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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectible animal traps we have sold.
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Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below:
Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.
Prices seen span a long time and may not reflect current values.  Some are selling for more, many now sell for less.
On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.  The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

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Primitive Rat TrapPrimitive Wooden Base Rat Trap This thing would get the job done.  Not sure if it is manufactured, cobbled together, or what.  It is big enough, strong enough, and mean enough to take out the cat or small dog as collateral damage.    Nice!

Good  . . . . . . $35.00     SOLD!!

U - Neek Mouse TrapU - Neek Mouse Trap The glass jar of this antique mouse trap is marked Otto Kamphe Mfg. Co. Newark NJ.  The lid is marked Pat App'd For and the door is marked with the patent date of June 8 1909 and the Uneek name.    It measures approx. 5 1/4 long and there are a couple small chips in the rim under the lid.  The biggest ones are actually part of the design so the lid will fit.  Remains of the original box.  Nice!

Good +  . . . . . . $125.00    SOLD!!

Jillson Patent Killer Mouse TrapC. Jillson Patent Killer Mouse Trap  This early, unusual and rare killer mouse trap was first granted a patent on January 6th 1857 and another in 1858.   The brass trigger parts are stamped with the inventors name c. Jillson, the 2 patent dates, and the maker name Dodge & Wellington of Worchester Mass.  This small killer trap is in very nice condition noting the tip of one of the spears is a bit turned. These were offered is various sizes from small 2" Dia. models like this and up to 6 inch or larger ones for really big critters.  This one is 7" long.  All are hard to find. 

Good +  . . . . . . $800.00      SOLD!!  

Dr. Hodge Fly TrapDr. Hodge Fly Trap This is an early and unusual fly trap!!  Look at all the pics to see the instruction sheet still attached to the bottom.  A Google search turns up info about Dr. Hodge traveling around the country and about  the sales pitches he delivered back near the turn of the century.  Claims were made of being able to rid entire cities of all flies if enough of these were put into use.  Wow!!

Fine  . . . . . . $35.00     SOLD!!

StepOnIt Mouse Traps w/ Original BoxStepOnIt Mouse Traps w/ Original Box Here is a store display box of 3 unused mouse traps.  The box is OK with some minor tears and weakness.  The traps are new / unused and in excellent condition.  Nice!

Good +  . . . . . .$75.00       SOLD!!  

Patent 1877 Fish / Mouse TrapsEvan's Patent 1877 Fish / Mouse Traps  These early fish traps were originally offered for sale by the Eagle Claw Co. the famous fish hook Co. and are commonly referred to by that name. They are becoming very difficult to find, but presented here are both of the smaller sizes that are available.  First is the smallest version offered, and it measures in at just 3 inches without the ring.  It is in superb condition and everything operates as it should.  It is marked "Pat Apl 17-77".   It also says "G. W. Evans and Son  Frankfort, PA".   The larger trap measures just about 4 inches without the ring and it is marked the same way.  The trip wire on this trap may have been replaced as it is a different material than the wire on the small one.  There is also some visible solder at the joint where the arms attach, but everything is tight and operates as it should, although it is very sensitive and somewhat harder to set.

Good + . . . . .      SOLD!

Walker Patent Mouse / Rat TrapWalker Patent Mouse / Rat Trap The Walker Mouse Trap is one of the most desirable and sought after of all cast iron mouse traps that was offered for sale and patented in the United States.  It has a unique style and look, and is a very difficult trap to find.  This example is missing the mirror which would be inside the igloo shaped body of the trap.  The idea being that the mouse / rat, on his way by, would see his reflection, become curious, and take a better look inside to see who that was inside that was staring out at him.  If he was dumb enough to go there, he would probably also take the bait hanging inside, and WHAP!! the double pronged spear would drop down finishing off the little critter.  This one seems to have been lost and forgotten over the years in a not ideal storage place as there is considerable rust and pitting to the body.  The patent info on the back side is still readable and there are no breaks in the casting, but it is rusted.  The prongs are original and rusted as well.  The brass spring on the spear has deteriorated and is in several pieces, making the operation somewhat sluggish.

Good + . . . . .$2800.00        SOLD!

