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Wheeler & Wilson No. 8  Genuine Salesman Sample /ANTIQUE Display Model Sewing MachineMiniature Wheeler & Wilson No. 8 Sewing Machine c. 1876 Display Model / Salesman Sample / Patent Model This is the real deal. This genuine miniature Salesman sample sewing machine is very graphic and looks great. I have been at this going on 40 years now and use to specialize in toy and child size sewing machines, as well as patent models of sewing machines. In all that time I have never seen or heard of another example of this special little sewing machine. The machine looks like a dressed up exact miniature copy of the Wheeler & Wilson No.8 sewing machine that was first introduced in 1876. One would think if it was a typical salesman sample or display model for retail shops that others would be known. None are. I do not use the term rare often, but this tiny salesman sample Wheeler & Wilson # 8 sewing machine fits the bill.

After having discussed it with a few other knowledgeable folks I will tell you what I think. Given the size, with no dimension much over 12", it could be a patent model. The patent could be for something like the wood folding table extensions on two sides of the top, an unusual feature in its own right. Or it could be for something having to do with the treadle base. Either are possibilities, but do not explain the sewing machine, and its details, or lack of them.

Another possibility is that it is a patent model of the sewing machine itself. That it is a one of kind, as patent models were, and no others are out and about would help that argument. Also, it is very close to the right size with no dimension much over 12". One could make arguments for or against that idea, but that does not seem quite right given the construction details of the machine, and other factors.

One would also think if it was a typical salesman sample it would be larger and designed to actually work. Meaning that while the table folds as it should, and the treadle works as it should, and the moving parts of the machine move and it seems to be working when operated, the fact is that there are no moving parts under the machine involved with the needle, or provisions for actually making a stitch. Speaking of the mechanism, it works and is a bit sticky. It operates OK when off the base being held and using ones thumb to help move the "drum", but when trying to operate it from the flywheel it tends to hang up in one spot. If one pushes through that spot the flywheel can begin to free spin, (there is no keyway, or lock for it to the shaft), just the nut holding it on. The small nut holding it tight is almost stripped if not so. While made to work, and all the associated parts do move as they should, the actual operation is spotty at best.

I believe it is a limited production promotional / sample / display model made by Wheeler & Wilson of the "New" No. 8 Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine, to be displayed or exhibited at events like the 1876 Centennial Expos, Worlds Fairs, or Trade Shows during the centennial celebrations. The No. 8 Wheeler & Wilson was introduced in 1876 and that time frame would fit this idea. That would also explain the relative scarcity of no others known. Wheeler and Wilson would only need one, two or a few, for events like that. I should note it carries a brass inscribed Wheeler & Wilson logo plaque inset in the base plate.(see pics)

Another aspect or consideration is the construction of the machine and choice of materials and finish. The body has an unusual silver plated like finish. The main cross arm is decorated and polished brass. These cosmetic embellishments would lend weight to the Expo display idea. Such fine finish attributes would certainly grab one's attention as the crowds strolled by the Wheeler & Wilson display booth.

This miniature sewing machine is a wonderful and historically important piece. An opportunity not likely to repeat itself.

Good + . . . . . $00

Wiremold Electric Wire Conduit Salesman SampleWiremold Electric Wire Conduit Salesman Sample    After electricity was introduced for the everyday homeowner a way needed to be found to safely get it and its wires to different rooms.    The Wiremold Co. is still offering versions of their product for remodels today.  This set looks to date from the 1920s - 30s or so.  Neat!!  

Fine. . . . . $75.00       SOLD!!

Patented 1898 Salesman Sample Door HingePatented 1898 Salesman Sample Door Hinge  A different idea that was no doubt way to expensive to compete in the marketplace of cheap hinges.  Instead of having to punch the pins up to get a door out of the opening here you would swing the top ball down and a cam would lift the door for you.  Simple, elegant and no doubt way to expensive to produce.

Good + . . . . . $18.00       SOLD!!

