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Antique Salesman Samples

Shop Models / Toy & Model Steam Engines & More

We buy and can help you sell your Antique Patent Models and Vintage Salesman Samples!!


We buy, sell, and deal in antique salesman samples, and detailed antique models related to tools & technology.  Salesman Sample Star Mill Windmill w/ BoxVintage models or salesman samples from a host of categories are of interest and many of those have their own pages on this site including Salesman Sample Washers, Patent Models, and Salesman Samples of Farm Machinery.  Please see those info pages linked on the left for more info.  Past sale prices / results can be found on the linked pages to the right.

Our 2 websites combined are one of the largest and most visible sources for information about, and actual sales of salesman samples and patent models on the internet. We conduct our internet sales from our sister site  Please visit that site if you are in the market to buy similar antiques, or want to see how we conduct our consignment sales of antiques.
Salesman Sample Wood Stove
If you want to learn more about our consignment sales program, please read the FAQ page as well.  To see examples of Past sales results with descriptions and prices click the appropriate link in the right column. 

On this page, we will show you some examples of the types of antique inventor built shop models and manufactured salesman samples that we are interested in, have sold in the past, or currently have listed for sale on our sales website.

The picture on the left is a coffee bean or other seed / bean drying Salesman Sample Coffee Bean Dryer machine that would probably date from the later part of the 19th century.  The idea was that the beans were cooled in a device like this to prevent them from overcooking after the roasting process.  Cool air was fed into this device from the bottom, and by blowing cool air through the material as you stirred it with the paddle and operated the up and down mechanism at the top, you evenly cooled and dried the product after roasting it.  You can still see similar machines in use at your favorite coffee roasting house if they perform this process in view for their customers.  This example stands approx. 16" tall and appears to be a manufactured piece but is unmarked.

We are also interested in, and buy / sell and deal in small table top coffee grinders or mills as well as wall mount coffee grinders.  I have another page under the Americana Heading toSalesman Sample of 1867 Musselman Patent of Combination Cheese / Fruit  Press and Stuffer Stuffer cover Coffee Mills you can check out.

We are interested in buying both toy and salesman samples of stoves, washers, and other pieces, but there is such a huge difference in values between the two that it is oftentimes difficult to understand.   Many sellers assume their toy stove, washer, sewing machine or other object is a salesman sample when in fact it is just a toy, and then proceed to grossly overvalue /overprice their mass produced toy.

This same dilemma also arises with early steam toys.  It is oftentimes hard to differentiate Model Steam Enginebetween what are obviously toys by such outfits as Jensen, Weyden, Plank, Marklin and others, and what are obviously shop built machinist made models of steam engines.  These toys are often found in shops with tags mistakenly identifying them as salesman samples, or claiming toys from the 1980's are antiques from the 1880's.   The Germans made some very detailed and exacting toy steam engines that look just like full size steam engines, but they are still toys.  Then there are the detailed models of actual steam engines that have been made ever since the engines were made.  On the left is a contemprary model of a steam engine and generator made in the 1990's by a model maker and sold through auction houses like Christies.  As art I suppose as they hardly mention or address the contemporary nature of what they are selling in the catalog.  Again, they are contemporary models, being made today and sold in the large auctions houses as art.  They are not true salesman samples.  They are neat, well done, and can be quite expensive, but are still just models.  Similar things are being produced here in the states as well.  Miniature one lung engines, farm machines, hog oils and more.  All models.

Lastly there is the class of small steam engines like the Creator steam engines that were used in popcorn machines or to power other small machines during the era before the introduction of electricity.  These are a favorite with collectors.  Salesman Sample Queen Wahing Machine Another antique oftentimes identified as salesman samples are models of or toy washers.

