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Past Sales/ Archive

Antique Pressing Irons & Sad Irons
Plus Laundry Related Antiques

Below are examples of some of the most interesting and important ironing and laundry related antiques pieces we have sold since Barnes Patent Swan-on-Swan Box Ironwe introduced this webpage over 20 years ago.  It in no way represents all of our sales of antique irons.  We have sold something in the range of 10,000 irons during this period with prices ranging from as low as $.10 / lb to over $10,000 for a single pressing iron or sadiron.  The results seen represent a select cross-section reflecting the level, caliber and types of antique irons that we are seeking to buy.  If you have similar antique irons and laundry related antiques and collectibles you want to sell please contact us at

To see examples of similar antiques that we currently have for sale please go to our sister site at and visit the numerous sale pages you will find there. 

Rare & Unusual Antique Irons

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  • Barnes Patent Swan on Swan Patented Swan Iron     SOLD! Flat Iron Tobacco Cutter
  • Scotten Dillion Chew Flat Iron Tobacco Cutter     SOLD!
  • Meyer's Patent Revolving Iron / Polisher     SOLD!
  • Unusual European Star Decorated Box Iron     SOLD!
  • Avery Patent Removable Handle Revolving Iron SOLD!
  • Iron & Brass Scottish Box Iron    SOLD!
  • Unusual Scottish Box Iron    SOLD!
  • German Chisel Point Brass Ox Tongue Slug Iron   SOLD!
  • Child Size Streeters #5 Iron    SOLD!
  • Conformateur Hat Makers Form     SOLD!
  • German Double Rocker Gas Jet Heater with Irons     SOLD! Conformateur
  • Ornate Child Size Belgian Cap Iron     SOLD!
  • Engraved Amazoc Iron     SOLD!
  • Flat Iron Building Cast Iron Bank     SOLD!
  • Early Drop In The Back Iron with Cutout Trivet     SOLD!
  • Miniature Scottish Iron    SOLD!
  • 19th Century Miniature Stacking Plaiter    SOLD!
  • Streeter's Patent "Gem" Box / Slug Iron    SOLD!
  • Nelson Streeter / Sensible Miniature Removable Handle Iron     SOLD!

Page 2

  • "Sea Serpent" Mangle or Smoothing Board    SOLD!
  • French Stirrup Handle Swing Gate Box Iron    SOLD! "Bet Yet" Tank in the Handle Gas Iron / California Patent 
  • Round Nose Iron Double Stirrup Handle Spring Loaded Gate Box Iron    SOLD!
  • Decorated Brass Swing Gate Iron    SOLD!
  • Primitive Decorated Drop-in-the-Back Box Iron   SOLD!
  • 2 Scottish Box Irons   SOLD!
  • "Monkey Tail" Lift Gate Box Iron    SOLD!
  • Round Back Iron Lift Gate Box Iron    SOLD!
  • 19th Century Brass & Iron Lift Gate Box Iron    SOLD!
  • "The Centennial" Flat Iron Heater     SOLD!
  • "Best Yet" Tank In The Handle Gas Iron     SOLD! Standard Gas Iron / Mansfield Ohio  A rare iron with cast iron fuel tank
  • "Alcomatic" Dual Burner Liquid Fuel Iron    SOLD!
  • "Salesman Sample / Miniature Box Iron    SOLD!
  • "Salesman Sample / Miniature Hatters Iron    SOLD!
  • "Mythical Double Head Carved Figural Handle / Dated 1798 Mangle Board / Smoothing Iron    SOLD!
  • "Scottish Box Iron w/ Naval Theme on Trivet     SOLD!
  • "Strap Handle European Round Back Box Iron    SOLD!
  • Haven "Crows Eating Corn" Tailor's Iron    SOLD!
  • 18th c. Figural Horse Mangle Board    SOLD!