"AJON" Cast Iron Automatic Anchor for Decoys, Canoe, Kayak, or ?"AJON" Cast Iron Automatic Anchor Salesman Sample Anchor for Canoe, Kayak, Boat, or Decoy Anchor  or ? I have had, and could find a similar example of this cast iron folding anchor on the internet marked in the casting "Automatic Anchor". This one has "AJON" in raised letters in the casting. Not sure what that stands for and could not find others.

There is one on Worthpoint called off as a Salesman Sample Anchor for small boats, canoes, or kayaks. That might be right.

Seems like a bit of overkill for a decoy anchor, and not the best of ideas, but I remember having to go out and chase down drifters when using the more typical over the head style mushroom anchors one typically sees. This design would also tend to chew up the paint, not to mention open up at inappropriate times just hanging loose. Nobody ever said all ideas were good though, so - - - -.

The other explanation I found said they were pocket anchors for small boats like canoes, kayaks, and the like. Not quite sure how that would work out either. Thinking back to the Jack London story of the duck hunter and his dog where he did not tie up his sneakbox good enough and it drifted off when the tide came in. It was not a happy ending after that. Funny how a story you read over 50 years ago still sticks with you. Different & Interesting.

Fine . . . . . $110.00         SOLD!!

Salesman Sample General Electric Fluorescent Light DisplaySalesman Sample General Electric Fluorescent Light Display  This is a bit different than typically seen. I am guessing it dates from the 50's - 60's.  All the bulbs light although it had to think about a couple before coming on full strength.  I do not remember seeing most of these colors ever offered.  The pics show each lit up, but the camera does not do the colors justice, they are vibrant.  The only thing similar I could find on Google was Salesman Samples for Neon color tubes.  Different!!  

Fine . . . . . $395.00        SOLD!!

Automatic Fishing Line AlarmAutomatic Fishing Pole / Fishing Line Alarm  This is a very interesting example of Yankee inventiveness This  unusual gizmo device is in super original condition, complete, and is fully operational.

It is not exactly an antique trap, but is designed to set the hook of the fishing pole / line after the fish takes the bait. It is not exactly antique fishing tackle either, but I imagine would be of interest to that collecting crowd as well.  It is also not a gun, but is designed to fire a cap, or charge to alert or wake the napping or otherwise busy fisherman who was not paying attention when the fish were biting and this thing was tripped.

It displays very nicely, has a great look and gizmo appeal and should make a welcome addition to most any collection focused on those categories or others.  From the look of it, and the construction details, I would estimate it as being from near the turn of the century give or take 20 years or so. 

I am not sureFIshing Line Alarm if it is a model of, salesman sample of, or the actual device.  It is unmarked as to maker, patent, or other info.  It should have been, as it is a really well designed and well executed piece.  I spent a couple hours looking for a patent for it, and saw many other patents for other vintage and antique automatic fishing poles and fishing line alarms but I could not find this exact one.  In fact, this version is somewhat  more complicated and well designed than many of those.  All told it stands about 22" tall with the base which is removable.  The top portion is about 14" from end to end.   

On one hand it is kind of crude and simplistic looking, but it is really well engineered and made so that it sets up quickly, effortlessly, and it operates flawlessly.  The picture on the left shows just the head with the line trigger set, and the alarm / gun / trigger at the bottom cocked and ready to go. In use, the fishing rod tip would be clamped along the top rail and locked into place with threaded thumb screw.   To set the line trigger you lift the top left arm and it self sets with the vertical spring loaded trigger.  The line would be looped over the arms on the right in such a way that when the fish hit the line it would activate the trigger, snapping the line taught and hooking the fish.  At the same time the cocked trigger below would be tripped setting off the cap or percussion charge alerting the napping or otherwise busy fisherman that something important was happening.  On the right is a pic of the entire unit with double prong base for setting into the bank of the pond,  river or lake.   

Where or when are you going to find another!!

Good + . . . . . . $175.00      SOLD!!

