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I like antique miniature anvils and use to buy and sell a lot of them. Real examples are an3.jpg (8864 bytes)getting hard to find and there are far more new and reproduction miniature anvils on the market than there use to be which has dampened interest and hurt this collectible in more ways than just the value.  Just look at eBay and you will see what I mean.  Hundreds of new and reproduction anvils can be found there.  Many offered as vintage or antique using the definition of older than some.  I still like real ones though.

Vintage & Antique Small Anvils

I am particularly interested in small anvils that have some sort of interesting characteristic, be it raised letter advertising, or incised lettering, dates, or other info cast or inscribed on the anvil, or other similar interesting features.  I especially like antique advertising anvils from old time businesses or actual full size anvil makers like Hay Budden, Wright, or the like. 

I like anvils Miniature Anvilthat have information or figural scenes and dates cast or impressed into the sides of the anvil.  Typically these miniature anvils are about 4" or so long and a couple of inches tall.  There are  exceptions both larger and smaller that are going to be of interest as well.

These small vintage anvils were made for a variety of reasons.  Some mini antique anvils were given out or sold as souvenirs at the early Expositions that were once a large part of the American scene back in the late 1800's and into the early 1900's.

Others were sold as souvenirs at fairs or commemorative events like the one just above Advertising Anvilthat has 1776 on one side and 1876 on the other, thus commemorating the first American Centennial.

Many companies that dealt with tools, forging, casting or with other iron products produced small anvils as advertising or as giveaways / paperweights for their customers.  These are of special interest and some are very detailed.

Some of these early anvils were made of the material that the company produced, like those that say they are made of babbit / lead, the material used for the bearings in large machines of that era.  Others are brass, aluminum or copper, and can be found marked or not. Some are cast, and others are machined.

Some vintage miniature anvils were made by individuals as gifts or remembrances, and these can be of interest as well.  Many of the nicest unmarked examples were made as anvil projects by students in machinist classes at vocational schools around the country.  Still others have been made from the scrap derived from famous buildings or ships that were demolished for one reason or another. I have had several over the years that claimed to be from the wreckage of the warship the Maine.

Other small anvils were made to be used by Jewelers or clockmakers and the like and some of these can be very nice as well. If you have any of the above mentioned small anvils you would like to sell, or I can help you sell please contact me.   I sold my last little collection of them, and you can see a portion of that in the sales archive section of this site. 

New Anvils

 There are a flood of reproduction and new miniature anvils available these days. a7.jpg (17475 bytes) The styles I like seem to be the ones that are being reproduced in the largest numbers these days.  Some are nicely cast and well done by what I will call mechanics here in the US.   Other lesser examples are coming from China, India or Pakistan in huge numbers and are just a sign of the times. Some are well done, some are so poorly done it is sad.  These include the new John Deere anvils found with raised letters, and others such as the Cal Poly anvil with the bear, or others from the same mold / factory.  There are examples of NEW anvils being sold right now on eBay of some of the best known original and valuable anvils, and they are, I assume, collectible in their own right given the money they sell for, but that is not what I am looking for either.
anvil2.jpg (18691 bytes)
The small brass give-away anvils with the slogan about "Compliments of" or "To  Forge our Friendship" stamped into the top that were popular giveaways in the 60's / 70's.  These small anvils very common and an example of the sort of miniature anvil worth little, and that I usually do not buy. 

The above miniature / salesman sample anvils are an example of the caliber, condition and quality of these vintage anvils that we are interested in buying & selling.  To get a sense of values click the above link, or go to eBay to see what they are currently selling for.

If you have quality antique or vintage mini anvils similar to those that you see on this page that you want to sell,  please contact us at providing as many details as possible. Thank you!!

To see many other examples of antiques that we have for sale please go to our sister site at and visit the numerous sale pages you will find there.

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