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We own and operate the antique sales website www.Patented-Antiques.com in addition to this Stanley #45 Combination Planeinformational website www.AntiqBuyer.com.   It is one of the largest and best known sources for antique tools on the internet. 

We are currently selling antique tools that originate from a collection that numbered over 15,000 antique tools before the original owner died and left the task of disbursing it to his heirs.   If you are looking to buy vintage and antique tools please visit that site. 

If you have antique woodworking tools similar to those you see on this page that you want to sell, please contact us at AntiqBuyer@gmail.com with details and we will get back to you ASAP. Stanley planes

On this page are a series of pictures and information about types of  vintage & antique woodworking tools and planes that I buy, sell and deal in.  I will discuss different types of tools we are seeking and provide some information about their values. The following pictures of vintage and antique woodworking planes present  graphic view of some of the subtle differences that occur in antique tools that affect values and create a price range from a few dollars to many hundreds of dollars for a given antique tool or plane. 

They may all look the same upon first glance or to the casual observer but that is not what antique collectible tools and their values are all about.

Rarity & Demand

Condition, rarity, and desirability all play a part in the value of antique tools.  All of these Bailey Victor Block Plane factors are intertwined.  This first plane shown is known as a Victor block plane. This plane dates from the late 1800's and is a popular and desirable collectible plane for several different reasons. It was designed by Leonard Bailey and its value can run from a couple of hundred dollars to about $1000 depending on condition,  finish, and other subtle differences.

Stanley planes A Stanley #101 block plane like those on the right, which is about the same size, somewhat similar in appearance, and can date from just about the same era to right up to about 1980 have trouble getting to $40.

Whether you are looking to buy or attempting to sell antique tools,  I can help.  At our sister website www.Patented-Antiques.com we have many quality antique tools and other antiques currently listed for sale, and I am always looking for new additions to add to those sale pages. 

You can check prices of misc tools we have sold in the sales archives or  past sales prices / Planes should you be looking for a value for your planes or tools prior to selling them.  

I am always looking to refresh my stock  of antique woodworking tools and planes.  If you have antique tools and planes you want to sell please contact me at AntiqBuyer@gmail.com

The next photo shows an example of a desirable form of wooden molding plane.  This plan18th Century Molding Planee exhibits the proper characteristics that would lead one to believe that it is an 18th century American plane dating from the mid to late 1700's.  The clues include the shape of the wedge, the heavy chamfers, yellow birch as the wood, etc.  When properly marked with a documented and desirable maker's names like Chelor or Nicholson, who are documented 18th century wooden molding plane makers, a plane like this can bring from several hundred to several thousand dollars in the antique tool marketplace.

The bad news here is that this example, even though it is made of yellow birch, is in good condition, has a proper looking wedge, and the characteristic heavy chamfers of a 18th century plane, is unmarked and thus worth about $20 or less if you can find a buyer. I have seen the author of the books on this type of plane selling unmarked examples for $10.00 and less to move them along at antique tools show and auctions.

I sold my 20 best molding planes for approximately $10,000 a number of years back, and have not had the opportunity to obtain many more as the supply of rare wooden planes has pretty much dried up.  The days of them coming out of the barn, or from the attic are about over.  Again, they may all look the same to the casual observer, but when it comes time to sell yours, you better know which is which.  It is all in the details.

Changing Values

The antique tool market and the values for a given tool change over time, often leaving a trail Stanley #340 Furring Planeof short-lived wildly high prices and sharply spiked price swings in its wake that some people never seem to figure out. Way back when, tool collectors all wanted primitive and hand forged tools, and some became quite expensive, bringing unheard of prices for a while. 

Tastes changed and everybody wanted patented or manufactured tools and planes, driving those prices to new highs while prices for those primitive tools fell.  Then folding rules were hot, or plumb bobs, then marking gauges,  levels, then wrenches, and next year it will be ??? and so on.

In other words, the demand for specific categories of antique tools ebbs and flows, and sometimes the prices for specific groups go through the roof, while other categories go right in the tank.  It is a science that does not take a degree in rocketry to figure out, just a knowledge of the market, some insight, and a feel or sense for current market trends to understand. 