Unusual Antique Flatirons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • P.W. Weida's Patented Iron w/ Swinging Handle    SOLD!
  • Simmons Special 2-piece Sad Iron with Matching Trivet    SOLD! French
	Stirrup Handle Swing Gate Box Iron
  • Hood's Spade Shaped Soapstone Iron    SOLD!
  • Hood's Patent Double Point Soapstone Iron    SOLD!
  • 2 Primitive & Early Removable Handle Irons w/ Dovetail sliding Feature   SOLD!
  • Brass & Steel Chisel Point Ox Tongue Iron w/ Matching Trivet    SOLD!
  • Brass Box Iron w/ Decorative Latch     SOLD!
  • Rare Webster's Patent Removable Handle Flat Iron    SOLD!
  • The Erie Griswold Removable Handle Sadiron    SOLD!
  • Enterprise Iron w/ Wire Handle Rest    SOLD!
  • Bless & Drake w/ Removable Bentwood Handle    SOLD!
  • Rare Special Purpose Flat Iron    SOLD!
  • San Toy Button Iron    SOLD!
  • J.B.L. Toilet #4 Sad Iron    SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron Sales
  • Child-Size Flat Iron with Star Motif    SOLD!
  • Brass Handled Child's Sad Iron    SOLD!
  • Tear Drop Shaped Child's Flat Iron   SOLD!
  • Patented XX Removable Handle Sad Iron   SOLD!
  • Harper #25 1 - 2 - 3 Sad Irons   SOLD!
  • Larger Myers Patent Double Point Lace Iron   SOLD!
  • American Patent 1886 Removable Handle Sad Iron   SOLD!
  • 2 Dovetail Handle Irons   SOLD!
  • P.W. Weida's Patent Swinging Handle Flatiron   SOLD!
  • Monitor #8 Double Point Sad Iron   SOLD!
  • Patented XX Removable Handle Sad Iron   SOLD!

Antique Gas / Liquid Fuel Irons

* * * Click Page # to See Items * * *

Page 1

  • Rare Acorn Mfg. Co. "Tank in the Handle" Gas Iron    SOLD! Acorn Gas Sad Iron
  • The Grand Jewel" Antique Gas Iron     SOLD!
  • Coleman No. 5 Green Enamel Gas Iron    SOLD!
  • Coleman No. 1 Fuel Tank Iron SOLD!
  • Odd Fuel Iron with Bell-Shaped Tank    SOLD!
  • Noel Self-Heating Liquid Fuel Iron    SOLD!
  • E-Z Sad Iron Gas Iron    SOLD!
  • W. F. Shaw's Patent Gas Jet Iron    SOLD!
  • "Victor" Logansport Indiana Liquid Fuel Iron    SOLD!
  • Early Patented Front Tank Fuel Iron   SOLD!
  • Patented Rear Tank Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Vesuv Long Handle Decorated Gas Jet Iron   SOLD!
  • Gas Powered Tailors Iron   SOLD!
  • Tilley Gas Iron   SOLD! Small European Charcoal Iron
  • SUN IRON by Modern Specialties of South Bend Indiana   SOLD!
  • White Coleman Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Hatters Natural Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Lamb Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Model 538 Liquid Fuel / Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Green Enamel Natural Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Patented Fletcher, Russell & Co. English Natural Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Canadian Coleman 615 Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Johnson C P & R Natural Gas Sad Iron   SOLD!

Page 2

  • Ellyson & Askew Patented Reversible Fuel Iron SOLD!
  • Early Crocker & Farnsworth Whale Oil Revolving Iron    SOLD!
  • The Comfort Revolving Gas Iron    SOLD! crocfarn revolving iron
  • Early Revolving Alcohol or Whale Oil Iron     SOLD!
  • Huge Tailor-size Imperial Gas Iron    SOLD!
  • Ideal Sad Iron Mfg. Co. Liquid Fuel Iron   SOLD!
  • Unusual Gas Iron with Front Mounted Fuel Tank   SOLD!
  • Milwaukee "Marvel" Patented Fuel Iron   SOLD!
  • Patent Applied For Natural Gas Iron Marked "Wright"   SOLD!
  • "Imperial Self Heating" Gas Heated Flatiron   SOLD!
  • Montgomery Wards Gas Iron       SOLD!
  • Strausse Gas Co. "IWANTU" Natural Gas Iron       SOLD!
  • "I Want You" Gas Iron    SOLD!
  • Keystone Natural Gas Iron    SOLD!