Another category that is often confusing to determine what is what is toy and salesman sample stoves. I have a separate page dealing specifically with these on this site, (linked in the left column) and have a collection of toy and sample stoves currently listed for sale on our site  Past sales results with values can be found on the appropriate page linked on the right. 

salesman sample tool handlesIn general salesman samples can come in all shapes and sizes.  We are primarily concerned with mechanical examples dating from the late 1800's and in some cases extending into the 1900's. 
Many people argue that in order for an object to be properly called a salesman sample it must have a case or box that it would be carried in that the door-to-door salesman would utilize.  This is not always true.  It might be an indication, or be useful as a negotiation ploy if what you have is in one, but the fact is many salesman samples never had a box and were not intended to.  The roll of tool handle on the left is a good example. 

Think about the models you see on retail counters of stores acting as advertising and salesman samples today  They Yale & Towne Salesman Sample Skid Jack / Pallet Jack do not have boxes, and there have been store / countertop displays as long as there have been general or country stores. That is the problem with making blanket statements.  On the right is a salesman sample Pallet Jack by Yale & Towne from the 20's or so.

Another category of antiques / collectibles that we deal in in a big way and that are oftentimes misidentified as salesman samples are toy sewing machines or TSM's.  I have never seen a salesman sample sewing machine, from any era, but half or more of all toy machines listed for sale on eBay are identified as salesman samples, especially Singer toy sewing machines.  There are a lot of small but full size machines that were produced and offered over the years that are also identified as salesman samples that are in fact just small machines designed for travel or for other reasons.

Patent Models & Salesman Samples of
Washing Machines & Washers

We Buy or Can Help You Sell Antique Patent Models and Salesman Samples!!

We are active full time antique dealers.  Over the years we have bought & sold many U.S. Patent models, antique salesman Salesman Sample Washing Machinesamples, and other detailed antique models of washing machines, vintage ironing devices, other collectible laundry related antiques and much more.  Some of the laundry related pieces and washers we have previously sold have appeared on the Antique Roadshow with their happy new owners. 

We are interested in any original U.S. Patent Models, early salesman samples of washers, toy washers, and other detailed antique models or salesman samples related to those categories of  antiques that we specialize in.

We conduct our internet antique sales from our sister site   Please visit that site if you are in the market to buy, or want to see how we conduct our consignment sales of various antiques.  If you want to learn more about our antique consignment sales program, please read the FAQ page as well. 

Our internet Antique websites are one of the largest and most visible sources for information about and actual sales of salesman samples and patent models on the internet.

Patent Model Washing Machines

It is amazing how many different patent models and salesman samples of early washing machines that were produced.  The Patent Model / Slaesman Sample Washing Machinenumber of patents given out for these devices during their heyday spanning from the the mid to later parts of the 19th century up until the first part of the last century must number in the thousands and a lot of them have survived.

For Patent models to be complete and proper they should have their original patent tag and usually their receiving tag from the Patent Office.  For more info on the history of Patent Models see our  Patent Model page.
This picture depicts a very detailed example of Yankee ingenuity running wild in the form of a patent model for an unusual plunger type washing machine. A mechanical plunger / washer must have seemed like a pretty advanced concept to this fellow, even though he hailed from San Francisco.  One can only wonder what his world experience was or if he had ever Patent Model Washing Machineseen what the competition was offering when he came up with this idea. This 1885 patent was granted for an idea whose time was already past---by 1885 when this patent was issued there were already much more advanced and practical washers on the market to impress the American consumer who was already falling into the pattern of  "I need a bigger and better one" way of life that still seems to drive our culture today.  One can only wonder if the inventor was married and if his wife encouraged this, or what he was thinking.

The next picture is of a patent model of an antique washing machine that is in Patent Model Washer the form of  a wheelbarrow.  It  is our favorite for several reasons.  This was an idea that was so absurd that Mr. Maytag's idea was sure to be a winner some years down the line.   But hey, this is America, the place that was built on ideas, and where you can sell most anything. This model was set up to be operated either stationary, or when it was pushed around the yard.  The inventor must have had to push one some where in his past to have come up with this wacky idea. I have spent 20 some years looking for the full size version, but fear this is an example of a better idea that never made it into production.