J. I. Case Traction Steam Engine ModelJ. I. Case Traction Steam Engine Model w/ Water Tender  I do not know what scale this is, but the engine measures approx. 18" long x 8" across at the widest, and 10" tall to the top of the smoke stack.  The water tender is 12" long w/o the tongue x 8" wide and 6" tall. The detail that went into this model is pretty incredible especially the steam engine parts, levers and such. On the tender there is a tool box w/ padlock near the front.  Underneath there is a grease bucket hanging from the frame.  It does need a bit of restoration work but is in overall good condition as it sits.  There is one broken solder joint on a rod, and one arm coming off a lever is unattached and I do not see where it would go.  The steering is chain driven and that works well.  All sorts of gearing and it all seems to work.  Also note that there is a clutch or brake on the inside of the high drive wheel. Very nice!!

Good  . . . . . $2450.00   SOLD!!

Salesman Sample American Optical Cosmetan Infared Absorption DemonstratorSalesman Sample American Optical Cosmetan Infared Absorption Demonstrator  This unusual and interesting device demonstrates the superior qualities of American Optical Cosmetan Lens for use in Sunglasses.  The whole idea and premise is well described on the instruction sheet on the lid. It operates as intended.  Different!!    

Fine . . . . . $45.00 

Salesman Sample of 1867 Musselman Patent of Combination Cheese / Fruit  Press and Stuffer StufferSalesman Sample of 1867 Musselman Patent Combination Cheese / Wine Press / Sausage Stuffer / Wash Wringer   This salesman sample is a bit larger than the normal patent model at 14" long but could well be the original patent model, or a second copy of the patent model submitted to the US Patent Office as it is a very close match to the actual patent.  The patent was granted on May 21st 1867 and can be viewed on Google Patents under the number 64998.

Ah, the life and dreams of a winemaker. This great looking salesman sample has an original brass tag with the inventor's name C. C. Musselman of Somerset, PA. , its description, and patent date info on it.  I have shown several views of that tag in the pictures as it is a bit hard to make out given the size and stylized script.  This detailed model represents Mr. Musselman's idea of how to make the most of your time with his labor saving device so that you would have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. 

Mr. Musselman tried to cover all the possible bases with this machine and even mentions it being suitable for wringing out wet clothes in one of the vats or containers.  It  almost looks French in design and form, but the tag says otherwise.  It certainly looks like it was wine-making related with its fruit press look, and the crank actuated lever arm used to press the material in the vats.  It looks like something that today should be in a California vineyards collection as a piece of winemaking history or as a special piece of decor for a well-appointed tasting room.

The overall condition is super and the look is fantastic with the contrasting light fruitwood base and ebony feet and barrels.  There is a small cosmetic crack in one upright, and a small break in the top of the upright that is holding the pulley.  They are insignificant. 

This is a super piece of Americana and the overall condition is excellent!!   Not just nice, Great!!

Excellent . . . . . . $395.00          SOLD!!    Note:  This is an undervalued ebay result 

Salesman Sample Tool HandlesSalesman Sample Tool Handles  What we have here is actually two different sets of salesman sample tool handles all stored in one roll for convenience.  The one set consists of the 4 slightly larger ones seen in the pic.  3 on the left, and one in the roll.  They look like ones for a single bit axe, a pick and 2 different grades for a double bit felling axe. They are stamped differently from the other 12.

The second set consists of sample size tool handles for axes, pics, mauls, etc. as well as handles for hammers, sledges and the like.  There are 12 in this set, and it appears that there were different grades here as well as you see the same class handle with 2 different labels.  One is a Daniel Boone, and others are marked Perfection and Triumph.  A very nice set!!

Good +. . . . . . . $150.00            SOLD!!

Humphrey Salesman Sample Tankless Water HeaterHumphrey Salesman Sample Tankless Water Heater  This salesman sample Humphrey Water Heater is another example of no new ideas.  I remember when tankless water heaters were introduced as "new" technology not too many years ago.  The Humphrey Co. of Kalamazoo, MI started operations in the 1890's and this looks to date from that era or just after.  It  looks more substantial and as efficient as the one I bought and installed in our last house.  We just need $1.00 / gal. propane again to make this idea a winner.