Page 3

  • Decorative Ox Tongue Gas Iron     SOLD! 
  • Davis Porcelain / Enamel Natural Gas Iron   SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron Sales
  • British Patent Graniteware "Metro" Natural Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • Prometheus Revolving Gas Iron" Iron   SOLD!
  • Rare "La Rue Nu Styl" Weighted Iron Iron" Iron   SOLD!
  • Antique Green Coleman Gas Iron" Iron   SOLD!
  • American Gas Machine Co. Side Tank Gas Iron " Iron   SOLD!
  • Colt Carbide Gas Flatiron" Iron   SOLD!
  • Humphrey Patent Antique Natural Gas Iron " Iron   SOLD!
  • Brano Natural Gas Iron w/ Gas Burner Trivet" Iron   SOLD!
  • Wire Cage Gas Iron   SOLD!
  • European Natural Gas Iron with Chimney   SOLD! Meeker's Antique Sad Iron Sales
  • Antique Solid Fuel Revolving British "Boudoir" Iron   SOLD!
  • Minty Nice Feldmeyer Patent Alcohol Travel Iron w/ Case" Iron   SOLD!
  • Australian Aladdin Kerosene Enameled Gas Iron    SOLD!
  • Liquid Fuel / Gas Iron with Decorated Top    SOLD!
  • Stuart Mfg. Natural Gas Tailor Iron    SOLD!
  • Gross Star #3 Natural Gas Iron    SOLD!
  • Vesuv Gas Jet Irons    SOLD!
  • American Gas Machine Co. Black Enamel Gas Iron    SOLD!
  • #67 American Gas Machinery Co. Cream Colored Enamel Gas Iron    SOLD!
  • Wire Cage Gas Iron   SOLD!

Machine Fluters

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Crown Jewel Antique Machine Fluter   SOLD!
  • Susan R. Knox Patent Machine Fluter  SOLD! Adams Patent Machine Fluter
  • Miniature Eagle Machine Fluter  SOLD!
  • The Osborne Patented Machine Fluter   SOLD!
  • Peerless Machine Fluter  SOLD!
  • Star Machine Fluting Iron  SOLD!
  • Champion Machine Fluter   SOLD!
  • Adams Patent Machine Fluter   SOLD!
  • Eureka Machine Fluter   SOLD!
  • Crown Electric Fluting Iron   SOLD!
  • Side-by-Side Fluting Iron   SOLD!
  • Primitive Machine Fluting Iron    SOLD!

Rare Fluting Machines

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Rare Banner Electric Machine Fluting Iron by Maxant    SOLD! French / Belgian TriAngular Base Fluting Iron
  • Rare Clamp-On "The Companion" Antique Fluting Iron      SOLD!
  • Unusual Clamp-On Tong Style Patented Fluter     SOLD!
  • Belgium / Belgian Electric Goffering Iron    SOLD!
  • Primitive Machine Fluting Iron    SOLD!
  • Side-by-Side Fluting Iron     SOLD!
  • Crown Electric Fluting Iron    SOLD!
  • Eureka Machine Fluter     SOLD!
  • Patented Pedestal Base Machine Fluter    SOLD!
  • Chandler Motorized & Electrically Heated Machine Fluter    SOLD!
  • French / Belgian Triangular Base Fluting Iron    SOLD!
  • "Princess" Clamp On Fluting Iron     SOLD!
  • Empire Clamp-on Fluting Iron    SOLD!