Please Note:

What we are looking for are patent models and salesman sample washers, from the Salesman Sample / Toy Washing Machineabsurd and  unworkable  ideas, to those you recognize.  We are not in the market for the full-size one your neighbor gave you, or that your mother never called the scrap guy to come pick up, or was left in the basement of the house you just bought. We also do not buy Mangles or Ironrite ironing machines either.

In general we do not buy or deal in full size washers because of size constraints, cost of shipping, and lack of demand.  Some are great, and I love the designs and action but I do not buy them.  Let me illustrate the reason so you can more fully understand.  If you box it, crate it, ship it to me, pay for storage, all at your cost, I will sell it for you for far more than you can get locally.  I sold 5 full size antique washers a few years back for 5,000 - - - far more I imagine than you can get locally.  To date nobody has taken me up on that offer and I bet none will.   Get the idea. 

Salesman Sample & Toy Washing Machines

In addition to the many patent model washers of antique washing Queen Salesman Sample Washer machines that are available there are also salesman samples and small size toy washers that resemble their full size counterparts.  We are interested in any quality examples that you may know of. 

Generally speaking, if they have the manufacturer's location and other information stenciled on them, we consider them more likely to be salesman samples or display models rather than toys, as demonstrated by the Queen Washer on the left.  In thatantique toy washing machine picture, and the one on the right I am showing you a graphic example of the difference between what we consider to be a salesman sample and a toy washer, and you can easily see this for yourself.  The difference in quality and craftsmanship are clear and evident when comparing these two machines.  The early salesman sample / display model on the left is a much more valuable and desirable than the typical toy washer on the right.  We can help you sell either, but as can be seen there is a big difference, and there is a 5 - 10X difference in value as well. 

The sample & Child size washers seen and described here and on the archive sale result pages are examples of the caliber, condition and quality of these antiques that I am primarily interested in buying and can help you sell.

Salesman Sample Royal Washing Machine by Huenefeld Co. of Cincinnati OHIf you have any antique patent model or salesman sample washing machinesBarnard's Salesman Sample 20th Century Washing Machine similar to the examples shown that you want us to help you sell and consign to our sales pages at, please contact us at

To see examples of antiques that I currently have for sale please go to our sister site at and visit the numerous sale pages you will find there.

We are active and serious buyers, sellers and dealers in antique salesman samples and many objects that are identified as them.  If you have salesmen samples or models, miniature toys, or or other science & technology related items, that you want to sell please let us know by contacting us at

Salesman Sample Stoves / Toy & Child Size Ranges & Stoves
Patent Model Stoves & Laundry Stoves

We Buy or Can Help You Sell Toy or Salesman Sample Size Small Stoves!!

We are full time active antique dealers in Antique & Vintage small child size, miniature or salesman sample size stoves. To see stoves we currently are selling please visit the Stove sale page at  Note:  We are currently Sold Out!!

Small antique stoves are one of the most widely misunderstood of all collectibles in the Antique Toy Stoveantique marketplace today.  Even the "experts" often times cannot agree on what constitutes a salesman sample, display model, a simple toy, or even an outright fake.  I have heard some even argue that salesman sample stoves do not exist.  They do.  Some will call a legitimately old small stove a salesman sample, while others call it a toy, and still others call that same stove a display model or display piece that would sit in the store window.  The truth is one stove might fit two or more of those descriptions as the stove to the left does.  At 70 some lbs. it is doubtful it was being carried door to door by the salesperson.   And all of this from people that supposedly know and understand antiques.

Many less knowledgeable sellers call relatively new toy stoves antiques and salesman samples, innocently or intentionally.  Most of those stoves are nothing more than new toys offered as old makingMcClary Saleseman Sample / Toy Cookstove them outright fakes and frauds.

I am not an expert, or the final word, but I will try and not confuse the issue, and at the same time describe the types and styles of small vintage stoves that are of interest to us and those that are not.

Please Note:  We do not buy, sell or deal in full size gas, electric or wood fired stoves!!  I do not have parts, or know what they are worth, or where you can sell yours.