I found an auction result for the same style heater in its box for over $2K.  This one is in very nice original condition and the collector made a nice little display stand for it.  The condition is really exceptional.   Very nice!!    

Fine . . . . . . . $195.00       SOLD!!

Salesman Sample Folding Oak TableSalesman Sample Folding Shelving Unit  / Oak Table  This is a interesting salesman sample of a folding oak table / set of shelves.  It could be a patent model as well, as it is unmarked.  I have seen numerous full size examples of this style table with slightly different designs for the base and mechanism. It looks to date from the 1880's to about the turn of the century.   There was a larger version that sold through Cowen's auction house several years ago that sold for upwards of 3K.  This is an opportunity to get one reasonable and with no extra costs involved.  It measures approx 6" wide when in the up position, and 12" or so folded out as a table.  In looking at the pictures note the way some of the leaves have a rounded front and others do not.  Also that one end as a table is rounded and the other is not.  Were these differences to show the different styles that could be ordered?   Different and interesting!!    

Fine . . . . . . . $795.00       SOLD!

Hibbard Chicken CarrierHibbard Salesman Sample Chicken Coop / Chicken Carrier  I was told this is a salesman sample chicken brooder.  It might be that, or just  a vintage Chicken carrier as I have seen ads for them that look similar.  It certainly is fashioned after or made to look like a chicken coop or larger building.  It looks like it would date from the 60's or before, but there is no info on the piece itself to confirm that.   I could find no reference or similar ones to this in the searches I ran looking for it.  You would have a time trying to get a chicken in the one door in the front if that is what it really is. There are no other openings that are larger.   The bottom slides up and down inside but that would not help you load the waiting chicken if that is a clue.

Is Hibbard the maker and part of the Hibbard, Spence & Bartlett hardware store outfit that operated in the Chicago area back when?  I do not know, and do not have a catalog to leaf through right at hand.   Different and interesting!!    

Very Good +. . . . . . . $195.00   SOLD

Patent Model of Heat Exchanger for Wood StovePatent Model of Heat Exchanger for Wood Stove  There is no tag, but there is little doubt that this is a patent model.  A couple hours of research would probably turn up the # and description at Google Patent Search.    It is a great design with all the tubes to allow the otherwise wasted heat to be better used.  It even has a damper provision built into it. Both the top and bottom come off to facilitate cleaning the interior should creosote build up occur.  I wish that something similar was available for my woodstove as it has trouble keeping up with the job, and this looks like it would keep a lot of that heat in the house that otherwise just goes up and out the chimney.   Kind of neat looking little device!!

Good  +. . . . . . $195.00    SOLD

Patent Model / Salesman Sample Gristmill A Model of a Overshot Waterwheel & Mill   This is a very nicely done representation or model of a overshot waterwheel or as the label says it is sometimes called a Pitchback Wheel.  The card that is at the bottom left says that this was done by a Edwin F. Bristol in 1881 when he was 80 some years old.  It was donated by his wife, but it is not clear to whom.  In any case it , like many other gifts to museums and historical societies was de-accessioned and this example ended up here in California in my museum.  It is well done and in pretty good condition, but there is some evidence that there has been some modification to the outside corners.  Perhaps there was a shed roof or the like at some point.   We will never know.  Also included with this wheel  I  have a 2 story representation of a grain mill / grinding wheel arrangement set up in an open framed barn type area, the idea being that the waterwheel drove this thing, and thus showed the audience how it was done back then in upstate New Hampshire.  I got them together and I will sell them together or separate.

Good . . . . . $1295.00     SOLD

Patent Model / Salesman Sample Fanning MillClipper Fanning Mill Seed / Grain Cleaner   This is a wonderful condition example complete with outrigger and screens.  They came is sizes from this small table top size to ones that were so large they needed horses to pull them around.  Oftentimes called salesman samples they were in fact a full size user type thing.   