Rocker & Roller Fluters

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • J B K Good Luck Fluting Iron    SOLD! erie_flutr1.jpg (26243 bytes)
  • Saxton Roller Fluter    SOLD!
  • Sundry Roller Fluter    SOLD!
  • Patented Indicator Fluter with Temperature Gauge   SOLD!
  • Unusual Footed Rocker Fluter Marked "S B"  SOLD!
  • Griswold's "The Erie Fluter" Rocker Fluting Iron   SOLD!
  • Johnson's Cross-Wise Roller Fluter     SOLD!
  • Unusual Hinged Roller Fluter  SOLD!
  • North Bros. Roller Fluter  SOLD!
  • Shepard Roller Fluter    SOLD!
  • Rare Patented Ogden Roller Fluter   SOLD!
  • 3 Piece Scalloped Edge Roller Fluter   SOLD!
  • Twist Handle Fluting Iron   SOLD!
  • Miniature Cast Iron Rocker Fluter   SOLD! Patented
  • Doty Roller Fluting Iron   SOLD!
  • Globe Rocker Fluter Iron   SOLD!
  • Knapp Patented Combination Fluter / Sad Iron   SOLD!
  • Sensible Wood Handle Rocker Fluter    SOLD!
  • Saxton & Amidon Fancy Base Roller Fluter   SOLD!
  • Elgin Patent Fluting Iron w/ Heater Slug   SOLD!
  • The McClure Patent Rocker Fluting Iron   SOLD!
  • Shepard Roller Fluter   SOLD!
  • The Dion Patent Rocker Fluter   SOLD!

Unusual Combination Fluting Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Patented 1872 Combo Fluter    SOLD!
  • Streeter's Magic No. 1 Combination Box Iron / Fluting Iron   SOLD! Streeter's Magic Combination Fluter / Smooth Iron
  • The Carver Patent "Majestic" Revolving Box Iron with Fluter   SOLD!
  • Streeter's Sensible Box Iron with Accessory Roller Fluter   SOLD!
  • Mann Patent Revolving Fluter    SOLD!
  • Magic Combination Fluter / Pressing Iron    SOLD!
  • The Acme Carbon Combination Fluting Iron    SOLD!
  • Patent 1876 Combination Revolving Sad Iron / Fluting Iron    SOLD!
  • Junior Patented Combination Fluter / Charcoal Iron    SOLD!
  • Ideal Patented Combination Fluter / Charcoal Iron    SOLD!
  • Dean's Patent Combination Fluter / Smooth Iron    SOLD!
  • Streeter's Magic Combination Fluter / Smooth Iron    SOLD!
  • Patented 1872 Combination Fluting Iron / Flat Iron    SOLD!
  • Mann's Patent Revolving Fluting / Flat Combination Iron     SOLD!
  • Myers' Patent Combination Fluter / Smooth Iron    SOLD!
  • "Little Giant" Patented Fluting Iron / Sad Iron & Polisher w/ Board    SOLD!

Charcoal Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Super Rare Gem Thermometer Charcoal Iron    SOLD! The Gem Patent Thermometer Sad Iron
  • Universal 18 lb. Charcoal Tailors Iron      SOLD!
  • Double Chimney Charcoal Iron    SOLD!
  • Portugal Charcoal Iron    SOLD!
  • Child-size Charcoal Iron Marked "Mimoso"      SOLD!
  • 4" Child's Charcoal Iron    SOLD!
  • Asian Brass Spade Shaped Charcoal Iron    SOLD!
  • 4 Figural Handle Bronze Chinese Pan Irons    SOLD!
  • Dragon / Monster German Charcoal Iron    SOLD!
  • Child Size Nickel Plated Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Flott Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Child Size Nickel Plated Charcoal Iron   SOLD! Antique Sad & Pressing Iron Sales
  • Dalli Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Side Load Brass Charcoal Iron   SOLD! 
  • French Cutout Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Nickel Plated German Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Child Size Nickel Plated Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Eveready Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Finn Patent Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • "Venus Patent" Decorated Asian Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Portuguese Split Chimney Charcoal Iron   SOLD!

