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We can help you sell your Antiques!!

Below is a general outline of some of the specific types of antiques and vintage Charles Parker 202 Coffee Millcollectibles that we are looking to buy and add to our antique sales pages on our sister sales website at

Please visit the past sales archive pages in the right column to see what we have sold things for in the past. For more info on our consignment sales program, please see the FAQ page

Please contact us at anytime if you have interesting antiques for sale similar to those you see on the various pages of this website.  Please provide me with a many details as possible. 

Surveying Instruments & Related Antiques

Gurley Solar Transit

 18th & 19th Century Surveying Instruments * Engineer's  Transits * Theodolites * Wye Levels  * Solar Compass * Surveyor's Compass * Solar Transit * Mining Transit * Sextants * Alidades * Drafting Sets * Planimeter * Plumb Bobs * Surveying Chains * Stadia  Rules *  Octants * Tripods * Plummets *  Etc.

Early Technology / Early Office & Scientific Antiques

Webb Adder

  Antique Pencil Sharpeners * Calculators/Adders * Vintage Staplers * Check Protectors * Slide Rules * Antique Typewriters * Battery Powered & Electric Fans *  Water Powered & Fuel Fans * Early Electric Motors * Antique Light Bulbs * Microscopes * Telescopes * Early Meters *  Scientific Demonstrators * Etc.

Antique Sewing Machines

Foliage Patented Sewing Machine

Pre 1870 Patented Sewing Machines *  Cast Iron Child / Travel Size Sewing Machines * Child Treadle Sewing Machines * Sewing Machines  w/ Built-in Clamps *  Figural Sewing Machines * Sewing Birds & Figural Sewing Clamps * Antique Sewing Related Tools * Singer 221 / 222 Featherweight Sewing Machines & More

Antique & Collectible Tools

Stanley #1 Smooth Plane

Antique Wooden Molding Planes * Patented Metal Planes * Carpenter's Tools & Rules * Early Machinist Tools * Patented Levels * Saws * All Antique Tools *  Related Tool Paper, Images, Hardware Store & Trade Catalogs * And More!

Ironing & Laundry Related Antiques

dion fluting iron

 Fluting Irons * Fluters * Antique Trivets * Unusual Antique Pressing Irons or Sadirons * Liquid Fuel Irons* Pleaters *   Gas Irons * Box Irons / Slug Irons * Salesman Sample or Early Childs Washing Machines * Laundry and Ironing Related Patent Models * Etc.

Americana & Kitchen Antiques

chain drive butter churn

Antique Egg Beaters * Patented Mixers * Butter Churns * Apple Peelers / Parers * Nutmeg Graters * Milk Shake Mixers * Mechanical Seeders * Ice Cream Scoops * Shavers * Coffee Mills and Grinders* Antique Advertising * Can Openers * Cork Screws * Figural Cast Iron * And More!

Farm Antiques

bradley wonder cut out wrench

Corn Shellers * Antique Rope Winders * Patented & Antique Wrenches * Oil Cans & Oilers * Cast Iron Seats * Antique Farm Tools * Early Electric Motors * Steam Related Antiques * Steam Whistles * Agricultural Patent Models & Salesmen Samples

Patent Models / Salesman Samples & Whatzits

salesman sample washer

Salesman or Salesmen Samples * US Patent Models * Patented and Mechanical Gizmos &  Whatsits * Unidentified Gadgets and Much More


The process is simple. If you have an interesting antique for sale that you think we would be interested in contact us anytime by email at   Please also see our FAQ Page for more information.

I can help you sell antiques through the Antique Consignment Sale Program we offer. Please contact me with something good, that I have an interest in, and I will sell it for you.  I can and will net you more than you could realize in most other situations.  Or I will just buy it!!

Thank you!!
Larry & Carole

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