The plane pictured above on the left, a Stanley #340 furring plane and the #39 Dado Plane Stanley #39 Dado Planeon the right are prime examples of  patented metallic specialty planes offered by Stanley that continue to go up in value, slowly, but not much faster than inflation.  Both of these planes can still be had today for not much more, or in some cases less than they bought 15-20 years ago during the heyday of Stanley plane collecting.

There are examples of patented antique planes and other woodworking tools that are not worth half of what was paid for them 20 years ago, and others that are bringing 10-20 times or more than what they used to back then. It is all in the details, and knowing what is "hot" or desirable now.  The truth is, there is no telling what will be hot or desirable next year.  Or what something that sold for $500 last year will sell for next year given the market and economy today.

Stanley Bedrock Planes

The next pictures are some more examples of popular and desirable patented metallic planes Stanley Bedrock Plane that we typically deal in and are always looking for.  Condition is crucial.  On the right is a Stanley #604 Bedrock.  This is a later model and commonly referred to as a flat-top because of its distinctive side rail design.  These are considered the king of bench planes and their appeal runs from the current day user to the advanced collector for some of the rarer versions or model numbers of this Stanley Bedrock series of planes.

Values can run from a low of $40 or so for a broken up parts plane to $1000 or more for a choice example in a hard to find size or # such as the # 602 Bedrock plane. Other desirable sixes are the 605 1/4, and the 604 1/2.  Again, it is all in the details.

When Bedrock planes were being produced between approx 1898 and 1940 they cost only a quarter to a dollar more than the standard Stanley / Bailey #2-8 size bench plane counterparts.  Today Stanley Bedrocks # 602 - 608 are worth double or more than their more common Stanley counterparts.  The differing values lie in  the small details and the condition.  Factors which are vital to understand and consider when either buying or selling old collectible or user tools.

The plane on the left is an early model Stanley #10 rabbet plane, and is a variation that would add Stanley #10 1/2 Planeconsiderably to its value over a later version #10 or 10 1/2 rabbit plane. They are the size of a standard #4 plane, but have the cut out sides to make them rabbit planes.   Stanley is still making a version of this plane in England that sells for a bit more than $100. 

The first model #10 plane's distinguishing feature is that the front sole piece has the ability to move to adjust the throat opening for different types of wood.  There have been exhaustive type studies done Sargent #74 Compass Plane on antique planes and their features, and this research has created a knowledge base which has led to the ability to closely determine the year of manufacture for various planes or other woodworking tools.  This knowledge has allowed for the precise dating of various tools that to the untrained or uncaring eye all look the same.  At times these details can seem tedious and unimportant, but a planes value can be greatly affected by these details.

Next is a compass or circular plane that was made by Sargent Tool Co., thus making it vastly more rare than its counterpart the Stanley #20 compass plane.  It is rarer, and harder to find, but not worth all that much more, and in fact until recently most sold for far less. This is explained by demand. In this case, demand, not supply determines the value.  This is not always the case though, and sometimes two planes that are nearly identical in appearance can command a price difference that is 10-fold or more. 

 Sargent #74 Compass PlaneA case in point, in reverse.  I have had folks offer me Sears marked planes (Fulton, Dunlop) claiming they are far rarer because fewer were made, or marked that way, and they are, but if no one cares, and no one does, they are worth just a fraction of the same plane made by and marked Stanley in today's market.   FACT. 

And finally, just above is what is considered a very rare Stanley rabbet plane. It is a Stanley 90A in the original box. One time about 15 years ago now, in one auction, on one day, a 90A in the box sold for over 10K. I have this one listed for sale on my page for under 6K for almost as long, and one out of the box for under 3K.  Neither have sold.  There are several morals or stories that go with that fact, and the same stories or situations repeat time after time in all categories. I will leave you with just one thought. Not all things are worth what - - - - - - -. Sargent Lady Bug Rabbet Plane

The above planes and tools are an example of the caliber, condition and quality of antique tools that I am primarily interested in helping you sell. 

If you have quality antique tools or vintage planes similar to those that you see on this page that you want to sell,  please contact us at AntiqBuyer@gmail.com providing me with as many details as possible.

To see examples of past sales and values for antique tools I have previously sold visit the past sales archive pages from the right column. 

To see examples of antique or vintage tools that I currently have for sale please go to our sister site at www.Patented-Antiques.com.

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