Child Size & Toy Irons
Page 1

* * * Click Page Numbers to See Items * * *

  • German Child Size Ox-Tongue Iron with Engraved Sides  SOLD! Sensible No. 6 Detachable Handle Childs Iron
  • Patented Chalfont Mfg. Co. Gas Jet Heated Toilet Iron  SOLD!
  • The Pearl Wood Handled Childs Iron     SOLD!
  • Child-Size Geneva Rocking Fluter Iron---just 2" x 3 1/2"   SOLD!
  • Myers Patent Double Pointed Miniature Lace Iron   SOLD!
  • J. & E. Stevens "Our Pet" Child's-Size Iron      SOLD!
  • Sensible No. 6 Variation Marked R.M.W. & Co.      SOLD!
  • Streeter's Sensible #6 Detachable Handle Child's Iron sp;    SOLD!
  • Rare Streeter's Sensible #5 Child-size Box Iron sp;   SOLD!
  • Rare Stevens Child-Size Toy Iron      SOLD!
  • Engraved Amazoc 1 3/4" Iron   SOLD! Miniature Ober Sleeve Iron
  • Dover Asbestos Iron   SOLD!
  • Mt. Joy, PA Pinwheel Toy Iron   SOLD!
  • Miniature Spade Shape Iron   SOLD!
  • Primitive Miniature Iron    SOLD!
  • Miniature Twisted Handle Iron   SOLD!
  • Miniature Top Hat Man Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Heart Shaped Miniature Toy Iron   SOLD!
  • Miniature Geneva Fluting Iron   SOLD!
  • Patented Chalfant Mfg. Co. Gas Jet Heated "Toilet" Iron   SOLD!
  Page 2
  • Kenrick #1 Oval Cap Iron     SOLD!
  • Strap Handle Spade Shaped Little Iron     SOLD! Miniature Ober Sleeve Iron
  • Tri Bump Spade Shaped Child's Iron ;  SOLD!
  • Hollow Grip #1 Child-size Iron   SOLD!
  • Hollow Grip Little Iron Marked "A"    SOLD!
  • 8 Point Star Wire Handle Little Iron    SOLD!
  • Little Spade Iron with Embossed Flower    SOLD!
  • Two Very Tiny Curled Handle Irons with Trivets    SOLD!
  • Little Iron Embossed with 6 Point Star     SOLD!
  • Beautiful Spade Shaped Ridged Tri-bump Handle Iron   SOLD!
  • Kenrick Small Iron Marked MOR  SOLD!
  • Antique Miniature Gas Jet Sad Iron  SOLD!
  • Chalfant Mfg. Co. Miniature Sad Iron  SOLD!
  • Miniature A. K. & Sons #1 Cap Iron  SOLD!
  • Miniature English Box Iron  SOLD! Meeker's Antique Sad Iron Sales - List 29
  • Antique J & F BelgianCap Iron   SOLD!
  • Antique Cast Iron Shell Double Point Iron  SOLD!
  • "The Pearl" Double Point Toy Iron  SOLD!
  • #0 "Chattanooga" Implement Co. Toy Iron   SOLD!
  • Primitive Blacksmith Made Iron w/ Unusual Handle  SOLD!
  • C F Sunflower Iron  SOLD!
  • Miniature Blacksmith Made Primitive Iron w/ Curled Handle  SOLD!
  • Miniature Bi Metal Goffer Iron  SOLD!
  • Small Antique Fluting Tongs   SOLD!
  • AND MORE!!!  SOLD!
  Page 3
  • Miniature Primitive Iron     SOLD! Miniature Forged Twist Handle Child Size Iron
  • Miniature Rocker Fluting Iron    SOLD!
  • Tiny Enterprise Advertising Iron  SOLD!
  • Star #6 Wooden Handle Toy Iron  SOLD!
  • Stevens #25 Toy Iron    SOLD!
  • Walker Sleeve Iron    SOLD!
  • Child-Size Alba "Split Chimney" Charcoal Iron   SOLD!
  • Miniature Forged Twist Handle Child Size Iron   SOLD!
  • Miniature Billiard Iron   SOLD! Patented Sells Antique Irons
  • Wapak #1 Child Size Toy Sad Iron   SOLD!
  • Small Double Point Ober Toy or Lace Iron    SOLD!
  • Miniature Enterprise Sad Iron   SOLD! 
  • "Star 6" Stevens Child Size Toy Sad Iron   SOLD!
  • Child Size Center Mount Myers Patent Removable Handle Sad Iron   SOLD!
  • Tear Drop Shape Nickel Plated Child Size Iron    SOLD!
  • Patented 1895 Lace / Toy Iron   SOLD!
  • Miniature Sensible Sad Iron   SOLD!
  • Little John J. Carbery Advertising Tailors Iron    SOLD!
  • And More!!!   SOLD!