Patent Model Rat / Mouse Trap1842 Patent Model of Rat Trap  Ebenezer Oliver of Philadelphia, PA pulled a patent for this trap on Oct. 22nd  1842.  His patent model is a prime example of why collecting these interesting pieces of Americana is so much fun, and such an enlightening look back into the way it was.  Ever since man first thought of trapping or ridding himself of pesky varmints like mice or rats the race has been on to develop or invent the "better mousetrap".  This fellow's novel idea, while admittedly borrowing upon an already known cage like affair, went a few steps further, and was way ahead of his time and probably an inspiration to the Rube Goldberg's of a different era.  Ebenezer's idea allowed  for several different initial access points, and then through a series of spring loaded and revolving one way doors, the poor creature, who was just looking for a bite to eat, was literally pushed into and through the one-way door and thus captured alive in the central area.  His momentum of falling through the trap door actually re-set the trap so it was ready for use on one of his relatives who was following close behind.  The patent papers describe in detail the events and scenario leading up to the capture, but in the end you are left to deal with a cage full of trapped rats to dispose of as you deem fit.  Perhaps he was against the death penalty, even for rats.

Good + . . . . . $750.00       SOLD!

1872 Patent Model Trap1872 Patent Model of Folding Trap  I have never seen this trap and although there are similar ideas that were produced I doubt this one ever was.  It was designed as a live trap to be set in a run in or near the water.  It would work when the critter was on his way in or out.  Different!

Good . . . . .$500.00       SOLD!

Chasse Mouse TrapChasse Patented 1903 / 04 Mouse Trap  This one looks to have never been used.  A better idea that never caught on. 

Good + . . . . . $28.00       SOLD!

Patented Rat TrapHeavy Duty Primitive Rat Trap  This early rat trap is very well made.  The edge brackets are cast iron..  This trap is so powerful it would about cut the critter in half and would certainly break a finger if you slipped up setting it. 

Good + . . . . . $20.00        SOLD!

Patented Royal Mouse TrapPatented Royal Mouse Trap  The Royal Mousetrap is one of the rarest and most desirable of all mouse traps.  There are but a handful recorded examples.  It has a great look w/ the lattice work cast iron cutout design, and the heart is an added nice touch.  They came in several sizes.  I have heard of examples being offered for twice what I sold mine for. 

Good + . . . . .$2500.00         SOLD!

ROYAL #1 Mouse Trap Patented Nov. 4 1879ROYAL #1 Mouse Trap Patented Nov. 4 1879 This rare and unusual mouse trap was granted a patent on November 4th 1879 to a Mr. J. M. Keep of New York. The Patent # is 221320.   The patent can be viewed and read using Google Patent Search.  It is a very close match right up to illustrating the cast out heart design in the body of the cast iron trap. There are no cracks or other damage.  There is some minor rust, but no pitting or corrosion to speak of.  It is a wonderfully detailed casting in super condition.   All of the writing is clear and legible.  A rare and desirable antique mouse trap!!

Fine  . . . . . . $1995.00       SOLD!!

Early Patented Rat TrapPatented Cast Iron Rat Trap  Small animal traps made of cast iron are very difficult to find.  The trap on the left is not just bent steel, each major part is a separate casting .   It is unmarked, but it a rare and well known and highly sought after antique rat trap.  

Good + . . . . .$1200.00         SOLD!

Glass Fly Trap"The Unique" Patented Glass Fly Trap  This use to be a pretty rare and hard to find fly trap.  Then about 10 years ago similar ones started showing up on eBay, first just a few that brought big bucks, then when it slowed down dozens.  We went into a shop in IN one day and saw a small mountain of them.  They were new, or being imported into the country by the boatload.  The market was flooded, and real US made patented ones like this were no longer "Unique".  Why pay $400 when you can get a purple or green one for $9.00.    

Good + . . . . .        SOLD!

Jillson Patent 5" Spear TrapJillson Patent 5" Spear Trap  The Jillson patent trap is a very rare trap that is most often found in the 2" mousetrap size, but this is the  5" inch size that looks to be more in line with large rats or gopher size critters. To set, you simply pull back on the spring loaded bar till the brass trigger sets.  Then when the unwary critter passed through the hole the idea was that he would scratch his belly on the small point at the bottom, lift up a bit to get away from that and hit the trigger.  Whap!!   I have read that they came in sizes up to 8" but have never seen one that big.  The brass trigger is marked with the 1850's patent date and the location of manufacture or maker in Massachusetts. The spring is good, and the trigger works as it should.  This one would do the trick.   A rare piece!! 