Salesman Sample & Toy Stoves

Pictured on the left is the #503 Charter Oak.  It was made or offered by a well known real stove company, and I suppose it could be called a Chater Oak 503 Cookstovesalesman sample, but we consider them to be toys, or store displays.  Full size examples of this stove were available for sale.  That does not always, or definitively make a small model or toy size stove a salesman sample.  There is room for discussion or differing points of view on stoves like this.

I have been told that those who bought a full size stove, could buy, or were given, one of these stoves.  There would be a few marketing ideas orAcme Cast Iron Toy Stove by Stevens concepts that would explain this such as building brand loyalty, and I do not doubt it.  This stove weighs in at 70 some pounds, measures over 24" across and I seriously doubt anybody's grandpa or distant relative was carting one around door to door peddling them across the countryside.

Small Charter Oak stoves came in several sizes and different finishes with the 503 being the largest.  The Great Majestic Stove

I have seen many legitimate salesman sample stoves in their carrying cases.  Many were gas or electric stoves or ranges from the teens or twenties.  These were a size and makeup  that the salesman could have carried around while attempting to convince the shopkeeper or leery early housewife of the marvels of gas or electricity over that hot and labor intensive wood fired beast over in the corner.

Salesman samples should not be confused with the small electric toy kitchen ranges that actually work that are constantly offered as salesman samples on eBay or in "antique" shops. These small electric toy stoves are often operable and many are enameled. They are nicely made, but are toys andBaby Enameled Toy Stove not salesman samples. I have seen these offered for sale for several thousand dollars and seen others still sitting on the shelf for a couple hundred.  They sell for even less when offered on eBay, but that does not stop the offers I receive to pay $1000 or more for something I can buy for $100 or so if I wanted. 

Larger and well detailed stoves such as The Majestic, Karr, or the US that I have pictured in the top corner of this page are examples that have enamel or graniteware exteriors.  Just to the right is another interesting stove, an enameled Baby.  This is a relatively common toy stove in plain cast iron or nickel finish and is a French Salesman Sample Stovetoy.  This same design stove can be found with several different names on the door, but is rarely found enameled as this one is.  It was made by Stevens and in general this style toy stove use to sell for 300 - 500 depending on the condition and details.  Today similar stoves are selling for half or less on eBay.

Condition is critical to the value of these stoves, and those that are broken up or missing pieces are not worth what the one you saw on the Roadshow appraise at, or what you saw one bring on some other TV antique show.  Speaking of current values, there is a book out by a fellow named Ford that has some great examples of these types of stoves pictured.  It is a price guide, but when those values are compared to what most stoves are typically selling for today on eBay these days there are enormous disparities.  BeDetroit Stove Works Toy Stove aware and do some research!!

 The small cast iron stove on the left is French.  It is nicely done, very detailed and quite ornate.  This stove even has an enamel lined water tank on the far  right.  I was once told that these stoves were for actual use in apartments in France.  I am not sure if that is true and find it hard to imagine as it measures just 12" or so high and only 20" across, but pieces like this have a nice look nonetheless and there are other similar stoves in the marketplace.

Some of the largest and most prolific makers of toy cast iron stoves were Stevens, Kenton, Hubley and a few others.  Stoves with names like the Laundry StoveBaby, Royal, Queen, were made by these toy makers, while in general stoves with names like Buck's, Charter Oak, Detroit Stove Works, or others with actual company or stove works in their names were made by or for that company.  But again, that does not necessarily make them salesman samples.  On the right is an example of a stove that is very similar to its larger counterpart.  It is marked Detroit Stove Works.  I believe that it is just a toy or at best a display model and not a true salesman sample.

We also buy and sell small laundry stoves and /or different style sad iron heaters that went along with  stoves to heat pressing irons with.  We can also help you sell things like stove pipe trivets or mitten warmers like the one pictured on the right above the laundry stove pictured.  In each of these categories there are many different varieties available, and we are interested in all legitimate and good condition pieces for inclusion to our sale pages on our sister site where we have numerous antiques from a host of categories available for sale as well.