  Miniature Advertising & Swan Irons

  • Hard-to-Find 5" Figural Swan Iron    SOLD!
  • 2 Authentic Early Little Swan Irons   SOLD!
  • 2 1/4" Toy Swan Iron on Trivet    SOLD! Patented-Antiques Antique Pressing Iron Sales
  • Small Swan with Original Paint     SOLD!
  • 1 3/8" Swan A Rare Bird!!   SOLD!
  • Small Dover Spokane / Seattle Advertising Iron   SOLD!
  • Decorated Miniature Mexican Amazoc Iron    SOLD!
  • Black Mammy & Chef Figural Cast Iron Spoon Rests / Stove Advertising   SOLD!
  • John Bobo Tailor Trimming Miniature Advertising Tailor's Iron   SOLD!
  • Red Goose Advertising Tailor's Iron Paperweight   SOLD!
  • A Different Jos. M Hayes Miniature Advertising Tailor Iron   SOLD!
  • Thomas Ogilvie & Son Miniature Advertising Tailor Iron   SOLD!
  • Miniature Advertising Tailor Iron / Paperweight   SOLD!
  • And Many More!!     SOLD!

  Amazoc Irons

Meeker's Antique Sad Iron Sales
  • 20 + Sold as a Collection    SOLD!
  • Several more Examples   SOLD!
  • And More!!     SOLD!

Unusual & Early Electric Pressing Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Patent 1893 American Electric Sad Iron    SOLD!
  • Red "Silver Streak" Pyrex Glass Iron   SOLD! Silver Streak Deco Pyrex Iron
  • Blue "Silver Streak" Pyrex Glass Iron   SOLD!
  • Green "Silver Streak" Pyrex Glass Iron   SOLD!
  • Imperial Electric Double Point      SOLD!
  • "Eureka" by Barr Electric Mfg. Co. Sad Iron    SOLD!
  • Hayruss Patented Cordless Electric Iron    SOLD!
  • Thermo Electric Sleeve Iron    SOLD!
  • Electric Hatter Brim Iron    SOLD!
  • First Generation Electric Iron    SOLD!
  • Pettipoint Electric Iron    SOLD!
  • Knapp Monarch Round Polishing Electric Iron    SOLD!
  • Janus Suitcase Iron / Electric Travel Iron    SOLD!
  • Rival Electric Pressing Iron    SOLD! Meeker's Antique Sad Iron Sales
  • The American Electric Heating Corp. Patented 1893 Electric Iron    SOLD!
  • Electric Hatters Iron    SOLD!
  • Early Patented Thermo Electric Sleeve Iron    SOLD! 
  • Rival Electric Pressing Iron    SOLD!
  • Antique Electric Waage Iron     SOLD!
  • Antique Pelouze Electric Iron     SOLD!
  • 1950's Steam "Vaporizer" Electric Iron Point-of-Sale Display     SOLD!
  • Antique Electric Waage Iron     SOLD!
  • Rare & Early Double Point United Electric Co. Electric Iron     SOLD!
  • Rare Electric Sleeve Iron w/ Plug & Trivet     SOLD!
  • "Little David" Granite Ware Travel Iron     SOLD!
  • Universal Electric Iron with Auxiliary Steam     SOLD!
  • And Many More!!     SOLD!

Ober Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • 2 Piece Double Pointed Ober Lace Iron    SOLD! Ober Iron
  • Rare Ober No. 17 Child-size Iron    SOLD! 
  • Ober No. 1 Child Size Antique Sleeve Iron     SOLD!
  • Ober #1 Child's Sadiron     SOLD!
  • Double Pointed Removable Handle Ober Child Size Iron    SOLD!
  • Fixed Handle DP Little Ober Iron     SOLD!
  • 3 Full Size Removable Handle Ober Irons   SOLD!
  • And Many More!!     SOLD!