Good . . . . . $895.00   SOLD

        Sample Tool Handles Salesman Sample Tool Handles  Besides salesman samples of the washing machines and farm implements that we have managed to gather and collect and which are a major part of the collections we have, we are also always on the lookout for other interesting examples of vintage salesman samples of products or consumer goods that were produced early in the last century or before.  In general, salesman samples were produced for a few different reasons, there were those of very large products for use by traveling salesman who would travel from town to town and state to state attempting to peddle their wares to not only the general public but also to the stores and shops in any given location.   Salesman Sample Stoves, washers and the farm implement models are good examples of this type of salesman sample.  But there were also many other salesman samples of  smaller products that were made, both for the traveling salesman, and for use as displays in stores or shop.  These tool handles on the left are a good example of this type of salesman sample that could be carried around by the salesman, but probably just offered to the hardware stores and the buyers for such places rather than the general public.  I have seen several of these over the years with different labels on them, but would bet they were all put out by the same company and then marketed with the different labels in different regions or locals.  These are in near mint condition, and each one measures between 6-9" or so.  There are handles for a host of tools including different grades for different axes and mauls, picks, hammers, etc.

Good . . . . . $175.00  SOLD

Salesman Sample or Display of Machinery Oilers
Salesman Sample or Display of Machinery Oilers
 Another type of salesman sample is the miniature or store display that was probably not carried around by a traveling salesman at all, but was rather displayed or hung up in the shop or store as an enticement for all that came through.  The patented machinery Oilers on the right are probably an example of this type of vintage sample.  This display was meant to be mounted near the counter to impress those who saw it.  It is a neat piece as each oiler is slightly different, and the Patentee had his name and other information embossed on the glass of each oiler.   This is pretty neat, to think that there were so many different styles available to the public back then.

Good . . . . . $1295.00      SOLD

        Sample Rope / TwineSalesman Sample Rope / Twine   I believe this salesman sample of different style rope and twine are a bit earlier than the handles above.  From an era when there was more than one type or style of twine offered for the discerning shop keeper to offer his customers.  Today there are 20 different grades of toilet paper, back then people needed and used ropes much more often I suppose.  The small tags with most describe the twist or make-up of each.  It appears to me to date from the 1880's or so.  Different!

Good . . . . . $95.00      SOLD

Salesman Bread SlicerSalesman Sample Bread Slicer   I believe this is a salesman sample and not a Patent Model for 2 reasons.  There is no tag, and it has a lot of info printed on it.  It could be, but I do not think so.  None the less it is nice, and well done, and will make an attractive addition to the display..    Different!

Good . . . . . $295.00  SOLD

Salesman Sample Fishing Line DisplaySalesman Sample Hall Fishing Line Display   A stash of these came out of the old factory which had burned and closed down.  Somewhere back on the late 80's early 90's a large amount of these appeared on the market, and for a while they were bringing crazy prices, than as is typical the supply exceeded the demand and prices fell.  Now they are back to almost impossible to find.     Different!

Good + . . . . . $295.00  SOLD

Antique Salesman Sample Oak Ice Box / RefrigeratorAntique Salesman Sample Oak Ice Box / Refrigerator  This antique salesman sample oak ice box is a wonderful piece of early Americana.  To give you a sense of the scale of this diminutive piece of Americana there is a clear ruler at the base in the foreground.  It measures about 8" across, and 12" tall overall.  A perfect size for display. 

Take a look at all the details and construction.   It is unmarked as far as I can see.   It is smaller than some I have seen, but it is the real deal and not just a toy or simple model.  It is constructed to look just like the full size oak ice boxes that were offered back in the day.  It even has the ice tray in the top as well as shelves below and the enameled interior.  The brass hardware is a good miniature representation of the full size latches and hinges you find on the full size models as well.. 

The top lifts for access to the portion where the ice was put.  As you can see in the other pics the galvanized ice tray is there and just like the original.  I do not think they were accounting for the lead that might be leached into the water from the melting  ice.  Keeping the food from spoiling was the primary concern.  At the bottom the piece of oak there flips up to remove the tray where the melted water would drain.  There is a small breakout here and the small piece of oak holding the pin used as a hinge for this door is missing.    