Good + . . . . . $1200.00         SOLD!

Patented Jan 7 1913 Ideal Gopher Trap2 Patented Jan 7 1913 "Ideal" Gopher Traps  There are very subtle differences in these two traps.  They are a rare trap!!  They are a California patent, where the search today continues for the perfect gopher trap.  The cat just can't keep up with the population.  This year they took to taking out full grown tomato plants overnight.  You can hardly walk in the side yard without falling in a hole.  Water runs through and floods the basement coming out their holes they dig from outside to inside.    

Good + . . . . .$1000.00        SOLD!

Antique 19th c. French Clockwork Mechanism Mechanical Fly TrapAntique 19th c. French Clockwork Mechanism Mechanical Fly Trap   Be sure to view all the pics to see this unusual trap set up.  It is a great mechanical trap w/ clockwork mechanism that I have never seen before.  It even includes the original instructions in case you can not figure it out.  You will need to be able to read French though.    Interesting!!. 

Good +  . . . . . .$400.00         SOLD!!

Eel GigEel Gig This is a 6 tine w/ center spear.  I see no markings

Good  . . . . . .$95.00        SOLD!!

Economy Gopher Gun Trap Patented November 11th 1902"Economy Gopher Gun" Trap Patented November 11th 1902 These "gun traps were designed for use to try and help control the large gopher populations that  were a constant concern for farmers and ranchers alike.  This version is mounted on a wood base.  I have been told that the parts were sold separately and that the buyer could them make up his own.  Wonder how many dogs, kids or others got maimed and or killed before this idea went away. 

Good  . . . . . .$195.00       SOLD!!

Economy Gopher Gun Traps Patented November 11th 19022 "Economy Gopher Gun" Traps Patented November 11th 1902 These "gun traps were designed for use to try and help control the large gopher populations that  were a constant concern for farmers and ranchers alike.  Even though both examples are marked with the patent date, I had no luck finding the actual patent.  I have a feeling that the collateral damage they caused led to their demise.  They look like they could have been hung or mounted for use with other large animals as well.  I have also seen the basic idea here mounted on a wood base, and have been told that the parts were sold separately and that the buyer could them make up his own.  Wonder how many dogs, kids or others got maimed and / or killed before this idea went away. 

Good +  . . . . . .$295.00        SOLD!!

Antique Mouse Size Live Traps3 Antique Mouse Size Live Traps   This style live trap came in a number of different sizes and as can be seen here in a number of different grades that I assume were offered by different makers.  They were designed to be able to trap more than one critter at a time with the trap door closing after one entered allowing it to reset so that first one could not escape, and another could enter.  None are marked as far as I can see.  The nicest one is very well made, and on a completely different level from the others.   Interesting!!. 

Left . . . . Good  . . . . . .$40.00        SOLD!

Middle . . . . Better  . . . . . . $60.00        SOLD!

Right . . . . Best  . . . . . . $80.00        SOLD!

Yellow Kitty Got - Cha Mouse TrapYellow Kitty Got - Cha Mouse Trap The bottom of this unusual plastic mouse trap has all the maker and Patent Pending info. It even points out where to put the bait. Not sure if one would call it a live or killer trap. These came in a number of different colors and I have read that yellow is the hard one to find!!   Nice!! Interesting!! 

Fine  . . . . . .$60.00        SOLD!

Primitive Wooden Base Live Mouse Trap w/ Exercise WheelPrimitive Wooden Base Live Mouse Trap w/ Exercise Wheel I never really understood the logic behind this style trap.  Catch em, and then exercise them to death.      Nice!

Good  . . . . . .$40.00       SOLD!!

Antique Mouse Traps9 Antique Mouse Traps   As a lot!!   Interesting!! 

Good  . . . . . .$90.00        SOLD!

Shooting Gallery TargetShooting Gallery Target   This  Chipmunk or Ground Hog figural shooting gallery target is in very nice condition.  Hit the two outside targets and they go down, then hit the bullseye in the middle to make them pop back up.  It works well, and has a great look. The perfect thing for some display or use. 

Good + . . . . . .$80.00         SOLD!

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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectibles we have sold.
Click link to see other Sales Archive Pages on this Site.

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