including the work that went into fashioning the handles.  And note the variety of sizes, indicated by the ruler in each picture.  An amazing collection!!


Very Good . . . . . .  $2000.00 / all 20 irons     SOLD!

Collection of Primitive Trivets30 Steel / Iron Primitive Trivets   A varied selection of early trivets from a couple of the collections we are handling.  I want to sell these as a collection rather than individually. They are very graphic, and each one is different from the next in some way.  These are very early and each one is smithy- or craftsman-made.  Some have rivets, some have initials punched into the design, some are solid and some are a strap make-up.  Quite a collection and one that would be near impossible to assemble again. 

Click for Pic     Click for Pic     Click for Pic     Click for Pic     Click for Pic     Click for Pic

Good  . . . . . .   As a Collection . . . . $375.00  . . . . .  or pick and chose at $35.00 / each


Antique & Collectible
Vintage Hog Oilers

 SOLD!!!  Price $9,500   SOLD!!!

This is a collection of 29 vintage hog oilers and is being offered as a collection. 28  are shown in the pics below.  There are some very rare and hard to find examples of antique and vintage hog oilers as well as some more common versions of these unusual farm devices from a forgotten era. 

I am assuming if you are looking at them that you know what they are, how they were used, and what they are worth.  I am not sure, but assume the phrase slippery as a pig is related in more ways than one.  

The owner does not wish to sell individual oilers.  The price is for all of them, but the value is concentrated in about 10.  The others are being included at no additional cost, and have little to no value assigned to them in the price.  You can take them or leave them. 

There is some overlap in the pictures but you should be able to pick out 28 different ones.  They were all restored at one time, but have been sitting outside for about 10 years now.  These are located in central CA and delivery can be arranged by pick-up, freight or otherwise.  This climate does not have hard freezes and there are none that are cracked or otherwise damaged that I can see.

SOLD!!!    Price $   SOLD!!!

Click the Pics to ENLARGE

Hog Oilers  Hog Oilers  Hog Oilers Hog Oil Machines  Hog Oil Machines 

Hog Oil Machines  Hog Oil Machines Farm Pig Oilers  Farm Pig Oilers  Farm Pig Oilers Farm Hog & Pig Oilers  Farm Hog Oilers  Farm Hog Oilers

SOLD!!!    Click the Pics to ENLARGE    SOLD!!!

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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectibles we have sold.
Click link to see other Sales Archive Pages on this Site.

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