Good + . . . . . . $695.00  SOLD!

Salesman Sample Chicken BrooderSalesman Sample Chicken Brooder  This is a Roundtop Gazebo style salesman sample of a chicken brooder or chicken coop.  It looks to date from the 40's or so and is unmarked as far as I can see.  It has a hinged door and fold down windows for ventilation.  It also has a draft system hooked up to the top vent for added ventilation.  It measures approx 14" in diameter and about the same tall. .  Different and interesting!!     

Very Good +. . . . . . . $295.00     SOLD!

Salesman Saloon Backbar in BoxSalesman Saloon Backbar in Box  This is a very nice piece.  It is unmarked as to maker, but very well done.

Good + .  . . . $950.00  SOLD!

Simmons Salesman Sample Bed SpringSimmons Salesman Sample / Patent Model of Bed Springs This is an interesting salesman sample display model that has the patent info attached to the springs in the form of a small metal tag.  At first glance one might think this was a patent model  but it is a bit too big for that.  Or that it is just a piece of doll furniture at 24 inches long, but given it has patent info on a tag attached to the spring we must assume it is a display model or salesman sample to allow the Ptent Info Tag prospective customer to view this new idea they were about to buy or sleep on. 

Here is a link to view the patent as recorded at the US Patent Office.   The text explains that the patent is for the design of the springs, and their ability to fold this way or that.  In typical fashion the description is very long winded and needlessly complicated, but I suppose that was by design. 

This patent was probably the beginnings of the famous Simmons  line of hide-a-beds and folding chairs.  Simmons was probably buying up all the different spring ideas for furniture and beds presented to them to utilize in their products.  It would also keep others from encroaching on their plans and development of this now famous line of furniture.  I am not sure if this was the idea or design that they went with and incorporated into their  line of beds and chairs, but given they made a model of it and tagged it I would assume it is. 

Good +. . . . . . $395.00      SOLD!

Salesman Sample Windmill w/ Auxiliary Rotor In Tail VaneSalesman Sample Windmill w/ Auxiliary Rotor In Tail Vane    This is a super nice condition and very unusual salesman sample of a power Windmill as opposed to a more typically seen pump style windmill.  In addition to having a highly detailed and complex feature to feather the vanes for different wind conditions, this sample size windmill has a very different design for the vane tail with a separate tail rotor that is chain driven.  I believe this was to correct the tendency for a windmill to swing away from the wind when operating and be less efficient.

I have been told that because it is a power design windmill as opposed to a pump design windmill that this is a factor that has to be addressed.  The power design means that it delivers its power to the bottom shaft in a circular motion as opposed to an up and down motion as typically seen to drive a water pump.  This style windmill was used to power shop tools, generators and the like as opposed to those typically seen in the field whose purpose was to operate a well pump.

It is unmarked, and to date I have not found any info on the maker, patents, or specific design.   I am in the process of gathering more info and doing research to find out when this idea was patented, and who the maker or inventor was.   To date I have not seen any others with the tail rotor feature this windmill has.  I am not sure if it was ever put into production as a full size windmill.  I will update this ad as I gather that info. 

A very nice piece of farm history that will make for a great display piece. 

Fine +      SOLD!

Salesman Sample / Patent Model Clockwork Mechanism Rocking Crib w/ Fan / Doll SizeDoll Size Salesman Sample / Patented Model of Automatic Rocking Crib w/ Clockwork Mechanism  & Lace Fan   This is a super nice piece and, I am sure, a one-of-a-kind salesman sample / patented model of an automatic rocking cradle / crib  from the 19th century.  Please be sure to see all the pictures I have provided to fully appreciate this wonderful piece.

The patent for this automatic rocking cradle was issued to a Mr. Kinderman / Kindermann of Troutville, PA on March 30th 1875.   It seems he spelled his name both ways, or the Patent Office did.  His name on this model is spelled with one N and the patent was issued to the name spelled with two N's.  He was issued another patent with just one N in that patent.  It took me a while to figure that out and find this patent.  The number is 161417 and it is a very close match. 