If you have any similar small antique stoves like those pictured here that are for sale,  please contact us at and provide us with as many details as possible.

Fake & Reproduction Stoves

The most commonly seen or found NEW stoves are marked Crescent, Queen, Royal, Favorite, or Spark. In each instance there are legit old versions of these stoves.  Some of these knockoffs have been being made for so long that the distinction is now being lost.

First, I do not consider a Crescent stove from the 60-70's to be "real" or legit. I consider it to be new, and a knockoff, fake, or reproduction. That is what it is. You might not think that and that is fine.  There are people who believe the earth is flat and that dinosaurs and man roamed the earth at the same time and that is fine as well, but that idea should not be foisted upon others as fact, or used to deceive another when presenting it for sale or seeking info.

Provenance of I bought it from an 80 year old XX years ago is meaningless. Same with Grandma owned it unless you yourself are approaching 100 years old. Show me a vintage photograph of Grammie with it in the playhouse and you will have something.  Or the receipt dated 188X, or ------ .    I bought the fake Favorite pictured just below from a 90 year old and she had owned it for 30 years.  It is still a fake.

These new stoves have flooded the market and are always offered up as the real thing on eBay, the Internet, and in the group "antique" shops all over the country.   Well over 90% of what you see offered on eBay in the way of small stoves are new or reproductions, and yet they are usually being offered as salesman samples or vintage antiques by the dealers proudly displaying them.   Most notably and frequently seen are the many different versions of Crescent, a couple different versions of the Favorite, and the pot-bellied Spark.  I will speak about just one here.

This "Favorite" Cast Iron Stove is a Reproduction:

On the left I have pictured a newer Favorite stove, and even though this particular stove is at least Favorite Stove 30 years old, was bought by an old person, from an old person, it is a fake nonetheless.  I have heard this version was made in Mexico in the 60's -70's.   It was actually a pretty well done example, but is a fake nonetheless.

Perhaps it has a place in the decorator's scheme, but when sold, it should be offered for what it is and at a price that reflects that.  They typically sell for around $200 on eBay.  The latest fake version of the Favorite Stove (not shown) must be from the Far East or China and the molds done off of one of these earlier remakes.  The newest version is so rough and poorly cast that you can hardly read the name in the front door. They are also put together with Phillips head screws and the stove lids are so poorly done that no question should remain as to their authenticity, and yet they are offered as real all the time.

I have seen numerous attempts to make these new stoves appear to be legit by changing Cast Iron Toy Stove out screws or having the doors nickeled or replacing the top lids, but they still look horrible.  I use to visit with a fellow who spent his later years in front of a TV with fake mini waffle irons in hand rubbing them with emery to improve the look.  That was 30 some years ago, and he was making a living buying them for $5.00 and selling them for $50.00.  They looked good when he was done, but they too were fake.   

On the right is an original Dolly's Favorite Stove that these re-pops are fashioned after.  Hopefully you can see the difference in the blow-up pic.  The one other tell for the real Favorite stove is that none of the fakes are marked on the side panel Dolly's Favorite as this one is.

Note Concerning the market for small stoves
This is a market that has suffered greatly in the recent past. There are a number of reasons. In no particular order, and with little explanation, here is a list of some reasons for that.

  • Serious old time collectors of stoves have passed, left the market and no longer buy or drive the market
  • Major old time dealers in them have passed, left the market and no longer buy or sell
  • Dealers priced themselves out of the market - The bubble burst
  • Tastes have changed and todays buyers would just as soon have a $40.00 NEW / fake stove from China as a $400.00 or 4,000.00 real stove
  • Fakes are routinely offered as real
  • Shipping Costs, breakage issues, non insurable or claims denied
  • Ebay
  • Pinterest - Why collect objects when you can collect pictures.
  • And More

Please contact me if you have an interesting or unusual small stove that you want to sell at as we are still interested in nice examples priced reasonably. 

Thank you!!
Larry & Carole

This website is Copyrighted
Larry & Carole Meeker