Antique Millinery Flower and Leaf Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

Antique Asian / Oriental Pan Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

Goffer / Goffering Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Miniature Brass Queen Anne Legged Goffer Iron    SOLD! 3 Cast Iron & Brass? Double Barrel Goffering Irons
  • Exceptional 19th Century Goffering Iron with Queen Anne Legs    SOLD!
  • Several More Unusual Goffering Irons    SOLD!
  • 3 Paw Foot Goffer Irons      SOLD!
  • 3 Double Barrel Goffer Irons?       SOLD!
  • 3 Primitive Clamp-on Goffer Irons    SOLD!
  • 3 Standard / Typical English Goffer Irons       SOLD!
  • 2 Spider Leg Goffer Irons  SOLD!
  • And Many More!!     SOLD!

Special Purpose Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Black Blown Glass Slikenstone / Smoothing Stone Iron   SOLD! H.J. 
	Davis Billiard Iron
  • Antique Billiard / Pool Table Iron       SOLD!
  • Davis Billiard / Pool Table Iron       SOLD!
  • Unusual Crown 7" Plaiter   SOLD!
  • Streeters Gem #2 Removable Handle Polisher       SOLD!
  • "Big Toe" Patented Sleeve Iron with Detachable Handle  SOLD!
  • NE England Butt Co, 20 lb. Tailor Iron  SOLD!
  • Many Differnet Sleeve Irons  SOLD!
  • Keystone Logo Polishing Iron  SOLD!
  • Ivory Handle Curling Irons  SOLD!
  • Scandinavian Figural Horse Mangle Board /Iron  SOLD!
  • Extremely Large Tailors Steam Iron  SOLD!
  • Mrs. Streeter's Gem No. 2 Polishing Iron  SOLD!
  • Unusual Polishing Iron   SOLD!
  • And Many More!!     SOLD!

Hat Making Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * * Hat Making Shackle Irons

  • 2 Nice Movable Flange Hat Shackle Irons---1 Brass, 1 Iron     SOLD!
  • An Assortment of Unusual Hatters Irons    SOLD!
  • Another Grouping of Unusual Hatmaking Irons   SOLD!
  • Close to 100 Hatters Irons      SOLD!

Laundry Related Antiques

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Chinaman "Sprinkle Plenty" Laundry Sprinkler    SOLD! Magee 
	Furnace Co. Sadiron Heating Stove
  • Glass Bulb "Patd" Sprinkle Bottle   SOLD!
  • Wavy Washboard    SOLD!
  • Early Wood Framed Washboard    SOLD!
  • Magee Sad Iron Heating Stove    SOLD!
  • Two Tier Antique Sad Iron Heating Stove    SOLD!
  • Decorated Mangle or Smoothing Board   SOLD!
  • "The Hubbard Roller Washboard" / Scrub Board   SOLD!
  • Primitive & Early Feather Duster   SOLD!
  • Figural Handle Smoothing Board   SOLD!
  • Mangle or Smoothing Board & Roller w/ Turned Handle  SOLD!
  • "HIT" Union Stove Works #9 Cast Iron Sadiron Heating Stove  SOLD!
  • Athens Stove Works "Master" Sadiron Heating Laundry Stove  SOLD!
  • Carpenter & Co. of Boston Antique Sad Iron Heating Stove  SOLD!
  • Unusual Miniature Wooden Linen Press / Iron  SOLD!

Antique Box Irons

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Selection of Antique & Vintage Box Irons    SOLD!

Sad Iron Heaters

* * * Click Heading to See Items * * *

  • Large Selection of Antique & Vintage Sad Iron Heaters    SOLD!

Because of the volume of these sales we have several topic-specific Sales Archive Pages that can be entered through the links provided.

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To view examples of  antiques and collectibles we have previously sold and are always interested in buying please visit the other past sales archives on this site.

If you have a single antique, or a collection of antiques to sell please contact us at giving us your PHONE NUMBER  and other contact info and we will get back to you ASAP.

To see examples of similar antiques that we currently have for sale please go to our sister site at and visit the numerous sale pages you will find there. 

Thank you!!
Larry & Carole