The first picture to the left shows the automatic rocking cradle / crib fully assembled .  The salesman sample case is shown in pictures below.  The model itself  is about 12" across and fits perfectly into the original black salesman carry case.  With all the parts assembled it is about 30" tall to the top of the hoop.  Up at the top of that hoop is a provision to hold the pendulum rod, and to regulate the distance that the crib will rock when activated.  The action when it is all assembled and operating is great but a bit spotty.  The clockwork mechanism runs just fine, but is a bit underpowered to actually rock the cradle consistently.   The patent refers to the hanging lace fan over the cradle as chasing away flies and keeping the baby cool.  It refers to the gentle action transmitted to the rocking cradle through the "clock train" clockwork mechanism as "somnific" as opposed to the "jerky and irregular" motion imparted by the "attendant" / mother.

Just imagine the salesman slowly and carefully taking this out of the original black carry case explaining its functions and qualities while assembling it in front of the new prospective customer---be that the mother or a storekeeper.  It takes me about 10 minutes to do this with all the pieces carefully stored in the case that need to be assembled correctly.  First question that comes to my mind, and I am sure the mothers', is:  When full size, just how big would that baby-eating "clock train" with exposed gears on the end be?  Big enough to eat fingers, or my whole baby?  On a more personal level,  I imagine most mothers would not be to impressed when told their way of rocking the baby was jerky and  incorrect either.  I have a feeling that this better idea was met with some mild skepticism when presented. 

It is a perfect size to go with, and be the highlight of an advanced antique doll collection, or any advanced collection of Americana consisting of "real" pieces.  It is a great piece of early mechanical Americana and not a made up or newly created assemblage that some folk art dealers manage to come up with these days. 

Way different and a super interesting piece!!   Opportunity!!

Fine +. . . . . . . .   SOLD!

Yale & Towne Salesman Sample Skid Jack / Pallet JackYale & Towne Salesman Sample Skid Jack / Pallet Jack w/ Skid   This is a super nice salesman sample of a skid jack made by the leader in the industry Yale & Towne.  This model or salesman sample is an exact replica of a working skid jack, more commonly called  a pallet jack these days.  The condition is all original and super.  The hydraulic jack and its release and all other functions work as they should.  All the wheels and bearings are good.  The name plaque gives the location of Philadelphia, PA, but there is no patent info or other dates.  I would guess from right around the turn of the century and before electric forklifts were introduced in the 1920's.  A very nice piece of industrial history that will make for a great display piece.

Fine . . . . . . . $1995.00         SOLD!

Salesman Sample / Toy Wringer for Washing Machine / WasherSalesman Sample / Toy Wringer for Washing Machine / Washer  This is a very nice piece.  They are hard to find in this condition in an original box!!

Good + .  . . . $195.00  SOLD!

Antique Salesman Sample Mantle w/ Fireplace in BoxSalesman Sample Mantle w/ Fireplace in Box  This is a very nice piece.  It is unmarked as to maker, but very well done.

Good + .  . . . $395.00        SOLD!

Antique Salesman Sample Double Boiler / Cooking PotSalesman Sample Double Boiler / Cooking Pot  This is an interesting salesman sample.  It is a very well made piece with copper bottom and about 10 different pieces that all fit together and inside one another. It is unmarked as to maker, but very well done.

Good + .  . . . 125.00       SOLD!

Salesman Sample SIS Co Miniature Blacksmith AnvilSalesman Sample Miniature SIS Co Blacksmith Anvil  The name SIS Co - Superior and location Made in Sweden are engraved in the side of this fine condition miniature salesman sample anvil.  These anvils are oftentimes called Sisco which is an acronym for Swedish Iron and Steel Corporation. It is real, and not a new knockoff or repop.  The plating is in fine condition. It has not been beat on or banged up.  Very Nice!!

Fine . . . . . $150.00        SOLD!!


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